giveaway! yoga for round bodies teacher training spot

giveaway! yoga for round bodies teacher training spot

IAYB is excited to announce a very special giveaway with collaborator and friend, Yoga for Round Bodies: a spot in the upcoming YRB on-demand teacher training.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking this yoga teacher training course (founded by the delightful Tiina Veer), from the comfort of my old living room in Montreal, and I can personally attest to the breadth of body positive yoga skills to be learned in just 20 hours. This training is designed for trained yoga teachers who want to better serve round-bodied students and create a body loving environment in all their classes.

Tiina is a yoga teacher, registered massage therapist, self-identified anatomy geek and yoga-for-everyone advocate based in Toronto, Ontario. She has crafted a comprehensive training that will give you insight on working with absolute beginners, mature bodies, inflexible bodies, bodies with old injuries, chronic pain and more. Learn relevant, immediately-useable information about anatomy and alignment in asana that will benefit all your teaching, helping to make you a truly well-rounded teacher.

The 20-hour Yoga for Round Bodies training (value: $549USD) takes place via videos that you can watch on your own schedule, while still having personal contact with and support from Tiina. Check out all the details here.

Right, so how do you enter this amazing giveaway? It’s a multi-step process, so follow closely:

Step 1: Leave a comment below before 8pm EST, on Wednesday, August 27 and answer the question: Why do you want to take this training?*
Step 2: Fill out the official YRB application form (copy & paste this link into your browser:, so we know that you are a trained yoga teacher or teacher-in-training.
Bonus step: After completing the first two steps, share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and earn extra entries (one entry per share). On FB, tag Yoga for Round Bodies and on Twitter, use the hashtag #yrbtt2014.

One name will be randomly drawn from all qualifying entries (i.e. those who have completely filled out the application), and will be notified by email.

Super extra bonus: everyone with a qualifying entry gets 20% off the training if you register by August 30! That’s a savings of $110USD!


 * The email addresses of all entries will be added to the IAYB and Yoga for Round Bodies mailing lists. If you’d prefer to not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.

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  1. OMG! I can’t even think straight right now…I will fill out a formal entry later, I just wanted to say YAY! I have been in contact with Tiina. My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to budget for this training and once again, you read my hopeful mind.
    How do you do that? Roseanne, get out of my head. I love you but you are scaring me.

  2. I would love to train for yoga for round bodies. There are no yoga studios where I live that make people feel welcome to practice if they don’t have perfect form. I would love to be able to teach people how to practice no matter their shape, size, or physical ability.

    • This would be a blessing for your community, Kristin. So many folks simply won’t set foot in a ‘mainstream’ yoga environment, and creating safe spaces like Yoga for Round Bodies classes often brings people ‘out of the woodwork’ and into classes. It’s so beautiful.

  3. I love yoga. I want to learn more about the postures and different techniques. I think it’s a great idea that you encourage ppl of all shapes and sizes, aswell as ability to train and learn yoga with no worries about these issues. I think everyone should be able to practice yoga. And I feel that lot of ppl don’t practice cause they don’t want to be judged. I can relate. I waited a year before actually going to a yoga class because ” I wasn’t a dancer”. I was nervous about being judged. But I’m glad I went. And couldn’t imagine my life without it now. I would be so excited to learn more. Thank you for considering me!!!! 🙂

    • All kinds of people fear going to yoga classes because of the way it’s represented in mainstream media, and because there are plenty of studios out there that mimic what’s represented in mainstream media. I’m always telling teachers that there are veritable armies of people on the fringes of yoga looking in, wanting to join, but feeling intimidated or trepid about it for a whole host of reasons. As you say, “not a dancer,” or as so many say: “too old,” “too fat,” “too inflexible,” “too [fill in the blank].” We are creating tremendous opportunities for those who have been underserved by creating safe spaces like Yoga for Round Bodies classes. It’s so fulfilling.

  4. Yoga for me has never really been about the physical postures and having a “yoga body”. I became interested in yoga on accident while seeking counseling for stress management. Yoga helped me so much, and I’d like everyone to be able to find their own yoga. I have had job offers to teach fast paced vinyasa flow at gyms, but It is just not sitting well with me. I feel like that type of yoga is discouraging to people not welcoming. I want to teach a type of yoga that teaches more than just the physical postures. I think Yoga for Round Bodies is important, because so many people think they can’t do yoga, because they are not flexible, etc. Often times, they have been to a yoga class at the gym and felt discouraged. Yoga is for everyone, and the goal of doing yoga shouldn’t be to have a “yoga body”, I feel that is missing the whole point of yoga. A yoga mind should be the goal of doing yoga. When I say a yoga mind, I mean a peaceful, joyful, content state of being. This is why I want to take the Yoga for Round Bodies teacher training.

