giveaway! online yoga study with judith hanson lasater & more

Anatomical collage by Argentinean designer and fashion photographer, Juan Gatti (image via

Anatomical collage by Argentinean designer and fashion photographer, Juan Gatti (image via

There’s nothing I love more than giving stuff to devoted (and new, and casual) IAYB readers! This time, I’ve paired up with IAYB sponsor Yoga U Online to offer three online yoga courses with leaders in yoga therapy and the mechanics of the body.

You could win one of the following webinars:

Judith Hanson Lasater – Embodying Spirit: Deepening Your Practice On and Off the Mat (February 11 & 12)
Tom Myers – Mapping the Body: Anatomy Trains for Yoga Practitioners (February 4 & 7)
Chrys Kub – Assessing Core Stability and Flexibility in Yoga Students (February 20 & 27)

These courses, which you attend from the comfort of your home on the indicated dates, are amazing resources for yoga teachers and anyone interested in expanding their yoga practice. To enter, simply sign up for the IAYB mailing list (if you’re already a subscriber, leave a comment below). Sign up by 5pm EST, Tuesday, January 29. The three names will be drawn at random and notified by email.

The traditional model of anatomy looks at the body as a machine, like a Ford truck or Dell computer. But the body is not put together like a machine; it’s more like a plant. Yet, all of the images that we use for the body are images of machines: The muscles work through levers, the lungs are bellows, the heart is a pump, the liver is a factory and the kidney is a filter.

… Like a plant, the body is grown from a seed. The body is grown from a single fertilized ovum. Somebody didn’t take a nervous system and put it together with the vascular system and put it together with the muscles, and so on, to come up with the body. The muscles and the vascular system and the nervous system all grew together from one single cell. So everything has a common origin and everything grew up together. It never grew up separately. ~ Tom Myers, in conversation with Eva Norlyk Smith in Huffington Post



  1. Wheeeeeeeee! I love Judith Hanson Lasater. Well, I mean, I don’t know her personally but I admire her from afar. In a non-stalkery way.

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    • and i love the idea of the body as a plant, not a machine. Off to google…

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  23. Yoga U is an awesome resource! Thanks for the giveaway offer!
    An at home practice and study is my primary source to absorb my #yogasponge!

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  36. thanks for entering everyone (and for the sweet, engaged comments!). i’ve picked three names and notified the winners. stay tuned for the next giveaway!