giveaway! yoga festival montréal weekend pass (june 6-8)

giveaway! yoga festival montréal weekend pass (june 6-8)

Things have been a little quiet on the blog lately for a few reasons – an abundance of freelance work, a trip to NYC (while I love the idea of blogging on the road, I just can’t do it) and preparations for the 3rd annual Yoga Festival Montréal have been taking up my time.

So it’s fitting that I have one full-weekend YFM pass for all you IAYB readers who have eagerly been awaiting the latest yoga news and views!

Yoga Festival Montréal (June 6-8) is a three-day, locally-sourced, grassroots and community-driven celebration of all things yoga in Montréal. There will be 32 workshops taught by more than 40 of the most dedicated and passionate yoga teachers in the city, representing a variety of styles, traditions and lineages. The carefully curated line-up includes yoga fest standbys like Acroyoga, vinyasa and yoga+music classes, along with more progressive programming such as chair yoga (for differently abled people and those who teach them), yoga for round bodies, and conversations about the ethics of teaching yoga. Taking place at Le Conservatoire, a conservatory of music and drama arts, the festival is a meeting place of experiential learning, creativity and practice. With an expected attendance of 250 people and no corporate sponsorship, YFM is intentionally small-scale and not driven by profit.

I am a proud co-producer and co-founder of the festival, as well as the organization behind it (Yocomo: Yoga Community Montréal). I see it as a real-world extension of the work I do here on IAYB – connecting awesome people, sparking conversation and challenging the yoga industrial complex. While the minutiae of community organizing sometimes makes me crazy and deprives me of sleep, I believe so strongly that this community needs one weekend a year to come together, elevate one another and breathe. I believe every community (yoga or otherwise) needs this, and I hope to see a constellation of projects like this pop up around the continent.

Okay, enough about the festival! Who wants to win a pass (valued at $179)? Simply answer the following skill-testing question: What does community mean to you? Leave a comment below before 5pm Sunday, June 1. One name will be drawn at random and notified by email.

This contest is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, but please only enter if you can actually get yourself to Montréal for this event. IAYB will not cover travel expenses or accommodation fees. The festival pass is non-transferable to any other yoga festival event.

Please note that entrants’ email addresses will be added to the IAYB and Yocomo mailing lists. If you’d rather not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.


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  1. Community to me means being surrounded by loving people who I always learn from, trust and embrace!!

  2. What is community?
    Community is love, sharing, commitment, patience, team-work, unity. When living in a community, you don’t need to say what you need, the people around you know you so well they are in-tune with what you need.
    And, each person has a skill to unify the community and nourish others.

  3. Community to me means people! People who come together without judgement to support, participate and just enjoy each other. Community is openness learning from others and teaching others as well.

  4. Community is my friend going above and beyond, helping me move boxes and plants in the rain. It is my new neighbour coming over to meet me and shaking my dirty gardening hand with his equally dirty gardening hand. It is another neighbour coming over with flyers for the best pizza delivery restaurants in the area. It is the people stopping for a minute on their walk by my house to let my kids pet their dog.
    Community is effort – effort to help, support, encourage and sympathize. Community is accepting and recognizing the effort too – and experiencing gratitude for the opportunity.

  5. Community to me means interconnectedness, be it through like minds, similar pastimes or a physical space. And you are a part of a community when you help nourish it, keeping it going, keeping it healthy.

  6. Community means sharing with love and gratitude. A way towards peace. We are all part of the same Community because somehow we are all connected in this world.

  7. Community means the absence of individualistic behaviours, to give space to an open connection with the greater conscience of the universe. It means leaving behind the concept of selfishness to begin wanting the common and greater good. It is to give the best that you have, to help others so they can do the same at their own pace. This will banish all the prejudice and obstacles that won’t let us live in peace with each other, accepting all our differences and embracing all our similarities. Community means respect, support and love.

  8. Community is really complicated! We want it to mean love and support and friendship but sometimes we belong to communities that are not monolithic and conflict or complication can arise. To me a community is a group of people who have something in common, ie: ethnicity, sexuality, physical location, language preference, politics / values, spiritual practise, interests, affinities, aesthetics. We are many things all at once, our identities intersect and collide. We can feel isolated and surrounded at the same time as loved and supported. It’s simple and complicated at the same time <3

  9. Community is a place of support and place for sharing (both for fun/recreation and responsiblilty)