    • Yes, I believe that we need more “slow-yo” 🙂 in the world. I think that all yoga styles are valid and unique expressions of their mother, Hatha Yoga. However I feel that the wider yoga world in the west has become overly-geared toward classes that offer fast-paced, vigorous asana, much of the time without any formal (or even casual) exploration of pranayama or meditation. While these styles have their place, when they become the dominant form, it intimidates and even excludes many. I think we need to start getting more honest about how we describe our classes. The phrase, “Our classes are suitable for all!” gets very loosely used. What that phrase often means is, “our classes are suitable for all who are already relatively fit and flexible.” It’s unfortunately true in a lot of cases. Where is the yoga that is TRULY for the absolute beginner? For someone who sat in a chair all the way through school and through the last 30 years of their job? Who doesn’t know anything about “yogic lifestyle” or philosophy and finds it intimidating? Or who need specific modifications to their practice? We’re trailblazing.

  5. I would like to take this training so that I can share the skills I learn with those who need them most, including teenagers of all shapes and sizes.

    • That’s great. I’d like to see a Yoga for Round Bodies for Teen Girls class happen in Toronto, too, but I am not able to add any more classes to my own schedule at this time, and am hoping that one of the newly-minted Toronto Yoga for Round Bodies teachers will start one in the not too distant future! I’m so happy to see more and more yoga becoming available for kids and teens.

  6. Training with Tiina is on my list. I have met her at many Toronto Yoga conferences. She is a fabulous teacher and soul. Manifesting a win. But if I dont I know someone other yogini is going too have a life changing experience.

    • Thanks, Wendy! It’s been a pleasure knowing you as well. Your community is lucky to have you. You are so passionate about and involved in yoga community, and in making yoga more accessible! I certainly hope to see you in the training one day, if not now, then in the not too distant future! <3

  7. Doing and teaching yoga has always helped me to have a more positive body image. I am overweight, always have been, and my abilities in yoga prove to me that you can be “in shape” while still having a round body. I really want to teach this kind of class, where women can come to feel better about themselves and become more aware of their bodies and beauty. I will take the training no matter what, and appreciate the discount. It would be really great to get it for free!

    • That’s great news Karla, on all counts! Yes, you receive a 20% discount (with registration by Aug 30) if you don’t win the Grand Prize! I wanted there to be a bonus for everyone for making the effort to enter and connect!

      In the training, we talk about the fact that the relationship between body size and health status is not as stereotypical as our culture would have us believe. Round-bodied and health are not mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, our society hasn’t received that memo yet! Yoga is a great teacher, because it teaches us what we CAN do.

      Look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of Yoga for Round Bodies teachers!

  8. I would love to support diversity in the yoga community. By being apart of a unique training opportunity, such as yoga for round bodies, I would be able to provide classes that can offer support to students. As I fall into the category of round body, yoga gave me a confidence to see my body as strong and capable as a vehicle for experience and not just a jean size. I see, having this certification would give me a chance to share that experience with others. I would love to add this to the schedule to draw out and diversify the studio’s community! Having a chance to train with Tiina Veer would give me the base to offer this. How exciting would that be! A big thanks to you both for your amazing presence!

    • And thank you for your interest and for participating, Candace! Good luck!

      Offering specialized classes as safe spaces for people to explore yoga who don’t feel comfortable in mainstream yoga environments is a true blessing to one’s community. It does bring individuals out to class who may never otherwise parcitipate.

  9. I would love to become a certified Yoga for Round Bodies teacher! I am currently training to become a yoga teacher, with the intention of assisting people begin an honest, loving dialogue with their bodies. For twenty years of my life I fought a daily battle with my body and “its” weight, with neither awareness nor gratitude for my body’s beauty. I began my current teaching studies, with the intent of bringing yoga to people otherwise not seen in yoga studios. I am looking to enhance my teachings with knowledge in order to offer men, women, and children with round bodies a safe space, where they may practice and cultivate awareness and love for their bodies. During my training I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with my son and the young people at a school for children with a rainbow of special needs. I was saddened to see and feel their frustration and hate for their bodies. They are not welcome in ordinary sports groups and are plagued with a lack of movement, and a conviction that their bodies are not meant to move. My first priority is to create a knowledge base in myself to further deepen my experience with my round body, safely(!) and then be able to bring this knowledge and love to everyone interested (safely!). Yep, that’s me at the back of practical Asana class, asking if these methods are safe for round bodies… at the back of anatomy class asking if the same methods of stretching are safe for round bodies… raising my hand during practical cueing practice to ask if we could perhaps consider round bodies in our cueing? Because I sure know that I could put my nose on my knees if my tummy were not in the same class! But it is hurtful and frustrating when the teacher ignores my needs.
    It’s time for Yoga for Round Bodies, and I definitely want to be a part of this!❤️❤️❤️✌️

    • It’s definitely your time for this training, Stephanie! You’re asking great questions in your classes and training. Many of these will be answered in the online YFRB training. We need more of these classes out there in the world. For exactly the reasons you have outlined and more. If people are afraid of being judged while being witnessed in movement, THEY WILL STOP MOVING. And the fear of judgement is sadly not misplaced. It is real, and based on real, lived experience. Yoga for Round Bodies classes offer a safe haven to practice. It is beautiful to watch unfold. I hope to see you in the training whether you win or not, Stephanie! Good luck!

