giveaway! raindancer necklace by amy friendThe cold November rain has already started to fall, but Amy Friend‘s beautiful Raindancer necklace is a gentle reminder to bundle up and go play outside. IAYB is pleased offer one of Amy Friend’s necklaces to ONE lucky reader.

The Raindancer is sterling silver hand-shaped petals on a lightly oxidized silver chain.… Read more


giveaway! raindancer necklace by amy friend

The cold November rain has already started to fall, but Amy Friend‘s beautiful Raindancer necklace is a gentle reminder to bundle up and go play outside. IAYB is pleased offer one of Amy Friend’s necklaces to ONE lucky reader.

The Raindancer is sterling silver hand-shaped petals on a lightly oxidized silver chain. The 1.25″ x 1.5″ pendant spins and balances as you move around, creating a lovely “dancing” effect. Beloved IAYB sponsor Amy Friend is a Texas-based jewelry maker inspired by a yoga lifestyle. Her designs are simple, clean and classic.

So of course you’re itching to add this elegant piece to your jewelry collection! All you have to do is answer the following question: How do you remember your playful spirit?

Leave a comment below before 5pm EST on Thursday, November 7 and you’ll be entered. ONE name will be drawn at random and notified by email.

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IAYB does sadie nardini's 21-day yoga body adventure!

For the next 21 days, I will do everything Sadie Nardini tells me to do in her new book, The 21-Day Yoga Body. Also, I try to unpack just what is a yoga body.
  1. Every winter, the kids and I build a mini “Mount Krumpet” in the back yard for tobogganing. As the kids get older, the mountain gets higher. Last year, we were sitting on the roof of the shed and sliding down. We had to steal snow from the neighbouring apartment building’s parking lot. From the first cold days, we have been planning this year’s hill…can’t wait!
    Nobody tells me 46 is too old for tobogganing!

  2. To remember my playful spirit I look to my youngest daughter. My fearless little yogi, my selfless giver. She has the biggest heart, so pure and gentle. I love to watch her play, her mind so inquisitive and curious. She is like a little adult most of the time, though and up until recently i didn’t know anyone with kids her age. She sometimes lost sight of her playful spirit but I am seeing it blossom more and more every day in her (and in ME, because of her). She is my teacher, I couldn’t have gotten through yoga teacher training without her quizzing me and giving me oral tests. She is my little yoga helper, telling me what I forgot or what I did awesome at during class, but most of all she is my little playmate, we laugh together, we read together, we create silly stories and act them out. We make time every day to have tickle fights and to talk about all kinds of stuff. To find my playful self all I have to do is look in her eyes and it is right there, staring back at me.

  3. My playful spirit is never too far! I’m a farmer, and often times the days get hectic and cold and wet in the late fall/winter time – but playing with the farm dog (a pug!), finding funny faces in the beets and radishes, and making up new games(like rutabaga and carrot bowling!) keeps my mind off of the fact I can’t feel my fingers!

  4. I just hang out with my kids for a little while, and they’ll bring out my playful spirit again–it still works even though they’re now 11 and 14 year olds. 🙂

  5. I remember by playful spirit especially in the mornings in two ways:
    1) By playing dance songs from Lady Gaga “Applause” to Flock of Seagulls “I Ran” while walking to work.
    2) Posting positive or playful happenings w/ the hashtag #thoughtswithbreakfast on my Facebook &/or Twitter to
    share funny moments with my friends.

  6. I love kicking my feet in the crunchy leaves at this time of year! It reminds me of childhood and the hours of playful time in piles of leaves.

  7. Sometimes it’s difficult for me, as I feel kids are the best way to bring out a playful spirit and I don’t have kids- and at 30 I was the youngest person in my family until my niece came along! Now, to remember my playful spirit, I “borrow” my niece for a day and we do stuff that is fun for both of us, like swinging at the park, picking wildflowers (and sometimes weeds!) and making a mess in the kitchen together.

  8. I like to go on a hike with one of the local hiking groups. It’s a great reminder that people of all ages love playing and enjoying nature!

  9. My son reminds me of my playful spirit and time spent with him insists I engage it. In the fall, it’s going for walks and kicking up the leaves. It’s roasting marshmellows over a fire in the backyard. It’s snuggling under a blanket with him to watch a movie and eat popcorn. He’s constantly reminding me that I’m not too old for my favorite childhood activities.

