giveaway! yoga warrior 365 with rudy mettia

giveaway! yoga warrior 365 with rudy mettia

Every IAYB giveaway is special, but this one is extra special!

Who doesn’t want to tap into their inner yoga warrior? We all have one – that part of us that is fierce, fearless and strong. To help you find your yoga warrior, we’ve teamed up with IAYB sponsor Udaya to give away one Yoga Warrior 365 set of 12 discs with Santa Monica-based teacher, Rudy Mettia. The set (valued at $120 USD) includes 15 practices, 36 instructional pose breakdowns and a community-driven interactive website.

TO ENTER ~ answer the following skill-testing question: How does your inner warrior express itself? Leave a comment below before 5pm EST Sunday, April 27. One name will be drawn at random and notified by email. Please note that all email addresses will be added to the IAYB and Udaya mailing lists. If you’d rather not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rudy Mettia, this set (which is intended to be a year-long program) is a great introduction to the dynamic force. Mettia is down to earth and light hearted, ending each session with a “God bless you / Namaste” to his students. He has a devoted following and it’s easy to see how his students are drawn to his easy-going nature.

Check out Mettia in action in this clip from one of the Yoga Warrior 365 practices:

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3 yoga service leaders talk about why they serve

The urge to serve shows up in many different forms. Chelsea Roff, Jasmine Cherazi & Nikki Myers illumine what motivates them to give back yoga.
  1. My inner warrior expresses itself by never giving up…. No matter what happens, I acknowledge and move forward, and do whatever I must to overcome…… It’s not what happens, but how you deal with it. I try to grow and learn and move forward.

  2. Staying strong when something negative enters my life. OPT OUT

  3. My inner warrior isn’t shy! I’m passionate about many, many things and I’m not always quiet with my thoughts.

  4. My inner warrior expresses itself by honoring the path of all Warriors with my servant leadership. I am a retired Air Force Vet turned yoga instructor and mala bead maker. I work with several non-profit organizations that help Veterans. _()_Namaste

  5. My inner warrior expresses itself by staring fear in the face and declaring, fear will not win.

  6. My inner warrior expresses itself through my daily life as a single mother with my three 6 1/2 year old sons (yes, triplets!). The search for the peaceful warrior takes all it’s sense… ;-). Thank you IAYB!

  7. My inner warrior is strong, has faith, and a courageous heart.

  8. My inner warrior is that light the guides me on the path of service, strength in resolve and physical body, and allows my practice to benefit others.

  9. My IW is the quiet whisper, “You are stronger than you think you are.” You never know how strong you are until you have to be.

  10. my inner warrior shines through when I am truly engaged in a state of be-ing, not do-ing! usually this is when I am on the mat, dancing, or writing…

  11. My inner warrior stands in solidarity with those most oppressed, and encourages holistic healing wherever I am. OPT OUT

  12. My inner warrior expresses itself by holding space for others to explore their path when they are at the camp I run, and by constantly questioning my thoughts, actions, and reactions to daily events.

  13. My inner warrior expresses itself by showing up to every moment with the confidence to bend …not break. It’d be awesome to get some inspiration from these!

  14. My inner warrior expresses itself when I am called upon to do “just one more thing” when I am already at the point of being spent mentally, emotionally and physically.

  15. My inner warrior expresses herself courageously by seeking to understand and connect instead of reacting and judging.

  16. My inner warrior expresses itself by never giving up. I have chronic pain and fatigue issues, but I press on trying to find the cause and a long-term cure. I know it’s out there, and I refuse to stop until I find it. My long-term goal is to get better and share what I’ve learned.

  17. My inner warrior expresses itself by allowing my heart to be committed to this life. It helps me to appreciate my family,my friends and this amazing world we live in. It allows me to enjoy every moment both good and bad and to learn from these experiences. Life is a journey and a challenge, how we react to this is what makes us who we are. We are stronger than we think – we truly are warriors of this century – Enjoy the ride call LIFE – Namaste

  18. to continue to serve, under all circumstances, standing firm or bowing, to give honor and glory to He who gives me strength, God Almighty. It’s circular.

  19. My inner warrior comes alive in the most unexplicable ways. When I am at xomplete peace I can feel the inner fire it burns in my soul. When life is crazy it pushes me to never give up. When I am victoriois it keeps me humble. When I am defeated it teaches me and brings me to my feet.

  20. Through my choices, my integrity,being true to myself.