  10. I love any thing and everything that is women and body positive! For me Yoga is about the journey.

    • And it is such a unique journey for everyone! Yoga is definitely not ‘one size fits all,’ in any way, not just asana. That is the true beauty and adaptability that is yoga.

  11. I would be honored to take the Yoga for Round Bodies training because providing yoga classes to all bodies in a genuine, authentic and safe atmosphere is something I am passionate about. Too often I have set myself back in life because I am not a thin woman and have subjected myself to self-doubt and questioning when I did not look like the woman next to me on her mat during a yoga class. Having had life bring me to a wonderful Yoga For Round Bodies Certified teacher here in my home town opened my eyes to the possibilities of yoga. My most wonderful teacher inspired me to pursue my own yoga teacher training which would have been out of the question if I had not been exposed to body-positive yoga. Yoga really is for anyone and everyone and I would love to be able to spread that message through my own teaching.

    • I’m loving hearing ‘second generation’ Yoga for Round Bodies stories already, of YFRB teachers inspiring students to become Yoga Teachers and then YFRB teachers too! Please let me know who your YFRB teacher is so we can complete the circle! How lovely, how fulfilling to hear. Thank you for sharing.

      Kerry, I don’t think I’ve received a application from you… it’s necessary to complete your giveaway entry. The deadline has been extended to 8PM EDT tonight (Wed Aug 27), I hope you make it!

  12. I have been interested in taking the Yoga for Round Bodies training since I learned of it in 2011 because I want everyBODY to feel comfortable in my yoga classes and I think that the training and the ability to teach Yoga for Round Body specific classes will allow me to provide welcoming classes to everyone and will appeal to more people. I have been teaching yoga since 2010 and over the years I have talked to several women who would like to come to my yoga classes, but being uncomfortable in their ’round’ bodies keeps them away, even with my promise that yoga is for everyBODY. I spent the majority of my life feeling uncomfortable in my body and It took yoga to really bring me into my body and to grow an appreciation for it – as is; I want everyone to have the opportunity to explore their bodies in hope that they will find the same appreciation for their own bodies.

    • This is common, Jolene, with people still not coming to class even with the explanation that you can modify for them. There will be some who will respond to that call, but many, many others who simply will not come to a class… until one that is offered specifically for THEM is offered. Then many more venture in. Even then, there will be those who are trepid and take longer to trust and come to a class. I have one student who says she heard about my classes a year and half before she decided to come, and when she parked for her first class, she said she called about 5 people from her car hoping someone would talk her out of it. No one did, they all encouraged her to do it (good friends!). Now she has been coming regularly, with only some breaks for health issues and procedures, and then she’s right back as soon as her body as soon as her body is ready for group classes again (and attributes pranayama for ‘saving her’ when she faced a serious health threat). There are many, many mainstream choices for people for whom it fits. There are so few choices for those who don’t, or don’t want to, “fit.” It is such fulfilling work.

    • And I’m impressed you’ve been following the training since 2011, that’s when it all began with the first Yoga for Round Bodies Teacher Training in Toronto with a handful of grads. We’re growing such a beautiful and heartfelt community of teachers among us. So blessed.

  13. I NEED THIS! I’ve got curves and I’m constantly trying to figure out how to accommodate them. Self-discovery is wonderful, but having someone to guide me through it would be amazing! When I teach, I find that the majority of my students are larger people and I hope that I’m able to inspire them to continue their yoga journey.

    • Just like it’s not necessary to be thin to be a yoga teacher (contrary to popular belief), it’s also not necessary to be round to be a Yoga for Round Bodies teacher. There is no doubt that round students will certainly identify with a teacher who is also round, and that is a bonus, but in the end, size of the teacher shouldn’t matter just like size of student shouldn’t matter. When everyone gets the memo about that, we’ll all be better off! 😉

      In our time, when we’ve come to believe that there’s almost nothing worse than being fat, when you step up to the front of the class as a teacher, you most certainly inspire others who may identify with you because you represent that you can do yoga in any body (you just need the right teacher(s) and guidance). It’s the same I’m sure with Seniors Yoga, where students may identify more easily with a teacher who is also mature. Or folks with chronic pain/injury having a teacher who has struggled with and/or overcome same, etc.

