giveaway! yoga for computer users

yoga_computers_200How many of us spend too much time in front of computers? We feel this in our necks, shoulders, wrists and hands, and it affects our posture, digestion and overall health.

Sandy Blaine has an antidote for the computer weary: yoga! obviously. In her compact little book, Yoga for Computer Users, she draws on her extensive yoga teaching career and experience as the in-house yoga instructor for Pixar Animation Studios.

The book outlines 22 postures, along with breathing and relaxation techniques, that counter the “computer slump” and increase range of motion. It’s designed for anyone with any level or experience with yoga.

IAYB has three copies of Yoga for Computer Users for lucky readers, generously provided by Rodmell Press. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us: What’s your favourite yoga move (asana, breathwork or mantra) after hours at the computer?

Leave your comment before 5pm EST on Tuesday, March 5. Three names will be drawn at random.

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  1. My favorite yoga move after hours at the computer? I don’t know that it counts as a pose, per se, but: the on-the-floor spinal twist we so often do in class right before savasana.

    My favorite pose in general is pigeon. And speaking of taking your studio practice home, I once saw a picture of a standing pigeon where the yogi had her front leg propped up on her bed. Yummy stretch alert!

  2. Strangely enough even something a seemingly simple as Down Dog if done with heart helps tremendously after a day on the keyboard…

  3. I have so many computer weary students, this book would be enormously helpful!

  4. My favorite pose after a long sit at the computer would be a chair twist.

  5. I do three a series of three seated back stretches–curving the spine in and out, a twist to each side, and then a side stretch where I bend over to one side and extend my other arm and flank.

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  6. After hrs at my computer I love supported fish. It’s a great counter pose to being hunched over at my screen. Releases my upper back and allows me to spend time with my breath.

  7. Looks like a great book. I like a nice camel after computer work is what I like (with proper warm-up of course!). Best of luck with your new book. Namaste, Margo

  8. My favorite after time at the computer is yoga mudra while in standing forward bend! Om Shanti.

  9. Make the stop sign with your hand and pull back gently on the fingertips. Great for computer wrist!

  10. Reclining Twist. Love it.

  11. I love rag doll, or a warrior series to stretch me out!

  12. One of my favorites is a back stretch over a bolster (bolster is horizontally across the shoulder blades, head can be on a block). Supta Baddha Konasana is another good one.

  13. Spinal twist and a nice standing side bend to stretch out my ribs. Heavenly.

  14. Upward facing dog does it all for me …. it opens up my front body, opens my shoulders, stretches my wrists and works the kinks out of my spine. It is yummy !

  15. wall push but mainly…. walk away the computer will be ther next day.

  16. At my desk I often just put palms together – in the back.

  17. Sun salutations – Sun A. Love it after sitting too long at my desk, which happens more often than not.

  18. My favorite yoga move after hours at the computer is Uttanasana. The standing forward bend soothes my mind and wakes up my hamstrings

  19. At the desk or in the office, I like seated spinal twist, forward bend or downward dog against the wall instead of the floor. At home, pigeon pose or legs up against the wall.

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  20. I spend countless hours sitting at a computer, and I think the spinal series of stretches has the most benefit to combat sitting.

  21. My favorite pose during and after long hours on the computer is the spinal twist.

  22. I practice bikram yoga several times a week and it does wonders for my body!

  23. I prefer Warrior. It’s a good power pose.

  24. I’ve never done yoga but would like to start. After a day at the desk…my chiropractor recommended I get into the position like I’m being robbed, i.e. palms facing forward & up in the air while being bent at the elbow and pull back slightly. You can really feel it.

  25. Child’s pose

  26. The cobra pose always feels good, and it’s essentially a beginner’s posture – easy to do!

  27. the dead bug pose… it’s an awkward pose with people around, but it’s fun in the privacy of your own home 🙂 OPT OUT

  28. Child pose, my entire back relaxes, ah!

  29. Anjanayasana: to open the psoas, low belly and heart

  30. I have to go upside down — handstand, headstand, or swing/ropes! I just started a fulltime desk job and it’s been challenging after being used to moving all day. Thank goodness I have yoga in my toolbelt!

  31. The Twist (Bhardwajasana) is my favourite after a long day of sitting in front of the screen.