giveaway: yoga for breast care by bobby clennellyoga benefits the immune and endocrine systems, it also has a positive impact on the breasts.… Read more


giveaway: yoga for breast care by bobby clennell

We practice yoga for many health reasons, but most of us have never considered practicing yoga for the health of our breasts. However, just as yoga benefits the immune and endocrine systems, it also has a positive impact on the breasts.

Bobby Clennell explains how in her new book, Yoga for Breast Care: What Every Woman Needs to Know. The senior Iyengar Yoga teacher “presents a comprehensive program of asana and pranayama to support breast health.” The book contains information on breast development, yoga poses and sequences that are good for breast health, and lifestyle suggestions.

IAYB has teamed up with beloved sponsor Rodmell Press to give away five (5) copies of the book to lucky readers! ENTER one of three ways before 6pm PST on Saturday, November 22, 2014:

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Featured image: author photo copyright © 2104 by Jake Clennell
Asana photo courtesy of Bobby Clennell.


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  1. I practice yoga, and I am a yoga teacher. I teach al populations, but seems my clients are private and beginners. I love all the parts of yoga. I practice it as a meditative prayer. I am sure your book would be a great and kind resource to help people with breast cancer and would give me more knowledge to help people in healing, recovering and managing breast cancer and other cancers. thank you, missy schultz

  2. I am a breast cancer survivor with other health issues. However, yoga has been my savior-go to discipline for not only my body but mind and my heath. I’d love to be chosen for this awesome book. I look up to Bobby. She’s amazing and one woman is be honored to be able to meet one day–let alone take a class with!
    Thank you for your generiosity to all of us!
    Much Love

  3. Super interested in reading this book. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Yoga was my saving grace when living with, and then recovering from cancer. Xoxo Heather

  4. I am a cancer survivor with yoga (Iyengar) as a fundamental part of my life. I work with wellness programs for women. I am always introducing integrative techniques and modalities, I would love to have this book to help bringing more options

  5. I have boobs and so do 50 % of my community! I make a special point of “relaxing the breasts” and “the space between the breasts” during body scans.

  6. I’d love this book as a yoga teacher but also to support my sister who just had a mastectomy. It’s given me a lot of insight into her fears now and I feel this book would help with that.

  7. I would love to read this book as a yoga teacher and a member of a yoga teacher collective. We live on a small island in the Caribbean and we provide yoga sessions to a wide variety of people. It is an island where many local people earn as low as $300 US a month working full time so we do a lot of Karma Yoga. 🙂 Our collective of yoga teachers also provides pay what you can yoga sessions to anyone in need. We are getting more and more demand for Yoga for Recovery from Breast Cancer. This book would compliment and enhance our knowledge even though it is difficult to get off island for training. We also share a large yoga library with anyone interested and this book would be a nice addition. Blessings from Dominica 🙂

  8. As a yoga practitioner and teacher who has experienced a breast cancer scare, I value this book as a tool for health and empowerment. I would use it in my own practice and in teaching to support wellness and recovery.

  9. Thank you!