  14. Yoga is for every body! Although my teaching includes poses, the emphasis is on all aspects of Yoga. I don’t have a round body, so I would love to take the training so that I can more accurately help my students who do have a round body, and to understand their needs, frustrations and challenges better, in order to help them be comfortable and feel positive about themselves. Namaste.

    • The training is great for both round and non-round teachers alike. We do an exercise in the training that especially helps non-round teachers better understand the round experience, but also helps round teachers understand how students with roundness different than theirs experience yoga. There is a module in the training about Weight Stigma, Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size that you would find helpful in working with this population in feeling more comfortable and positive about themselves. That’s an incredible goal to work on through yoga practices of all kinds.

    • Amrita, have not seen an application come in for you (under the name Amrita). To qualify for the giveaway, you must fill in an application as well. Only hours left til the deadline! Everyone receives 20% off, so even if you don’t make it, there’s still a bonus for you! 🙂

  15. This is the perfect opportunity for me to expand my practice. I have been wanting to become an instructor but have been afraid to because I am a plus size woman. The fact that I could learn techniques that would cater to more people would help in my teaching as well as my own body acceptance.

    • Yes, yoga is truly for every body! And for sure if classes are intimidating, the idea of yoga teacher training can be even more intimidating. I hope that you are able to find a foundational yoga teacher training that is the right fit! You need to be a trained teacher or teacher-in-training to take the YFRB online course, but I do hope it has inspired you to become a teacher! If you live in a large centre, you may have many local options.

  16. Love Yoga for Round Bodies it is an inspiration for many.

    • Thank you for commenting, here, Brazilia Moda! You are an inspiration to many, as well! Thank you for the work you do supporting plus-size women!

  17. As a round body and YT already I would love any more formalized approach on this topic.

    • Very practical! I love it. I am a serial practicalist. Make sure you fill out an application, too, Kia, in order to qualify for the giveaway. I haven’t seen one come in for you (under this name). There are only hours left til the deadline!

  18. The Yoga for Round Bodies touches a place in me that is so hard to explain. I teach yoga, and often the look on people’s faces as they walk into my class is unmistakeable. The first reaction is to try to see behind me to see if I am hiding the teacher, then the “oh no!” face that they try to hide. I then teach an awesome class. If the student hasn’t walked out, they are more often than not pleasantly surprised. Yoga IS for everyone.
    I would love to be able to use the Yoga For Round Bodies class title as a way to bring yoga to everyone…everyone who has been to shy to try yoga, or is so embarrassed about going to a class because of how they feel about themselves. Many times, these shy yogis practice at home with videos that just aren’t appropriate for the body types, have no instructions on posture modifications or hands on corrections to help them feel happy with their practice. I want to learn how to skillfully lead all these beautiful souls into a safe and happy space both inside and outside their heads.

    • Wonderful. That is the exact reason for the class. While what is learned helps teachers meet round students in their “regular” classes better, the true blessing is being able to offer Yoga for Round Bodies classes with confidence, as these are the classes that bring the people to yoga who may otherwise never set foot in mainstream yoga environment.

      I so hear you on the “up and down” look that students in “regular” classes often do to “unexpected” teachers! We are slowly changing that perception!

      I am equally touched by the responses both here and in the applications. So moved.

      • Hi back! I can’t believe you took the time to personally respond to each and every applicant. Thank you so much…I am touched.

  19. I didn’t grow up in a body-positive household. As a young ballerina, I further developed an unhealty body image as I starved myself. After illness and weight gain from prednisone ended my dance career, I felt ugly and worthless. I discovered a yoga class near me, and was surprised I could do it and LOVE it. I want to be able to help others find the same peace.

    • This is the story of the “wounded healer.” To bring our own wounds to our work and help others who share our wounds.

  20. I have always been a round body and finally approached yoga at age 57 for health reasons (diabetes, cancer, stress and arthritis). I am now a certified yoga teacher and still a round body but yoga has helped me find out what I can do not what I can’t do. I teach in a gym but I DO NOT teach fast vinyasa. As someone else noted above, I don’t feel that is welcoming to all. I teach what the classes need and have been able to reach out to many more people that were afraid to try yoga and are now benefitting from it. I have 150 hours of extended training to work with people with mental and physical limitations. I have always wanted to do this training to expand my experience. As Kathleen noted above – the students coming into my classes are surprised that I am the teacher – at 62 I am not what they expect. Thank you for offering this!

    • One of the many things that’s so wonderful about this training is that it tends to attract teachers who are either interested in bringing more diversity to yoga, or they bring the diversity themselves because they do not fit the “mold” (e.g., rounder teachers, older teachers, teachers of colour, etc.). It shows me that diversity is–at least slowly–growing in both the community of yoga students as well as teachers.

