giveaway! yoga: awakening the inner body book

giveaway! yoga: awakening the inner body book

It’s easy to get caught up in the external benefits of our yoga practice. We can place too much emphasis on the outer body by focusing on how we look in postures, what we notice in muscle tone, etc. But we can counter that tendency with a practice focused on the inner body.

Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body is the perfect guide to the body’s internal and subtle functions. In the book, author Donald Moyer describes his years of study with B. K. S. Iyengar, defines the inner body and various stages of awakening, and gives suggestions for practice.

IAYB has teamed up with beloved sponsor, Rodmell Press, for a giveaway! We have three copies of Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body for three lucky readers! To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question: How do you connect with your inner body?

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  1. Stretching. Very, very slow stretching. Quiet mind.

  2. To connect with my inner body I like to keep a journal, and make that I take some alone time for myself during the week. It happens often when we’re surrounded by so many people with their own opinions that it’s some times hard to tell where their’s end and mine begins.

  3. I connect with my inner body through breath, awareness and a concerted attention towards that which ignites the greatest joy and passion as I move through the world.

  4. I connect to my inner body through breathe either in meditation or through the poses. Also I like to sometimes do a meditation that I place my hands on parts of my body and say “I love you”, especially on parts I judge a bit too much at times i.e. my stomach.

  5. I love yoga nidra.

  6. i inhale fully thru the middle of my nostrils and slowly e x h a l e slowly thu all inner sides of my nostrils!

  7. One of the things I have learned through yoga is that it is possible to connect to my inner body while doing just about anything by really remaining attentive to breath and sensations as they move through me. Of course, it is easier to connect to my inner body doing some things over others, which is why yoga is such an important practice for me!

  8. I connect to my inner body through healthy eating (sauca), breathing (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana.) Fingers crossed.

  9. Breath, Bandhas, & Dristi

  10. I still find it quite challenging to meditate, but in the last month or so I’ve been writing as part of my morning contemplation, and using that as guidance for my self practice.

  11. Daily meditation.

  12. I like to sit or walk outside & breathe in the fresh air, right now starting to watch the leaves fall from the trees & noticing & enjoying the seasons changes. Taking deep breaths in & out appreciating the life I have right now. Letting my body & mind relax & just be.

  13. Connecting with nature, yoga, pranayama.

  14. I connect to my inner body through food and cooking. I listen to my gut, emotional feeling-wise and physical feeling-wise. I can usually tell what I need from my nutrition and nourishment by paying attention to my body cues. When I do that, it’s easier to balance the outer body concerns because they usually go away when the inner body is happy!

  15. Personal reflection and meditation.

  16. I connect through spiritual study

  17. Meditation.

  18. Breathe.

  19. I hike in the woods and then a yoga class <3

  20. I trust myself. It hasn’t always been like this. It takes a lot of practice to stay human!

  21. Connecting with my inner body really requires me to find a quiet place these days…both mentally & physically. I need to be alone. Then I close my eyes. I imagine my most serene, tranquil place. The beach is often my mental “place” but not always. I greet myself warmly. I tune in to where my mind needs to go. And hand-in-hand we go to the inner body place.

  22. Service to others. Smile

  23. I focus on my breath. I find beauty in EVERYTHING.

  24. I connect to my inner body with Yoga, and making sure my poses are beneficial to my body and its needs. I then end with meditation. But I also use mantra’s to start my day as well and through out to keep me in a positive state.

  25. Breathe in peace – breathe out love.

  26. By pausing to notice my body, sensations, the feeling of breath entering, where it enters, how it moves, and then awareness spreads, from the outer physical to inner ethereal. I love this quote about yoga from Iyengar:
    “Union or integration from the outermost layer to the innermost self, that is, from the skin to the muscles, bones, nerves, mind, intellect, will, consciousness, and self.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  27. Breathing techniques keep me grounded!

  28. My inner body loves to be outdoors and I feel most connected when I moving in a peaceful way in an open outdoor space. That might be yoga, hiking, walking or cycling.

  29. Closing my eyes and slowing down my breath – giving myself time and space to notice what is going on with me!

  30. I connect with my inner body by allowing myself time for renewal. For me renewal is yoga class, home practice and, of course, playing with my children! It is amazing how building Lego fantasy cars and reading Star Wars books can affect your spirit and your soul!

  31. Prayer and meditation and the beginning and end of my practice. This allows me to check in with how I’m feeling and take a self-assessment.

  32. I connect to my inner body with breath and sitting in quiet meditation. Taking time to be with myself is key.

  33. I try my hardest to be intuitive about what my body needs and to be gentle with myself. I pay careful attention to what foods make my body feel best, when I am tired, when I need a break. Taking a break is a really hard thing to do! I do yoga every day and it helps me tune things out and listen – what poses are a struggle today, what poses just don’t feel “right” for my body, my injuries, my tightness.

  34. – Guided meditation with Alan Watts
    – acupuncture sessions
    – walking by the riverside
    – alternating nostril breathing exercises (Nadi Shodhan pranayama)

  35. I connect via my breath, grounding, spinal elongation, third eye focus, chanting, awareness, attitude, appreciation, nurturing joy, savasana, meditation & regular yoga practice.

  36. I’m delving more into a deeper yoga practice and this book sounds
    Like it will help me on my path.

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