giveaway: watch me do yoga by bobby clennell

giveaway: watch me do yoga by bobby clennell

There’s something about December that invokes the spirit of giving. Obviously, the societal enforced holiday season has something to do with it. But it also might have something to do with the shorter days, increased darkness and cooler temperatures – giving warms the heart, and at this time of year, we need as much warmth as we can get.

So it’s time for a little almost-winter giveaway to brighten the spirit and relax the mind. IAYB has teamed up with beloved sponsor Rodmell Press to give away three copies of Bobby Clennell‘s children’s book, Watch Me Do Yoga. Clennell wrote and illustrated the book, which follows the story of a child as she practices yoga poses with her dad, her mom, the family dog, and sometimes alone on her mat. Intended to encourage children to practice yoga, the book is ideal for yoga-loving parents who are looking for a way to introduce the practice to their kids. It’s also perfect for anyone who loves to share their practice with children.

TO ENTER, leave a comment below and tell us how you do yoga with the children in your life. Do you make it playful, do you make it serious? Does your child watch and imitate your yoga practice, or does he or she have their own reasons for practicing?

Comment before 5pm PST on Friday, December 12, 2014!

THREE (3) names will be drawn at random and notified by email.

Please note that email addresses of commenters will be added to the IAYB and Rodmell Press mailing lists. If you’d rather not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.

WatchMe-cropImage credit: illustration from Watch Me Do Yoga, copyright © 2010 by Bobby Clennell. Used by permission of Rodmell Press.

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  1. Mostly my son just like to sit on my back during forward folds… it actually feels amazing. He’s also got a mean headstand to tumble at only 2 1/2!


  2. Each of my girls respond to my practice differently!
    The younger ones like to watch me and do what I do. And this is on their own terms. Sometimes they like to do it, sometimes they don’t.
    My youngest one likes to show off her poses to me, so every so often she comes to me and she asks me to watch her doing some of her favourite poses!
    My oldest one has a very different relationship with the practice! She doesn’t necessarily practice the poses, but she has a very good understanding of the practice. She is 10.

  3. My son is only 10 weeks old but I try to incorporate him into my practice by placing him on a blanket beside my mat while I practice. I’m also attending a post natal class to which we bring our babies along!

  4. One of my grand-children(age 6) comes over to my home and uses every prop she can find. She can do the most amazing poses this way.
    We do yoga together at the cottage in the summer with only mats. She can now easily do a half hour practice with no cajoling. It’s been a pleasure to watch her progress over the years.
    Now her mama is doing yoga too.

    I’d love to receive the book for some fresh ideas to bring to the little ones.

  5. I was first introduced to your writings with the glossary terms!
    My daughter is 10 now, been to Pune and will venture to France this summer for studies with me!
    All the best and keep writing, drawing and producing!
    Kara and Omaha

  6. Hello,

    Love this book, fun cause i just discovered it 2 weeks ago.I am a french yoga instructor for adults and children and since i moved to LA, i was looking for yoga children books and founded this one!


  7. I practice in the presence of my daughters (ages 5 and 2), so they usually want to try different poses with me. We also watch yoga DVDs together and flip through yoga books – they try out poses that seem fun. I’ve begun to introduce short, simple meditations with my older daughter too. And just yesterday, I taught several classes at my younger daughter’s preschool. So much fun!

  8. I practice whenever I can, and often my 3 year old is watching for the few minutes I take between tasks at home to slow down, tune in and relax on purpose. I know my 3 year old gets it, that I’m taking a break. He’ll lie down on his back sometimes and tell me he’s doing yoga.

  9. My son, 4, loves practicing yoga together. His fav is “yoga burrito” in which he rolls himself up in the mat. He also does something called yoga sushi, but I haven’t quite figured that one out 😉 This looks like a great book as I sometimes find that while I would love to share yoga concepts with him, I can find it challenging to find the words that he will understand. I think it is so relevant to teach my son yoga to help him process and manage his emotions and develop awareness, compassion and social responsibility — life long skills!

  10. Long ago I did prenatal yoga; just yesterday I did yoga with little ones jumping on my back; today I do yoga and give advice to young adults heading off in the morning; life is good!

  11. I love this! I’m a grandmom and preschool teacher as well as a yoga teacher. I teach yoga to adults and children of all ages as well as to those with special needs. I used to do yoga with my daughters at home and now I also do it with my grand kids. I think it’s important to mix it up just like anything for young children. Incorporate “serious” lessons about breath with fun activities like blowing bubbles and discuss personal space by having them do helicopter arms on their mat. Make it magical with hushed tones and lots of surprises!

  12. I lead by example, always inviting the kids to join in and always having space for them. They see how great it makes me feel and love that we do it together!