  21. My passion as a yoga teacher is to introduce anyone who thinks “I could never do yoga”. This is exactly the kind of training I need to help me bring yoga to EVERY BODY. My body is oval, not round, not skinny…I would love a new perspective to be able to relate to round students.

    • Oval! Haven’t heard that before, love it. I love being the ambassador to yoga too. Also love that in my massage therapy practice, those who were always too shy to go for a massage. It’s great to be the first door for someone!

  22. I would love this training to offer the best options and opportunities for every person I coach and train, every beautiful size, shape, and need! What an amazing opportunity!

    • Thanks so much for participating, Jen! The giveaway is only open to yoga teachers or teachers-in-training. I’ll be in touch with you by email for other options.

  23. Excited for the opportunity to learn more of this fine art, and be able to reach more people everyday.

    • Yes, that’s the benefit of continuing to learn and advance our skills… over time we can invite more and more people to everything yoga has to offer (which is so much).

  24. Whoever wins this contest is a very lucky yogi. Tiina is an amazing soul. Thanks for donating.

  25. I’ve always been intrigued by asana modifications for different body types. In teacher training, we only receive *that much* informations about limitations, modifications, etc; after that it’s all self-study & experience but that would take yonks!

    I don’t think anyone has received any formal yoga training for round bodies here in my part of the world (Malaysia!), it would be an honour to learn & spread the knowledge!

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head, Ee Lee. Especially in 200hr, even 500hr, trainings, we can only learn so much. And on top of that, in most of our trainings, we’re really learning how to teach at each other’s level (which is usually at least intermediate if not advanced)… most of the time we never truly learn how to teach *absolute* beginners, especially those that may not already be fit, flexible or of the “stereotypical yoga body.” Advancing our training is the way to learn to better meet more and more “types” of students.

      I have been delighted to receive more and more applications from beyond Canada and the USA, where most of the teachers have so far predominantly been from who have taken the training. This work is truly relevant everywhere. It would be wonderful to have you join our growing group of teachers as we reach further and further afield.

  26. What a wonderful offer! I would happily dive into this program, and have had my eye on it for some time now. I often teach in community centre type environments where ‘less-likely’ students come to try yoga. They feel shy, sometimes embarrassed and out of place in younger, skinnier studio type places. I also teach handicapped classes where the students are often sadly overweight compounding their lack of mobility. Helpful for my prenatal as well!! I think Tina’s approach is friendly, easy to relate to, and extremely helpful. It would benefit me, and my students greatly. So…. pleeeeeease please please 🙂

    • Good luck, Ilaini! The training is definitely a boon to teachers and students, and therefore communities!

  27. This would be a lovely training! I’d be thrilled to participate. As a teacher, it still amazes me that there are so few offerings that address the needs of this under-served population. As someone who’s embraced the round body I have after years of struggle, I recognize what it is like to decide to get on the mat. My passion is to share the mat with everyone who’d like to practice, and to make sure people know there is a practice available to anyone who seeks it. I am inspired every time I work with a client who sees that they CAN do it, and it is such a gift to be able to share and guide people safely into that space. This would be an enormous gift for my students!

    • It is delightful to work with people who thought “yoga wasn’t for them” and to watch their transformation as they discover what they CAN do, whether that’s a yoga pose, whether it’s sitting still meditation for 5 minutes, whether it’s discovering anything about themselves they didn’t know. So fulfilling this work!

  28. As a not-round-bodied yoga teacher, this training would be a wonderful way for me to better understand and work with people who happen to have rounder bodies. Yoga is such a fantastic way for every person to find their home in their own being, whatever shape that might be, and I’d like to be sure that teachings are accessible. As we all know, yoga needs to be ok for every being to do in his or her own body – we can’t do it in anyone else’s!

    • “…to find their home in their own beings.” That’s a lovely phrase. And also that we can’t do our yoga practice in anyone else’s body or being. Well said, thank you for sharing!

  29. I want to take the training because I want to see how these ideas can be applied to children with similar body types.

    I’d also like to be able to refer this training to people in my adult and Children’s yoga teacher training programs. After people finish yoga teacher training they usually start to think about their specialty and this is a niche topic that is relevant.

    Finally, I’d like to take the training for my own continuing education, to gain insights for my own body and for those I teach in my adult classes.

    • There is a lot of information in the training that will help you in teaching round-bodied kids, Aruna. From both a physical and psycho-social perpsective. It also sounds like we have a cross-promotion opportunity, as well. My training, as I’m sure yours does too, attracts a lot of teachers who look to specialize. I also love what you said in your application about encouraging teens to do teacher training. What an incredible personal growth and leadership experience. We can’t underestimate teens. A teacher from Grande Prairie, Alberta who took the YFRB training only just turned 18 at the time, and she is an exceptional young woman and teacher.

