heart to hand: letter-writing night in montreal

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I like to think that the rise in the popularity of yoga over the past few years has something to do with the growth of the Slow Movement (slow food, gardening, crafts, etc) and is motivated by a desire for simple living, locally-sourced products and a sustainable pace of life. I practice yoga to get back to basics (breath, body, connection) and reflect on my life. I also bike and walk almost everywhere, I buy my veggies at the farmers market and support local businesses. It’s all the same.

However, when it comes to communication, I am rapid-fire and adrenalin-fueled. I would rather text than phone somebody. Even an email feels too long and cumbersome, when I could just make a quick post on a friend’s Facebook wall. Why read a whole magazine article, when I could just read the synopsis in 140 characters on Twitter? And I used to be a prolific letter writer (I still have boxes full of old letters from friends), but I haven’t had the space or the patience to sit down and write a letter in ages. Too long.

Perhaps I’m not the only person feeling this way, because some Montreal folks have gotten together to organize Heart to Hand: A Letter-Writing Night. Yep, it’s an evening to write letters in a public and community setting!  They even provide stationary and stamps! The FB event page promises:

Come write the letter you’ve always wanted to send! Who is the person to whom you have always wanted to write but haven’t? Is it a teacher, family member, ex, public figure, or the girl at the bakery? Tell that person what is on your mind: gratitude, affection, anger, love, nostalgia, or forgiveness… Write one or write 20 letters!

We will have swanky stationery, writing implements, envelopes and postage on hand to ensure the delivery of your message. If you do not feel comfortable mailing your letter, or it comes with no fixed address, we will carry out other rituals including shredding, trading, or simply bringing your letter home.

I’m hoping this will be part of the letter writing revival which is apparently underway. And perhaps it could even lead to something like the Letter Lounge in London, England – adorable regular gatherings with letter-writing, tea, cake and socializing.

Letter-Writing Night
September 14, 2011 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Le Cagibi (5490 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal)

PS: if there’s a way I could have mailed this blog post to you all, I would have.

  1. a friend of mine always used to write me letters- she LOVED writing letters to people and I always felt bad that I didn’t write back as often. I’m actually pretty terrible at remembering to buy stamps and mail them.
    I’m so used to typing that when I write now i find my hand cramps! lol.
    This would be a very neat event, especially at Le Cagibi!! What a fab café! 🙂

    • I used to be such a good letter writer, and then I got out of the habit. I also get cramps when I use pen and paper! maybe I’ll have to do some warm-ups before I go to this event. cagibi is fab!

  2. Roseanne! Thank you! Thanks for helping us get the word out! I love this blogpost SO MUCH!!! I’m very excited that you’re coming! Yay!
    See you soon,