giveaway! tadasana festival passes: stand together

The Tadasana Festival of Yoga and Music is a three-day experience in Santa Monica, CA, to be held over Earth Day Weekend, April 20-22, 2012. Over 50 master teachers offering 100+ classes and workshops with live, in-class musical performances by artists from around the world, as well as dozens of lectures and an eco-conscious shopping market, just a five-minute walk from the Santa Monica Pier.

I’m excited to announce that I have one pair of festival passes* for a lucky IAYB reader! Yes, you and a friend will be able to enjoy all the yoga and music that the weekend gathering has to offer. All you have to do is stand up, get into Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and ask yourself the following question: Where do I stand? This is a personal reflection, and it can be regarding any aspect of your life (work, family, friends, yoga dramas). Leave your answer in the comments section below and don’t be afraid to get creative! Poems, videos, images, sand art ~ all are welcome!

Contest closes at 5pm on Thursday, March 8. One entry will be chosen at random.

The festival pass includes access to classes with yoga luminaries like Elena Brower, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, Vinnie Marino, Kia Miller and more. Musicians will be performing throughout many of the 100+ classes held during the festival, as well as at special concerts held around Santa Monica and Venice at clubs and yoga studios.

And if getting yourself to California for a yoga+music festival is too ambitious right now, download Sounds of Tadasana, a free 30 song playlist featuring many of the artists who’ll be performing at the festival.

* Estimated value $345 US each. The contest prize does not include airfare to Santa Monica, food or accommodation.

  1. I stand in my heart.

  2. I stand with my two feet firmly planted in the present moment, my breath guiding me forward and my heart shining a light on the moments that have passed.

  3. I stand for me, you, him, her. I stand in awe of the human spirit, the capacity to love and to keep standing until I start to float!

  4. I stand with my focus inward following my heart.

  5. What a fun thing to reflect on…

    I stand HAPPY, taller and more open than I have in the last few years. Ready for life everyday and excited to just be.

  6. I stand in myself – perfectly imperfect.

  7. I stand in the middle of deep gratitude.

  8. I stand in my own understanding of myself, even as everything around me is a bit up in the air.

  9. I stand somewhere along the path of what’s to come and where I’ve already been. I stand in stillness and quiet respect for myself, the life that has been granted to me and the love that surrounds me. I stand firm against anyone or anything that may try to weigh me down so that I may continue to share my light with the world. I stand for humility and gratitude towards others and acceptance of myself and where I am in any given moment.

  10. I too stand rooted to the ground. My heart WIDE open to the splendor of life. I stand grateful for this opportunity to express myself. I stand as a Spiritual Warrior in service of God, the Universe, my fellow brothers and sisters, and mostly, I stand in service of myself so I may proceed with love in my heart. Namaste to the Tadasana Community and all who are connected to it. In appreciation of the healing it will bring to the world.

  11. I stand in the Light of my Soul!

  12. I stand in constant gratitude. see for yourself 🙂 —-

  13. Well, back in the day I used to stand in Santa Monica, but now I stand tall in my tadasana on the shores of Lake Erie . If I win these tickets I will high tail it out to sunny so cal and hopefully get to meet up with some of my favorite yoginis out there!

  14. I stand beautifully, with intention.

  15. I stand in light, constantly burning brighter and purer with each blessed intention 🙂

  16. I stand here and now. What a gift!

  17. I stand on the ground, supported by the earth, surrounded by space & lightness, in the present moment, choosing love.

  18. i stand for embracing your whole heart with your whole heart.
    and this is my reflection:

    As I began my practice this morning, listening to Kim’s loving voice guide the class through a brief sit before we started to move, to my surprise, a deep sadness began to surface. The sadness seeped into my being, and for a brief moment I considered rolling up my mat and leaving the class. On this day, in this moment, in a room full of people, could I allow myself to be vulnerable, to risk the chance that the tears might start, that I might spend the majority of the class either in child’s pose, or lying on my back, tears flowing, sorrow surfacing, me, heart wide open, exposed and raw?

    Yes, was the answer. I heard it echo through my body, loud and clear. Yes. Stay with it. Move with it. Whatever happens will happen. Embrace this sadness. Embrace your heart. Embrace the vulnerability. Embrace the fear. Yes. And so, I stayed. I moved. I breathed. I challenged my body. I slowed when it was necessary. I listened to the words and my body and my breath kept me going. It was as if I could hear everything in the universe, so clearly, at that moment. I could feel the sadness alive, and stirring. I could feel the layers upon layers of who I am, and where I came from. I knew what this grief was. I was familiar with it. I wasn’t prepared for it today; when it happens, most of the time, I can feel it coming. But today, she snuck up on me.

    This grief has evolved over the almost seven years since my mother died. At first, it was enormous. It was everything. Everything. Every in-breath was grief, and every out-breath was grief. You were grief to me, I was grief to me. I couldn’t see through it. I barely moved through it. I made bad choices during those dark times. I hurt myself and I hurt others. I didn’t know what was normal to feel, or do, when someone you love dies. I didn’t know how to move forward, and all I wanted to was to numb this never-ending sadness. I wanted it to go away. And so I drank. A lot. When I think back to those first couple of years, they are full of blank spaces. In the end, it was yoga that saved my life. It was a lot of hard work, and working through complicated feelings and a lot of crying. Acupuncture. Therapy. Yoga. Shiatsu. Patience. Talking. Ceremonies. Travel. Losing my shit. Finding my shit. Laughing. And more crying. When you lose someone that has loved you more than anyone could possibly ever love you, when you lose someone who loves you, and whom you love, it is hard to let them go. It is hard to take the first steps forward. And fast forward almost seven years later, an ocean full of tears later, these days, in moments of quiet, sometimes, the memories sneak up on me. The memory of my beautiful mother. And I miss her terribly. I have learned how to live without her, and I know that she is always with me, but I miss her.

    That was what today was about. I missed my mom.

    The sadness stayed with me, weaving it’s way through my day. I had flashes of anger for silly things, and I knew this was my grief talking. I did my best to embrace my heart, and hold it in my loving hands, and I allowed myself to be where I was. I have been through this many times, and it changes each time. It lessens. A little each time. Cupcakes help. Baths help. Falling asleep on the couch, snuggled up to the dog helps. Embracing your heart, with all of your heart. That helps.

  19. Who won?

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