  30. Would love to expand my yoga toolbox. I have students, past and present, who find certain asanas challenging and would love to learn new techniques to assist them in finding a comfortable and effective practice. Thank you for the opportunity!

  31. Hi – I’d love to do this training as I see lots of folks in my psychotherapy practice who would benefit from and want to do yoga, yet who don’t feel safe or comfortable attending a “regular” class. I’d love to be able to offer this at the studio where I teach. Also I’d look forward to the information offered about working with different needs and populations; I want my classes to be more accessible and tailored to individual needs whenever possible. And as a not-so-skinny yoga teacher I think it’s important to keep spreading the message that doing yoga does not depend on the size of your body.

    • Yes, and together we’ll have a stronger voice, too. I’ve joined the newly formed Yoga and Body Image Coalition, a group of yogis dedicated to changing the stereotypical script about the “yoga body.” We came together to have a stronger collective voice. As the movement of yoga teachers interested in breaking the mold of mainstream yoga grows, so too does access. So happy you’ve added your voice!

  32. Yoga for Round Bodies teacher training is something I need and want to do, actually it is something I would love to do. I was once very curvy and the idea of practising yoga at that time was something I didn´t even imagine doing, that was “something for the skinny and flexible.” Then I lost some weight and started doing yoga, fell in love with it an completed my 240 hour teacher training in 2012. During my yoga teacher training I found out there was a yoga for curvy/round bodies, and I was so excited. I got certified as a Curvy Yoga teacher, but I want to learn more wich is one of the reasons I want to take Yoga for Round Bodies Training too. There are not many yoga teachers in Iceland that teach yoga for bigger bodies, so far I think I am the only one. I want to spread the word, I want people to know that everybody and every body can do yoga, and I feel like I can make a difference because I know how having a bigger body is different, and I want to give my students both a positive and a good feeling about their bodies. I want to give them as good experience I possibly can; making them feel good about themselves is very important to me. To be able to do that, I feel I need to learn and teach more. Thank you.
    Thordis Edda Gudjonsdottir,

    • You would be the first Yoga for Round Bodies teacher in Iceland too! You are also not the only teacher who has taken Anna’s training and taken this one too. I think the two trainings complement each other beautifully, because we bring different things to the same table, and I think teachers are hungry for more information, knowledge and skill in this area for sure. As much as you would love to take the training, I would love to have you in it! 🙂

  33. Because yoga should be the ONE place where people do not “feel fat”, but feel their souls.

  34. greetings, I would love to win this opportunity to continue to share the experience of yoga with me students where they are right now in their conversation with their joyful bodies. this seems a complete pairing to the reading I have been doing of linda bacons book, fit at every size. thank you for the opportunity to continue your work.

    • Yoga for Round Bodies wholeheartedly embraces the Health at Every Size paradigm, and indeed there is a lengthy module on Weight Stigma, Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size that is an integral part of the training. I think as yoga teachers we actually have a tremendous amount of power in this body-image-messed-up world to help turn us back around to more natural body-loving ways (body-hate is not natural, it’s learned).

      It’s great that you’re reading Linda Bacon’s book, along with Ragen Chastain’s blog, Dances with Fat, it’s the main recommendation for continued reading!

      • thanks so much for the blog info Tina. I look forward to hearing who has won this amazing gift. Namaste.

  35. I am one of the round bodies. Togo is the only sport/practice in which I can visualize my body and feel beautiful and successful.

    • I’m assuming you got auto-corrected and Togo should actually be Yoga! If there is something called Togo, I’d love to know about it! There are new forms of movement cropping up all the time, with much stranger names than that! 🙂

  36. I teach chair/senior yoga and beginner yoga with the intent of making yoga accessible to all ages and ability levels to improve strength, balance, body confidence, and flexibility; to help prevent falls in the elderly…and not so elderly!!. I want to learn all that I can so I can share my knowledge with my students. Being certified in Round Body Yoga would help me to reach another group of students and also offer my current students more.

    Thank you for developing this program.

    • Thank you for your thank you! 🙂 Many teachers who have done seniors’, chair, or gentle yoga training (or Restorative) end up taking the YFRB training as well. Because you have a keen interest in making yoga as accessible as possible, and that is a blessing to your communities. Thank you.

  37. I would love to take this training – It would not only enhance but renew my relationship with teaching – I have been teaching since becoming a 200RYT in 1998. I teach gentle yoga, hatha and chair yoga on a regular basis. I have kept my CEU’s up with various trainings/seminars etc, but it would be fabulous to be a little selfish and take this training for me too!

    • It’s not selfish to take a training for your own sake, Emily. MANY teachers report to me that the training is both professionally AND personally transformative for them. When we talk about body image and body politics, it hits home for most of us. It’s fairly impossible for it not to have a significant personal impact. I hope to see you i in the training!

