giveaway! sukha botanicals, handcrafted products for body & mind

sukha-setHere’s a little secret for y’all: last year I took a business class. With a group of a dozen or so women, we created plans for our dream businesses. I didn’t follow through on my business idea. Many of the other women didn’t, either.

But Liven, a fellow yogini who had been laid off from her corporate job and was searching for her next steps, followed through. Her business idea changed and morphed over the three months of the business course, but on the final day she presented prototypes for her own line of organic skin care products.

SuhkaLogo-Web-TransA year later, after endless kitchen experiments and tests, Liven has launched Sukha Botanicals. All natural, mostly organic, not tested on animals and handmade on the island of Montreal!

Her line includes handmade soaps, bath and body oils, bath salts and travel candles. And it all smells divine: pink grapefruit and tangerine; lemongrass and ginger; lavender and clary sage; and vetiver and orange.

Sukha means happiness, joy and ease. These delightful self-care products are like settling into Sukhasana (Easy Pose – cross-legged position) at the beginning of a yoga practice: grounding, centering and effortless.

There’s nothing I love more than supporting ladies doing it for themselves. So I’m excited to do a giveaway of three Sukha Botanicals gift sets. All you have to do is answer the skill testing question: What is your favourite method of self-care?

Leave your response in the comments below before 9 a.m. on Monday, December 5. I will randomly draw three winners.

  1. With two under 7 kids and all that entails, self-care time is limited and few and far between. While I do still get to indulge in the occasional long hot bath at home, my “new” thing is a 10 minute sit in the sauna after a yoga class or a run.
    It’s only 10 minutes, but it’s mine all mine!

  2. I got to know Liven through our little yoga community and she is just lovely! No doubt her products are as wonderful as she is! So excited to try them 🙂

  3. My favourite method of self-care is being able to get outside and get some exercise, either alone or with friends.

  4. My favourite method of self care is to soak in a big hot tub with bath salts added, a naturally scented candle burning, a little vase of flowers nearby and watching the clouds pass by my window.

  5. As for self care, a daily yoga practice comes first! It’s important to take care of yourself so that you will have the love to spread to those around you.

  6. yoga, of course! daily practice on and off the mat

  7. Favourite method of self care: hot shower followed by meditation!

  8. My favourite method of self-care? Yoga, or in the evenings, tea and a good novel.

  9. My favourite method of self care is yoga in the morning followed by a long walk with the ipod blaring my favorite tunes.

  10. My favorite is probably taking a relaxing quiet ten minutes alone with a cup of hot tea. It’s more difficult than it sounds in our busy house, but definitely worth it.

  11. My favorite method of self care is to ride my bicycle. I am fortunate enough to live on the edge of a small town and so dirt roads are near and plentiful. An hour long ride with the sound of the birds in the trees and my tires crunching along the road eases my mind like nothing else.
    This winter I’m hoping to take up snowshoeing to replace the bicycle!!

  12. My favourite methods of self-care are making a home-cooked meal with local ingredients, reading a good book and yes, yoga, though I must confess I have to push myself to practise yoga.

  13. My favourite form of self care: morning sadhana and eating locally. I have not been sick all year!

  14. Yoga, hot shower followed by a mud mask.

  15. Ouuu!!!! LOVELY!
    My favourite method of self care is regular yoga practice, lots of sleep, friends and laughter, music and chocolate.

    Together this results in a magical mix 🙂

  16. I’ve recently reeinitiated a winter ritual that I find extremely pampering and self-caring. Nightly foot massages with a heavy shea-butter based cream before I tuck into bed … feet are smooth and soft all the time! Also, before my shower, passing a dry skin brush all over, then applying organic unscented almond oil all over (an ayurvedic trick to calm vata). I shower as normal (not too long in the water!) but my skin is silky soft and moisturized afterwards! It started out as a way to soften my sensitive skin in the winter, but I find the self massage is soooo pampering and only takes an extra 10 minutes in total (for both massages)!

  17. Yoga, epsom salt bath and enjoying silence surrounded by candles.

  18. Taking a long hot bath never hurts either!

  19. my daily self care is practicing vinyasa or pranayama… Yoga makes me smile from the inside out. Yoga has changed my life.
    Big love.

  20. Yoga is my TRUE SELF CARE program. Vigorous flow to restorative, my practice is always the answer. For a super treat, I will plan a massage. With a busy family life and teaching schedule, to just lie on a table and RECEIVE is a GIFT.

  21. My favorite method of self-care is eating well and staying hydrated.

  22. I’d say that Yoga and Running my favorite methods of self-care… Both help me de stress and relax in very different ways. I’ve also been getting into meditation as well so I’d say that’s my third fave

  23. Coming back to the breath. Rag doll pose. Tea-drinking. Warm sesame oil massage followed by hot bath. Taking the dog around the block. Tackling the dog into cuddling with me. Picking something manageable and getting it done. Sing shmaltzy songs to myself (or the dog) aloud. Eating soup.

    Hope you’re doing lots of good self-care these days, lovely lady!

  24. Morning hatha yoga! Sunshine. The outdoors.

  25. I really couldn’t pick just one method! It depends on my mood. Self care for me might involve:

    – Yoga
    – Meditation
    – Piano improv
    – Cooking & baking
    – Books
    – Tarot
    – Sketching
    – DIY spa
    – Dark chocolate, ice wine and other good substances
    – Sex
    – Philosophy
    – Hi-fi headphones
    – Flanneuring (warm days only!!)
    – Aromatherapy
    – Naps and dreams

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway 🙂

  26. Une journée de méditation avec Voie Boréale, un Wokshop au centre Luna ou un cours chez Naada c’est du caramel pour mon corp et mon cœur! 🙂 Huumm… un Lassi à la mangue de Chez Crudessence c’est comme un calin et une poutine avec un bon verre de vin de temps en temps c’est charmant 😉 Je suis super sensible au odeurs et leurs bienfaits sur mon humeur (un peu gaga des produits Aveeda) je suis enchantée de découvrir cette nouvelle gamme LOCALE! Merci!

  27. Self-care is a glorious ritual:
    *nurturing yoga and pranayama practice
    *organic jasmine tea
    *organic oatmeal filled with super food goodies
    *dry brushing
    *extended gardening session taking in sunshine
    *green’s smoothies
    *grounding the soul with karmic ventures
    *rounding it all out with laughing and love

    All the best, Liven, on your new business and product line. 🙂

  28. the best method to my self care is yoga and trying to eat as healthy and locally as I can. I am a yoga teacher in Vancouver, and I find that spreading my knowledge and joy for yoga to my students I am taking care of myself in the best way possible.
    Sometimes I go to teach a class, and i’m not in the best frame of mind. 60 minutes later I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness, knowing that I have given it my everything and my students leave the class knowing a little bit more about themselves.

  29. My favorite method of self-care is saying “no” if I really want to say “no.” It’s not the easiest method by any means — it took me years to work up the courage to do it, and even then I struggled to know how to do it without feeling abrupt, or rude, or stubborn. I’m still learning how to do it without resentment or consternation. However, when something comes into my life that I really want, that makes my heart sing and my hair stand on end, having learned how to say “no” makes it all the more blissful when I get to say “yes.”