  10. As a yoga teacher , I know that it I the perfect way for lifelong health. A testimony: after 4 year of doing yoga, I can sing an octave higher and sustain notes longer. This is a result of breathing doing yoga. I am still amazes that this happened to me. Withouth breath, there is no life. Namaste and Sat Nam!!!

  11. If I have energy to burn or am in need of a playful release, I will usually put on some Björk and sing at the top of my voice until my cat tells me to stop. She hates it when I’m bopping around the house yelling in faux-Icelandic. 🙂

  12. I rememember my playful spirit by just allowing myself to be present in the world and giving myself the permission to laugh at silly things. It is easy to laugh at silly things when you have kittens and children around.

  13. I love Amy’s work. Her pieces are beautiful, light, and very peaceful. I know that I will be asking for for Christmas 🙂

  14. Beautiful necklace! Love the blog, too : )

  15. My husband helps me to always find my playful spirit! He often says that he has never grown up and that means we are always laughing and cracking jokes. He is so much fun to be with still after 32 years of marriage!

  16. Meditating helps me remember my playful spirit– that this moment matters most.

    Amy’s work is so lovely!

  17. I’m quickly immersed in my playful spirit whenever I practice yoga with my kids, or when I’m teaching a children’s of family class. In these moments yoga can’t be serious, it must be playful! That’s what makes it most enticing to our Little Yogis!

  18. I remember my playful spirit by taking baths! I pretend I’m a mermaid and fill the bathtub with sea salt like Madison did in the movie, Splash. I relax and pretend I’m at the ocean on a delicious tropical island!

  19. It’s easy to remember my playful spirit because of my curly hair! Every day seeing my curly hair in the mirror reminds me to be playful, curling and whirling in all directions, in a good way.

  20. I remember my playful spirit while practicing yoga and hiking with my funny dog!

  21. My sweet and crazy hound dog ignites my playful spirit. Ever on the hunt for food, whenever we are out for a walk, I need to keep her close if we are approaching or passing someone who has their hand in their pocket. She seems to think that if their hand is in their pocket that there is a treat or a cookie or a bone or gooberlicious treat in there just for her. And, when I’m walking alone, without the hound, I still seem to be overly aware of people with their hands in their pockets and for fun I try to imagine what treats they might have for me – a ticket to Hawaii, diamond earrings, a Roger’s Chocolate or a Raindancer Necklace!!!!

  22. Love Amy Friend’s jewelry! Everything is so beautiful!!

  23. Amy’s jewelry is so gorgeous! What a wonderful giveaway!

  24. Seeing children always brings out my playful spirit. Often when I walk outside in nature and take a deep breath I am so filled with the living energy around me that I just start twirling around. It is like when I was a young child and just moved to the rhythm of the planet. What fun!

  25. Nature releases my playful nature and feelings of being.
    roddjackson at hotmail dot com

  26. Everyday at work! I’m a special ed paraeducator & work with kids K-2 🙂 OPT OUT

  27. I dance in the car to the radio. I’m sure I look like a looney-tunes, but it makes the drive home much more fun 🙂

  28. I love Amy’s jewelry! I’m looking forward to perusing this site also. Off to school (I’m an art teacher), so I’ll have to check back later.

  29. I try and not care what others think when I am in public. I act goofy.

  30. I remember my playful spirit by visiting my nephew. He’s a bundle of energy, so joyful and fun to be around!

  31. Every time I am on a photo shoot, I get giddy. Truly giddy. I have become known for my exuberant excitement that occurs when I “get the shot.” It’s reminiscent of a child and it’s infectious. My motto is this: when I stop feeling like a little kid when I photograph someone or something, then it’s time to quit. I have no intention of quitting, or losing my child-like inspiration. Instead, I want to nurture it leave it unfettered like playfulness was intended.

  32. I have two daughters, ages 12 and 15, and sometimes it seems that all three of us need to remember our playful spirits. 🙂
    Sometimes it’s tickling, sometimes it’s singing and dancing, arm wrestling or watching cute kittens and babies on youtube. We still play with legos together.

  33. Rainboots always help me remember my playful spirit – I just can’t resist splashing through puddles like I did as a child. It’s even more fun to do now with my 2 year old niece, who loves puddle jumping even more than her aunt!