happy earth week! dvd giveaway: eoin finn’s ‘pursuit of happy hips’!

Eoin Finn opens his hips and his heart on a beautiful beach somewhere.

It’s Earth Week once again, and I’m celebrating by giving away some yoga DVDs! Eoin Finn, a Vancouver-based yoga teacher and ocean worshipper, is one of Canada’s most tireless yogi activists. He’s organized fundraisers for children with HIV/AIDS and given workshops on the relationship between yoga and ecology. He’s currently cooking up a plan with David Suzuki for a big yoga and environmental awareness event in June 2011.

Eoin’s latest DVD offering, The Pursuit of Happy Hips, may feature elite athletes and four hours of hip opening bliss, but the stunning scenery (filmed on location in Vancouver and Whistler, BC) is enough to make anyone feel gratitude for our Earth. I have copies for 3 lucky it’s all yoga, baby readers. Simply answer the question: What makes you happy? in the comments section before Friday, April 23. The 3 winners will be drawn through a sophisticated and anonymous name-drawing process.

  1. Being with my girls, hiking in a cloud rainforest, a day at the beach, and a really great yoga practice are some of the things that make me happy.

  2. Awesome idea! I love it. My dogs make me happy, a good book makes me happy, and hot summer sun makes me happy. : )

  3. Teaching yoga makes me happy, walking my dog makes me happy, sunny days on the beach make me happy! πŸ™‚

  4. ohhh very cool! I think he’s originally from Halifax…. at least that was a rumour I heard… lol.

    Singing and playing the guitar makes me ecstatically happy. πŸ™‚

  5. Feeling connected to something bigger than me makes me happy

  6. As a freelancer, I’m happy when I can get a full day’s work in, have time for a yoga class, and maybe still have time to relax! Sometimes yoga is the only time I have for myself, but that’s okay because I always feel so great afterwards!

  7. Doing things that I am passionate about make me happy. This has been a recent and important realization for me as I recently have left the corporate world (where I was miserable!) and jumped completely out of my comfort zone to pursue my passion. I am now in school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and have never been happier!

    Yoga (also makes me happy!) Teacher Training is next on my list while I embrace my passions and try to live them everyday!

  8. Hmmm, Eoin, this is something that I am discovering right now. End of November I had to leave my husband because of the hurtful decisions he was making. I bundled up my 10 month old baby and have sought refuge with my family. Through this healing journey I feel like I am discovering my true happiness, perhaps for the first time. My happiness is being connected to my soul. Living in a way that honours myself and is true to my purpose. Listening to my heart and doing what feels right for me. Day to day its things like playing with my son, eating nutritious whole foods, working out, going to yoga class, laughing with good friends, going to bed early, being the best mom I can be, being creative, sharing unconditional love, having compassion, feeling good about myself, having a bath, going for a facial or massage, walking outdoors, being grateful, working hard, being thoughtful, cuddling my baby….. I think I could go on and on. But that’s the idea.

  9. Playing guitar makes me happy, practicing yoga makes me happy and being with loved ones makes me happy. Walking the dogs in the park on a sunny day makes me very happy!!!

  10. Seeing the beauty of springtime, especially in the desert where the power of life is overwhelming makes me happy. Even happier is when I get to share it with others.

  11. My daughter Mila, spiritual growth, and living a healthy lifestyle makes me happy. : )

  12. Many things in my life and on this beautiful planet make me happy. What makes me feel most happy however is that so many people on this grear earth are beggining to really open their hearts and their minds to the people around them. That we are capable of connecting to so many more people through the internet and really share our connection to eachother. namaste.

  13. What makes me happy:

    Seeing my friends and family; taking a trip to Starbucks with my yoga teacher-Julie (yeah, I know, but I live at a yoga and mediation center in Thailand: Yoga Thailand and it’s one of the few perks of life…who knew I would miss the creature comforts of home!!!); doing yoga-of course; chilling at the beach; travel; chai and good conversation.

    Thanks for the post and I love the picture and the blog!!!


  14. So many things make me happy…I am one lucky girl! My kids, curling up with a good book, meeting a friend for coffee, spring blooms, yoga (of course!), family game night…the list could go on and on!

  15. Walking to work, teaching my stressed-out co-workers yoga, when my special guy makes and packs my lunch for me, the giggles of my 19 month old niece, singing Happy Birthday, mailing a card the old-fashioned way, and seeing my friends and family happy!

  16. what makes me happy is to see my two boys happy and healthy, enjoying life and of course getting them to do yoga poses with me.

  17. The sounds of my kids giggling, having friends who encourage me to make healthy, happy choices, doing yoga, and trying to have a positive effect on others all make me happy.

  18. Waking up to each new day makes me happy….watching birds find tidbits to build nests, music and lyrics that cut to your core, a good lump of clay on a fast spinning wheel, a smile from a stranger, balasana, the smell of fresh cut grass, hummingbirds, warm sand by the ocean, adho mukha svanasana, a dog’s warm breath on the nape of my neck, hugs, freshly baked bread, creating community, a day with no plans, doing yoga with my four year old nephew, uttanasana, my fellow yogis, connecting with prana, and finding new things that make me happy each day!

  19. Quite simply: Making other people happy… makes me happy.

  20. Kindness towards others always brings a Contented Heart! That is true Happiness to me!

  21. one word: India

  22. Watching my boys learn new tricks and hearing their commentary about the world is magic.

  23. What makes me happy? Watching the sun rise over the lake and practicing Yoga in the stillness of the morning. Getting dirt under my nails while growing things in my garden. The happiness comes from watching all the produce grow and mature and then eating it! πŸ˜€

  24. yoga, thick & soft comfy blankets and pillows, my family, my partner, autumn, the future, and cool yoga bloggers! πŸ™‚

  25. sunshine πŸ™‚

  26. Driving with the windows down, music blaring…the feeling of the sun on my skin, smiles from strangers, lots and lots of yoga, the appearance of a freshly made bed, a good cup of coffee, giving gifts…I could go on and on!

  27. What makes me happy is being present.
    Landing in the present moment and realizing how very blessed I am to be living in this body in this place in this time.
    When I am able to be fully in the present moment I can saviour all the simple joys life offers.
    It is yoga that takes me back.
    Again and again.
    For this I am truly grateful.

  28. Little boys and ice cream. At the same time.

  29. Beautiful weather (sunshine and hot temps), good health, self-fulfillment, and spending time with those I love make me happy. πŸ™‚

  30. Hearing my son laugh – he has one of those laugh’s that turns everyones head. Makes me all warm inside.

  31. Waking up each morning and knowing I have a new chance to try again, an opportunity to make TODAY the best day ever.

  32. what makes me happy is giving away cool stuff! and the wonderful response to this post/question/giveaway makes me overflow with happiness!

    i’m pleased to announce the winners of the draw: ecoyogini, rebecca and nicole bridger!! i’ll contact you by email about mailing details.

    i wish i had enough DVDs to give to everyone who responded ~ you’re all so sincere and thoughtful. in the meantime, you can experience eoin finn’s wonderful teaching style in the free downloads on his website: http://eoinfinnyoga.com/downloads.php

    thanks for stopping by, everyone! xoxo

  33. YAY!!!!! I am PUMPED πŸ™‚

  34. Is it too late?! I need happy hips!! lol

  35. oops, just read it now! nevermind πŸ™‚