  38. I heard of this course in my 200 hour teacher training. I am very interested in learning more. I don’t fit the typical yoga teacher mold. I am not skinny or particularly athletic. Yoga has given me an appreciation for what my body can do instead of what it can’t. It has brought me a positive body awareness. I would love to be able to bring and share this knowledge with others who can benefit. I LOVE that yoga is literally for every body.

    • “Yoga has given me an appreciation for what my body can do instead of what it can’t.” That is a big focus of the training, too, Amanda. To focus on what CAN be done. So much of the fast-paced, vigorous styles of asana that have become so dominant of late are simply not suited to everyone, and there are so many that get left out when indeed as you say, “yoga is literally for every body.” And it is.

  39. I wish that I could copy the first comment (Kathleen’s post) because it’s exactly how I feel!!

    I am a certified Nia Instructor and also hold an Educator certification in Ageless Grace. I work with almost every age – toddlers to seniors; including teaching beginners yoga to preschoolers with special needs.

    My personal history includes obesity, infertility due to pre-cancer, Spina Bifida and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I slowly began dancing 4 years ago and have combined that with my personal yoga practice. I have never looked back and now am able to teach a total of over 25 classes per week. When I became very ill in my mid-twenties, I gained almost 100 pounds which I am slowly dancing off.

    When I felt confident enough to open my own studio (Curvy Girl Studio, Noblesville, IN) I dedicated my practice to sharing my strength and enthusiasm with other women with my physique knowing that I could provide a supportive, sacred and safe haven for women in similar circumstances.

    I incorporate yoga poses into every class that I teach – be it a chair, dance child’s or stretch class. SO many of my students are on the same journey as I am and I feel strongly about guiding them through the safest way possible. I would love to absorb Tiina’s knowledge to combating common issues that we face as round educators and yogis.

    And all I can add is “oh, please pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!”
    With thanks, respect and positivity,

    • Thanks for your interest and comment, Jodie! The giveaway is for yoga teachers or teachers-in-training. I appreciate your keen interest in the program as we’ve discussed by email, and hope that someday the training can work for you!

  40. I would love to learn how to teach yoga to round bodies. I myself am an owner of a round body. Yoga has brought an awareness to what my body is capable of doing instead of what it is not. It would be wonderful to having the training to be able to help others come to this realization. I think everyone needs to realize that yoga is for EVERY BODY!!

  41. I teach yoga at the local ymca and on the local campus. Many of my co-teachers at the local elementary school won’t come to my classes because they don’t like their bodies, don’t think they are flexible… With this training I can accommodate the people who are missing out of getting into their bodies and enjoying themselves. I would love to win the scholarship!.

    • Yes, such a common report from women of all sizes. Specialized classes do give people the freedom to “be themselves.” Most find it extremely liberating.

  42. I would love to use this training to bring yoga to the people in my life who think that their body shape as a reason not to do it. Body-positiveness is so important to me and if I could bring that to my classes it would be life-changing.

  43. A round bodied friend asked me a few “have you any idea how hard it is for a full bodied person to participate in a yoga class?”

    Having a curvy body myself I thought I could relate. I have had students comment that they like my classes because I do not have the “perfect yoga body”. What I realised was her experience of exclusion was so visceral, so much deeper that it made my heart hurt.

    I want to teach classes that welcome any body.

    • Yes, it’s very common feedback I get from new students, that their previous yoga experiences were beyond poor. It’s wonderful to have a vehicle that will have people come out of the woodwork to try yoga… either those that have been too afraid or those who were chased away by less-than-great initial experiences.

  44. All inclusive practices
    Help us transcend our egos
    Circles of smiles
    Waves of consciousness a bounty
    We give big
    We become our greatest, magnificent self!

  45. I am a “round bodied” yoga teacher and would love to experience your program. I offer intention based classes for all shapes, sizes and abilities and my goal is to inspire my students to live yoga on and off the mat. Although any yoga class should provide a comfortable environment for any student, offering a class for “round bodies” might attract someone to yoga who would be too intimidated to attend other classes.

    • Yes, that is very much the case, Adriene. While there will be some round-bodied folk who will venture into “regular” yoga classes, I would guess they are the minority. Offering YFRB classes usually brings folks out of the woodwork who wouldn’t otherwise try yoga. It’s very fulfilling work.

  46. I can’t tell you how moved I am and how blessed I feel by all of your comments here as well as in your online applications. Many of you have been even more personal in your comments in the applications and I have been moved to goosebumps all the time, and at times moved to tears. You are all such beautiful souls who are attracted to this training. I thank you all for your keen and heartfelt interest in working with this underserved and misunderstood population and am honoured to get to connect with you in this way.


