IAYB holiday gift guide 2014It’s the holiday season. It happens every year and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Getting into the spirit of the season this year, IAYB is pleased to announce the first-ever IAYB Holiday Gift Guide! This is your one stop shop for festive goodies for the yoga lovers in your life.… Read more


IAYB holiday gift guide 2014

It’s the holiday season. It happens every year and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Getting into the spirit of the season this year, IAYB is pleased to announce the first-ever IAYB Holiday Gift Guide! This is your one stop shop for festive goodies for the yoga lovers in your life. You actually don’t even need to love yoga to appreciate the jewellery, props, instructional DVDs, books and everything else you’ll find here. You just need to love amazing things!

IAYB has sourced the most creative entrepreneurs, designers and teachers to bring you thoughtful, positive and beautiful things that will make life just a little bit better.

Browse the hand-picked selection of wares – and take advantage of “holiday love” discounts and bonuses available only here on IAYB. You’re bound to find something for your yoga teacher, your best friend and possibly even that hard-to-please aunt.


Jai Necklace by Lizzie Lasater

This necklace began as a birthday gift for Lizzie’s mother, Judith Hanson Lasater, and carries her handwriting of the word, “Jai.” Jai means victory and embodies the spirit of perseverance, tenacity, dedication, focus, energy, endurance and steadiness manifest by the modern yogini. Handmade in India, the necklace is sterling silver with cubic zirconium. Sold with a sterling silver box chain.

Lizzie Lasater grew up in San Francisco, California, the daughter of a yoga teacher. She’s often joked that, “I’ve been practicing yoga since the womb.” She is a certified yoga teacher herself – have a strong home practice, and teach private lessons – but finds that her calling also includes aesthetics and design. The Lizzie Lasater line of jewelry is handmade in Pune, India, where she works with a wonderful jeweler and a workshop of talented craftsman.

Buy the Jai Necklace (Holiday love: 10% off with code YOGABABY)


YLBBooks by The Yoga Lunchbox

A choice of two yoga books each perfectly suit to different needs – one a reference guide to all things yoga and the other a practical workbook that will help you create and maintain a regular home yoga practice. Whether you are just about to take your first class or you’ve already attended thousands of classes, The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga is your go-to reference book for all things yoga.

Delivered in The Yoga Lunchbox‘s founder and editor Kara-Leah Grant’s trademark accessible and conversational tone, reading this book feels like sitting down for a cup of tea with a trusted and knowledgeable friend for personal advice on your yoga journey. Not only does she lay bare all the excuses that may be preventing you from getting to class – your first class, your tenth class or even your thousandth class – but she also provides in-depth instruction on how to choose the best yoga path, style, teacher and studio for your lifestyle and your needs. It’s the perfect gift for that friend or family member who wants to get into yoga, has just done their first few classes, or has been attending for awhile.

Forty Days of Yoga takes you on a journey into your psyche and examines what really stops you from practicing yoga with the book guaranteed to get you on your yoga mat, everyday. With the help of this book you’ll realise that you already have the time, space, will-power, discipline and know-how to create and maintain your home yoga practice. All you’ve been missing is the single-pointed focus and clear strategy to make it happen. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member who wants to establish a regular home yoga practice.

Buy Kara-Leah Grant’s books (Holiday love: $5 off any product with code HappyHoliday5)



Coconut Deodorant by Sola

Finally: a safe and effective natural deodorant that works. The star of Sola’s natural deodorant is organic virgin coconut oil.  Besides smelling amazing, coconut oil is antibacterial, soothing to irritated skin and contains lauric acid, which kills odor-causing bacteria.  Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture, while aluminum-free baking soda absorbs odors.  The Chinese herbs included in this coconut deodorant are naturally anti-bacterial, soothe irritated skin and retain moisture.

Sola Skincare‘s focus is on using high-quality plant-based oils and essential oils, along with food-grade ingredients, to make products that are both highly effective and honestly natural. They infuse oils with Chinese herbs, which have been used for centuries, to repair damage caused by the sun and pollution, maintain moisture and enhance the skin. All products have been tested on willing two-legged humans, none on animals – they don’t believe in doing that. Their products are all free from preservatives and chemicals. Sola’s emphasis is on transparency, safe ingredients and purity.

Buy Sola’s Coconut Deodorant (Holiday love: 10% off when you spend $20 with code IAYB10 before December 20th, 2014)



Ikuko Meditation Bench by Bluecony

The Ikuko meditation bench makes pain-free and comfortable meditation possible for everyone. Unlike other meditation benches and cushions, the Ikuko has a proven ergonomic design. The secret is in its curved and arched seat, which supports the pelvis and the natural curves of the spine. This postural detail releases tension in the shoulders and back, and opens the chest for easy breathing. With a supported and safe seat, you can concentrate on stilling the mind and attaining inner peace.

