giveaway! natural coconut deodorant by sola

giveaway! natural coconut deodorant by sola

We all know that conventional deodorant is bad for us. They’re loaded with aluminum and other chemicals to block our pores and prevent odors, causing cancer and other diseases. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time finding a natural deodorant that does the job. I just end up using regular old deodorant, despite the health risks.

However, those days are over: I’ve finally found a natural deodorant that actually works. I discovered Sola Skincare, a line of preservative and chemical free products for the skin and body, at the Bellyfit Summit last month. I picked up the Coconut Deodorant at the end of the first day, and wore it the second. It kept me smelling fresh and feeling dry, even though I danced and yogaed and bustled around the convention centre.

I’ve used it every day since, and it continues to do the job right. Not only is the product amazing, but Sola is run by a lovely family on BC’s west coast and the teeny company has a social conscience, regularly giving back to organizations they believe in. And I’m so enchanted by the Coconut Deodorant that I’ve partnered with Sola to give away three (3) units to lucky IAYB readers.

ENTER one of three ways before 6pm PST Saturday, November 8:Sola-honestly-natural-skincare-colour-rs

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  1. Natural skin care products promote healthful, wholesome living – just like my yoga practice. I’ve not yet found a natural d.o. that works as well as those with chemicals. I would LOVE to try SOLA!

  2. Would love to try this! I bet it smells amazing! I think it would keep my dry and smelling great after yoga!

  3. Have yet to find a deodorant that I like and is non-toxic! Problems of a stinky hot yoga teacher!

  4. Sola Deodorant is the best! I’ve been using it for a year now and Love-Love -Love it! Just like Yoga-it works and it’s good for you!

  5. Can’t be the one stinking up the yoga room 🙂

  6. In yoga, your nose is so often near an exposed armpit – whether it’s yours or your neighbors! Finding a chemical-free way to smell good, or at least “not bad”, is essential.