giveaway! organic comfy fun buddha pants

giveaway! organic comfy fun buddha pants

Once again, I’ve been too busy getting ready for Yoga Festival Montréal to write anything for the blog. And once again, I’m offering a giveaway to appease you all! The festival happens this weekend (June 6 – 8!), so once it’s over my life and the blog will go back to normal.

I’m excited to team up with new beloved IAYB sponsor Buddha Pants to give away ONE pair of their amazing pants to a lucky IAYB reader. Buddha Pants is a recent addition to the IAYB family. I love that this Florida-based company is driven by their values, stating on their website: “Our mission is to create organic, fun, comfy, multi-functional garments just for you.”

Founded in December 2012 by Rachel Raab, Buddha Pants was inspired by a pant that a friend had brought back from Paris. In general, this style of pants is called Indian pants, harem pants, or guru pants. In addition to being good for movement (including yoga), the Buddha Pants fold themselves into their own pocket-bag, making them a perfect travel-ready addition to any wardrobe.

ENTER one of three ways:
1) Leave a comment below and tell us why you want a pair of Buddha Pants
2) Send out a Tweet about why you want a pair of Buddha Pants, tagging @itsallyoga_baby and @buddha_pants
3) Make a comment on Facebook, re: why you want a pair of Buddha Pants and tag and

ONE name will be drawn at random from one of the platforms and notified. Enter before 6pm EST Sunday, June 8.

Please note that email addresses of commenters will be added to the IAYB and Buddha Pants mailing list. If you’d rather not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.


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  1. Beautiful pants that look like they’d be great to dance in!

  2. Because I don’t have any pants that look nearly this comfy!

  3. Because I’d look cool in them!

  4. I would love a pair of Buddha pants because I need more ease in my life!

  5. These look so comfy and awesome! Good luck with the festival!

  6. They look fabulous to wear. I could wear them to the office and run straight out to take or teach a class without changing. How cool is that – wearing my yoga clothes in my office.

  7. I can’t imagine wearing anything more comfy or unique!

  8. I’d love to wear these because they look fabulously comfortable 🙂

  9. These look uh-mazing! Thanks for hosting!

  10. They look so cool and would be perfekt in my yogaclass!

  11. Om my goddess!!! Who wouldn’t want a pair of super cool Buddha pants – they are absolutely buddhaful and totally budharrific. Lovely.

  12. Because I love these but my wife would never in a million years let me buy anything drop-crotch.

  13. They are super comfortable which makes them PERFECT for yoga practice!!!!! Energy flows!

  14. These straight-up look like the most fun pants I’ve seen in a long, long time. 🙂

  15. I love voluminous pants!

  16. I love those pants!! I would love to wear them to teach yoga! They look comfortable and perfect for after class too. I try to wear fun pants to all my classes, it reminds me to keep it light and fun!

  17. they look so incredibly comfortable! i’m tired of the tight pants look in yoga and everyday life, give me big comfy pants please!

  18. I think if I got these pants, I would wear them everyday!

  19. These pants look comfy and stylish. Gorgeous!

  20. I’d like a pair so I could look like I was wearing pants and a skirt and yet be wearing a single article.

  21. These are gorgeous! I would love a pair as I head out to teach yoga in Central America, they would be perfect! Plus looking like Princess Jasmine always feels pretty damn good.

  22. I would love a pair and wear the ever-lovin’ poop out of them! I live in comfy pants that move and these would be perfect for absolutely everything from teaching to practice to just sitting by the window, watching things move around me.

  23. I would love to have a pair of these gorgeous pants because they look so freaking cute and comfortable. I wish the draw were today so I could win them and show them all weekend at the festival!! I’ll just have to settle for showing them off every other day of the year. Please?

  24. i’m training to become a yoga instructor and it only makes sense that i wear a pair of buddha pants while i instruct! 🙂

  25. I’d love to win a pair. they look so comfy

  26. OMG! They are so stylish and comfy!

  27. Man, I need those for my zumba class! It will rock with my moves!lol

  28. Enter me, please! Thy look very roomy and it is summer!

  29. Yes, they are comfy but paired down with a cool jacket, they would make an edgy fashion statement!

  30. I would love to win these pants!

  31. My teen daughter borrowed some pants like these from a friend and can’t stop wearing them. I would love to win these and find out what her joy is all about!

  32. Please pick my name!

  33. Dancing on the outside as well as the inside! 🙂

  34. I bought a pair recently…told they fit all sizes (really?!?!?)…well, she was SURE they would fit me!!! 🙁 they don’t!!!!!

  35. I used to have a pair of pants like this, but sadly they got ruined. They were so comfy and fun! So, obvi, I want another pair. 🙂

  36. OOPS…I’m very dyslexic this morning…spelled my own last name wrong!!!

  37. I would like a pair because they look wonderfully multi-purpose–I can relax, dance, do yoga and wander around in them!

  38. I’ve always admired this style! I would love to rock it up every day in something so breezy and moveable.

  39. Because I have absolutely NO yoga pants!! 🙂