“Ikuko” is the Japanese word for “feminine,” and this quality is reflected in its gentle curve and soft design. Not only is the Ikuko great for your body, it’s made from wild cherry wood harvested in Quebec and produced in Montreal. It’s also easy to dismantle and completely portable, weighing a mere 2 kilograms.

Buy the Ikuko meditation bench (Holiday love: 10% discount with the code IAYB10)


Little Yogi Planters by Yoga Foster

Give a unique present to a friend, while giving the gift of yoga to a student. These ceramic planters come with a starter set of seeds that will sprout green hair, but can be replaced with any seeds or plant. Every purchase sponsors the cost of one kids yoga for the whole school year. Each Little Yogi Planter has its own unique name, and a special reflection on how yoga helps them “grow.” They also come with their own mini yoga mat so they’re never too far from their practice. Easy to grow, these planters make a great decoration for an office, yoga studio, or coffee table. Each purchase comes gift-wrapped on hand-painted wrapping paper made from recycled paper and tied with a bow.

Proceeds from the sales of the Little Yogi Planters go to Yoga Foster, a NYC-based non profit that promotes free yoga in schools by providing free training and resources for teachers in low-income settings.

Buy a Little Yogi Planter (These will ship the week of December 8th to arrive just in time for the holidays. Shipping is a flat $5 fee for all deliveries in the U.S. and Canada)



Yoga for Arthritis DVD by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer

This DVD was created for the Arthritis Foundation by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer, with input from Arthritis Foundation physical therapists. It is a yoga-based program that includes breathing techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises, a gentle aerobic section, and a guided relaxation. All five participants have various types of arthritis (one also has MS, one has fibromyalgia), work at different levels, and range in age from 35 to 72. It is recommended by rheumatologists and is also an excellent exercise program to use while seated. This DVD includes a Spanish version.

Shoosh Lettick Crotzer has been teaching yoga for more than 40 years and specializes in working with students who have special needs, including those with MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer.

Buy a Yoga for Arthritis DVD (Holiday love: save $5.00 when you buy one of Shoosh’s new holiday yoga t-shirts along WITH the DVD – So, DVD + Holiday T-Shirt =$14.95 + $19.95= only $34.90 for both!)



Eye Pillow by Cadeauté

Featuring Cadeauté’s Florescência pattern on a bridal satin fabric, this soft 9″ x 4″ eye pillow is designed and handmade in Montreal. It is filled with flax seed for a grounding experience, lavender to sooth your eyes and mind, and mint to open your nostrils. It smells wonderful and is just full enough to rest comfortably on the face without being cumbersome or heavy. Perfect for an extra blissful savasana or to help you relax before bedtime or during a massage. Available in a choice of colours.

Cadeauté is a design brand based and founded in Montreal by Brazilian designer Barbara Lima. Cadeauté’s creative mission is to celebrate beauty as a perceptual experience of visual pleasure and joy; to inspire people to live a colourful life; to rescue the culture that defines the choice for long-lasting products and to be conscientious about the necessity of countering disposable culture.

Buy Cadeauté’s eye pillow (Holiday love: use code IAYB14 for 20% on purchases of $29 and more until December 31st, 2014)

IAYB Collage with overlays

Yoga for Round Bodies Yoga Teacher Training

Are you a teacher who wants to make yoga more accessible and body-positive? Then this training is for you. Learn from Yoga for Round Bodies™ founder, Tiina Veer, how to better meet this underserved population. Teachers report the training is both professionally and personally transformative. Because YTT’s are great at preparing instructors to teach intermediate and advanced students, but not necessarily beginners or those with limited mobility, this training focuses in on round-bodied students, beginners and those less flexible. Online, 20 hours. Learn from your living room on YOUR schedule. Become a truly well-rounded teacher.

Buy Yoga for Round Bodies teacher training (Holiday love: for 20% off – save $110! – use coupon code 904034a0-56a2-0132 when registering by December 27, 2014. Application required, apply here.)


Yoga Clothes by Harmony Active

Harmony Active Wear designs real size stylish active and casual wear with real women in mind; beautiful and voluptuous with an eye on style. With a range of active and casual wear you are guaranteed the best of both worlds – style and comfort. Based in Vancouver, B.C. Harmony Active Wear uses the most durable, breathable and flattering materials around, including many eco-friendly materials. All clothing is locally made in facilities where workers are paid a fair wage and they keep a close eye on our ethical and environmental footprint. Their clothes are built to flatter not hide.

