giveaway: my yoga online, portable practice for the holidays

It’s that time of year again: the holidays. We’re all traveling, sleeping in other people’s guest rooms, dealing with relatives, shopping, eating, drinking, cavorting, merry-making, and whatever else people do this time of year. In the midst of all this festive craziness, our yoga practice may fall to the wayside. And really, we need yoga more than anything. We need to pause, breathe and take care of ourselves.

Just in time for the festive season, I have one My Yoga Online membership to give away. A portable practice that you can take with you on the road (as long as there’s internet access), My Yoga Online offers:

  • An always-expanding library of yoga, Pilates, meditation videos
  • Expert information on workplace wellness, green living, expert health advice
  • A Q&A forum with professionals
  • Whole Health Programs addressing top health and wellness concerns

The yoga practice videos include a diverse range of teachers, such as Kia Miller, Eoin Finn, Sharon Gannon, Max Strom and a whole crop of fresh faces from around North America. There are also workshops with specific instruction on anatomy, meditation techniques, and more. Studio Classes are filmed in featured studios and create the feeling of practicing in community. You can stream My Yoga Online videos on your computer, iPad, smart phone or TV.

What do you have to do to get a piece of the action? Simply answer the following skill testing question: Where is the strangest place you’ve practiced yoga? Leave your response in the comments section below before 11:00 am (EST), Friday, Dec 23. I’ll draw one lucky winner at random. Bonne chance!

  1. During my modeling days, I practiced yoga underwater for a photo shoot (yes, I can prove it by sending in the photos) 🙂

  2. The strangest place I’ve practiced yoga is on the hard bimini top of the boat I work on, 30 feet above the water, eye level with the boat’s radars and antennae. It’s the only place I can go where the guests on the boat won’t see me, and where there’s enough overhead clearance for Mountain pose. Extra balance required when there’s a swell in the anchorage, but a no-go if we are underway (obv!).

  3. BETWEEN 2 MOTEL BEDS ! I had no space at all and I really wanted to do yoga.

  4. Nothing really strange…outside at one of our hotsprings, and no not naked yoga… :0) and outside with the cat.

  5. At the dock at my husband’s cottage. The wake from the boats driving by made it more challenging than usual.

  6. Both in the aisles of an aircraft and the bridge preceding it:). I practice on the job:).

  7. In an airport!!

  8. Between floors in the elevator (this is a pretty frequent occurence)
    Waiting for the bus.
    On the miniscule hotel balcony

  9. Not so strange, but often on the floor in my daughters room while she is falling asleep.

  10. I love all the water answers. I once practiced very early on a fishing wharf on Lac Memphrémagog and the movement of the water was amazing – it created an interested sense of awareness, balance and harmony.

    As for the strangest, it was in an office basement, in a tiny windowless office under a stairwell where you could hear everyone coming in from the parking lot tromping up the stairs…and there were like 8 of us all crammed in there desperately seeking a hour of stress-free inner peace! It was a strange and beautiful moment.

  11. I practiced a few months ago outside the restroom of a truck stop/gas station in Morocco (on a small lawn close to the prayer rooms). We had been traveling from Fes to Casablanca and I needed to stretch my body! The restroom attendant was mighty perplexed!

  12. On a severely upsloping city sidewalk at night, with not much illumination ….

  13. Not so much a place but a time–about 4:00 a.m. the morning before my wedding, on the wet lawn of the B&B we were staying at. With all those relatives around, it was the only surefire way of finding peace, silence, and space!

  14. Hmmm… I’d say my favorite/most unusual place to practice is on the airstrip at Mattatcuk, Long Island (21N – Callsign)… not actually on the airstrip… but right next to it. It’s very refreshing to practice and see the planes flying in… it really helps me to appreciate the freedom in my life.

  15. The strangest place was in a plane, i was supe tired and so started to do some yoga and all the passengers were like what’s going on with that girl!

  16. An elevator! I was trapped once and got really stressful. As soon as I noticed that, I practiced a few asanas and took care of my breathing. It all went fine 😀

  17. When I’m having a rough day at work, I’ll go in the larger handicap bathroom for a couple minutes and dona couple forward bends, half moon, rag dolls, etc…whatever it takes to help 🙂 haha