    We are only hours from the entry deadline now (Wed Aug 27, 8PMEDT)! After that, Roseanne and I will compile the IAYB blog comments with the training applications as well as any social media shares, and will contact the winner by email.

    Remember, EVERYONE’S A WINNER!

    Did you see the part about the 20% off discount for anyone who enters the giveaway but doesn’t win the Grand Prize? Yeah!

    If you completed the first two parts of the entry (blog comment here + qualifying application) you can save 20% (savings of US$110) on your registration by August 30. And because the training is on-demand, it doesn’t matter if you’re ready to start the course now or not. You can take advantage of the savings and start the course later. We only ask that you complete the course (including the test) within one year of registration.

    And if you don’t win the Grand Prize, and a 20% discount doesn’t bring the training into your budget right now, we can work out a reasonable payment plan. The aim is to get Yoga for Round Bodies classes out there to more communities, and I don’t want to see heartfelt souls who would make fantastic Yoga for Round Bodies teachers left out due to finances. We can make it work.

    I hope to welcome you all one day into the growing community of Yoga for Round Bodies teachers! You have all touched me so deeply, THANK YOU!

  47. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge in whatever I do & learning how to properly teach classes for people who have rounder bodies is something I am really interested in. Yoga is such a beautiful practice for everyone to enjoy & to be able to share with as many people as possible would be phenomenal. Having moved to New Brunswick recently & trying to get my feet wet in my new home, having the opportunity to teach a class that is not offered in my area would be very rewarding.

  48. I would love to win this training! I work with substance use and mental health clients and try to incorporate my knowledge of yoga into my therapeutic techniques. Most of my clients have physical concerns and a lot suffer from diabetes and being overweight. This training would assist in helping the lives of so many people grow to their fullest potential!

    • Yoga is that blessing that can help us reach our potential, and “unwrap” ourselves. It’s so wonderful to bring it to communities and populations that are not served by mainstream western yoga. The training helps teachers reach their fullest potential too.

  49. I want to take this training so that no woman will ever have to feel like I use to feel when I first started yoga. I was “that girl” in the back of the class, not feeling good enough in a yoga class because I was a little bigger than the other women in the class. I am a curvy girl and RYT 200. I would love to grow the round body yoga community in Ottawa. If money was no object I would have already taken this training.

    • I hear you, Shaely. I had the same experience when I first started yoga many moons ago, and it’s what motivated me to become a yoga teacher and create Yoga for Round Bodies. I wanted to become a yoga teacher specifically to start those classes. Now it’s time for me to share it with other teachers so we can get these classes into more and more communities. There is such a need for it.

  50. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do this training. I have struggled with weight and self acceptance all my life. It’s always been a struggle to feel comfortable engaging in activities that were always deemed only for skinny people. I was always drawn to yoga but scard to attend a class. Then one day I decided to take the plunge and not give into my fears anymore and I fell in love. It’s at times still hard to feel comfortable in a yoga class, especially when many teachers don’t know how to accommodate different body types. But out of my love of yoga I did become a yoga teacher 3 years ago and it was the best decision. I’ve learned self acceptance and learned how to accommodate. And in my classes that’s the message I share is love and helping students discover how the pose best word for their body today. But I also know that I could do so much more with more knowledge. I’d love the trainig to better spread the message of love and self acceptance to people of all shapes and sizes. As well as I’d love more training to know how to beat modify poses foru body, and continue to grow and learn into journey. But to just share this message of love and self acceptance with the committ and start to change how women are viewed, how yoga is viewed and how yoga teachers are viewed. So start to end body shaming and turn it into body loving and self acceptance.

    • Yes! These classes are a sanctuary on so many levels, and teachers say that the training itself is both professionally and personally transformative. We talk a lot about body-shaming and weight stigma in the training, and it’s triggering territory for all of us, not just our students. As yoga teachers, I actually think we have tremendous power to start shifting the body-shame to body-love. Together, we might be able to move mountains. You don’t move mountains overnight, but it takes the consistent effort of many. The more of us out there teaching special classes like YFRB and other classes than make people feel welcome and whole, the more we’ll move that mountain, together! 🙂


    Yes, I said winnerS! I was so moved by all the entries, that I had to add another prize, so I added two bonus prizes of 50% off the training, whee!


    Melissa Hite, of Blountville, TN USA!
    Winner of the Grand Prize, a free spot in the Yoga for Round Bodies Online Teacher Training!


    Aruna Kathy Humphreys, of Hamilton, ON Canada!
    Ee Lee Ong, of Ipoh, Malaysia!

    Winners of the Second Prize, 50% off the Yoga for Round Bodies Online Teacher Training!

    All entrants receive 20% off their training fee with registration by August 30. Join us!

    Thank you to Roseanne Harvey of it’s all yoga, baby, for running this giveaway and for being such a stellar co-conspirator and ally!