hey crafters! get some yoga relief

Yoga stickers from Japan ~ maybe not crafty, but adorable & for sale on Etsy.

Yoga stickers from Japan ~ maybe not crafty, but adorable & for sale on Etsy.

How many of you crafters out there get all scrunched up and out of alignment because of the hours you spend hunched over a sewing machine or holding awkward needles? Oh, how we suffer for our craft! I’m well aware of this from the sore neck, shoulders and wrists I end up with from knitting. So I’m excited that this blogger on Crafting a Green World has started a “Yoga for Crafters” series. Today was the Seamstress Edition. I can’t wait for the Knitters Edition! I also can’t wait for knitting season to be upon us (though I’m sad that summer is almost over) and for the resurrection of Knittervention, my beloved knitting group.

Also, while navigating the internets in search of more yoga/crafting stuff I discovered a great blog: Yoga for Crafters (based in Austin, TX, of course). Yay!

Yoga for Crafters: The Seamstress Edition
Yoga for Crafters: The Jeweller’s Edition

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  1. I remember trying to explain meditation to my sister, and the best I could come up with was relating it to her state of mind when she’s deeply into one of her wonderful knitting projects! Then she got it!

  2. FUN!! My neck hurt SO MUCH after those hours hunched over painting… I’m gonna go see if there’s a yoga for painting 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my Yoga for Crafters series! You’re in luck! The Knit and Crochet Edition comes out tomorrow!

  4. Yay! Can’t wait!

  5. I just discovered your blog through Yoga Dork. I, too, have an ascent connection so I’m eager to read your posts.

    For now, I’ll comment that I am a fellow Etsy fan, although I’m currently more buyer than seller.

    Best regards,
    Yoga Spy