Harmony Active Wear is committed to providing women of all ages with clothing that suits not only their figure, but also their lifestyle, be it active or casual. With sizes ranging from 12-24 (M-6XL).

Buy jacket and pant set from Harmony Active (Holiday love: use code BFCM2014 for a sale price of $120, regular $188. BLACK Friday, CYBER Monday: $108 (save an additional 10%).  All prices include taxes and ground ship to mainland North America.)


Cordial Wildcrafted Consumables

Get back to your roots with Cordial’s hand-picked (from the wild, no less!) bounty, which has been lovingly transformed into jellies, organic sugar blends, and preserves.

Cordial Wildcrafted Consumables is located on the lush and lovely Vancouver Island. Everything they make is small-batch, made by hand and tested by kind and patient friends and family. They carefully research the products and harvest botanicals mindfully and with gratitude. They’re currently studying stewardship best practices with Master Wildcrafter, Don Elzer.  Cordial’s products are meant to be enjoyed for their culinary properties and for the wonderful stories and history behind the plants.

Buy charming little jars of forest goods from Cordial Wildcrafted Consumables



Effervescent Jewel Flat Bolster by Inner Space Yoga & Meditation Supplies 

Consider your yoga mat. Sticky. Cold. Alone. 

What it needs is a little cotton thrown into the mix. Hence, Inner Space will hook you up with this incredible, handmade yoga bolster — which serves the dual purpose of being incredibly supportive and adding a splash of whimsy to lighten things up.

The Effervescent features a foam core wrapped in hand rolled, 100% cotton batting, making this bolster firm yet light. The wide surface that will never leave you flat. Give it as a gift or get one for yourself and dive into those inner spaces.

Buy the Effervescent Jewel Flat Bolster (Holiday love: save 10% off your order with code IAYB10 at checkout.)

saraswati-braceletIndian Elephant Stacking Bracelet by Jewels of Saraswati

This handmade bracelet is perfect for stacking with other bracelets or to wear alone. A detailed Indian elephant bead reminds us of knowledge, wisdom, and travels deep into the unknown. Magnesite is a gemstone of stress release and calm. Best for a wrist size approximately 6.5-6.75 inches. Please note this is a handmade item. Natural stones may vary slightly in color and shape.

Jewels of Saraswati offers handmade yoga jewellery of sterling silver, vibrant hand-dyed silks and eco-friendly materials. Lovingly made custom japa malas are created by designer Lauren/Saraswati and tailored to your spiritual practice.

Buy the Indian Elephant Stacking Bracelet (Holiday love: YOGABABY for 20% off)


Muscle Release Oil by Shankara

Soothing sore muscles and joints, Shankara’s Muscle Release Oil is perfect for yoga practitioners. Ayurvedic and Western herbal and base oils help calm inflamed joints and tissues, gently stimulating circulation and bringing nutrients to enhance healing. 

Shankara uses the best from both the ancient Eastern science of Ayurveda and Western state of the art anti-aging science. More than a skin care line, behind everything Shankara does is a strong intent to serve humanity, from producing the finest, most energetic products possible to donating 100% of the net profits to global humanitarian work. Shankara was developed to support the International Association for Human Values, the coordinating body for its partner organization, The Art Of Living Foundation.

Buy Muscle Release Oil by Shankara (In Canada, contact Anna Chigogidze at anna.chigo@artofliving.ca or 514-554-6797)


Emily and the Mighty Om by Sarah Lolley

A charming and endearing illustrated book for the budding yogis on your list! Emily has a new form of after-school entertainment when Albert moves in next door. Every afternoon he can be found on the front lawn, twisting his body into all kinds of crazy postures, then chanting “om”— something he calls “yoga.” Then one day something serious happens: Albert gets stuck, all twisted up like a pretzel. Everyone from the lifeguard to the librarian shows up to help, but only little Emily knows what to do. Will she find the courage to speak up?

Author Sarah Lolley is a freelance writer whose personal essays, travel stories and feature articles have appeared in Elle CanadaThe Globe and MailCanadian Living, and more. She is also the author of numerous short stories for adults. Sarah lives in Montréal, Québec. Illustrator Sleepless Kao (Kaori Kasai) graduated from art school in Tokyo and Vancouver and is currently teaching and creating children’s books.

Buy Emily and the Mighty Om here.

Disclosure: The IAYB Holiday Gift Guide was curated by Roseanne Harvey of It’s All Yoga, Baby. All brands paid (in cash or exchange) for inclusion in the guide.


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  4. Wonderful list, yogis can certainly be hard to shop for! I have tried the Shankara oil and absolutely loved it. Another fantastic yoga product is the Shakti Mat, used for shavasana and meditation. It is very new to NZ but I have tried it and loved it!