hand knit yoga socks that will completely break your heart

yoga-socksLongtime IAYB readers know that I think yoga socks (and shoes) are pretty much the most ridiculous things ever. However, at the end of a long Montreal winter and slipping around on cold apartment floors, I’m ready to accept the reality. Sometimes you just need some coverage during, before, or after practice!

So these cozy hand knit toe-less/heel-less socks from Made by Meg on Etsy are so adorable that my heart breaks a little every time I look at them. They’re wool/nylon/bamboo and available in a range of colours. And hand-knitted by some perfectly cute crafty girl in New York state!

At $35 a pair, they’re a little more pricey than the industrially-produced grippy socks – but if you’re familiar with the price of yarn (expensive!) and have any idea of the hours of labour involved,  it’s a deal. You’ll also be supporting DIY talent and a home-run business.

Check out all the colours on Made by Meg’s Etsy shop. If you’re crafty and want to take on the challenge, you can find the pattern (for $5) from the Knit Cafe. And if you’re super crafty, you can eyeball the pic and figure out how to make them yourself.

  1. oh they are SO CUTE!!! love them and love that they are handmade 🙂

  2. Or you could join a certain online knitting community and get a free pattern and make them yourself…just an idea 😉