giveaway! lingerie made for moving

giveaway! lingerie made for moving

It’s no secret that this burlesque-loving yogi has a soft spot for lingerie. So when Montreal-based underwear company MIEL (that’s French for “honey,” sweetstuff) reached out to tell me about their new line of saucy yet practical culottes and bras, I fell in love. Not only are they cute, but they’re made for moving.

And because I love all you IAYB readers, it’s my pleasure to team up with MIEL for a sweet Valentine’s giveaway. I have one set of three pieces (a COCO camisole, IRIS hipster and NANA bra) in a flirty, radiant red to warm up your V-day, whether you have a special someone or are flying solo.

TO ENTER: answer the skill-testing question, How do you express love and care for yourself? Leave your response in the comments section below before 10pm EST on Sunday, February 16. One name will be drawn at random and notified by email.

Please note that the email addresses of all entrants will be added to the IAYB and Miel mailing lists. If you’d rather not be added to the lists, write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.

This could be yours!

MIEL COCO Camisole


…and these!MIEL NANA bra & IRIS hipster


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  1. I express love and care for myself by making sure I take time each morning, before my children have woken, to stretch and find my center followed by getting dressed and ready for my day. Its so very important to make a daily conscious choice to remember that I am still my own person as well as a Mother and Wife. Loving myself trickles down and the effects are felt by my family. 🙂

  2. Hmm… I meditate daily, have a consistent yoga practice and exercise routine but could do much better at having a loving self-care routine. That’s my goal for 2014. I just haven’t started it yet!

  3. Yoga is my primary means of loving and caring for myself. I try to go to the studio as often as I can, pressing pause on my life and spending at least 1 hour and 15 minutes on just me. Other things I do: try to make healthy choices; take breaks from my work to snuggle up with a good book and my cats; and prioritize my husband over my job.

  4. self love and care expressed through meditation, sewing, home cooking and travel!

  5. I think positive, eat clean, practice regularly. BTW that lingerie looks amazingly comfortable.

  6. Oh, so cute. I’m 9 months pregnant so I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping in, going for walks in the snow and prenatal yoga to ease aches and pains. Not to mention plenty of bubble baths. I splurged on fancy oils and bubbles to make each bath a treat.

  7. With a young child it is a challenge.,,and I think the balance will always be a teeter totter. I register for one yoga class and one dance class weekly so those are my set times for me — both practices that fill me up. But you know what? Even though I do a bunch of self-care things like massages, acupuncture etc, this question is baffling me a bit. Because it’s not so much what you do as the intention. Your question is making me consider this more. And what comes up for me is receiving — making myself open to receiving. Opening and allowing…coming from that place…loving yourself so you are open to receive.

  8. By accepting my limitations and needs fully, without guilt (: Also eating good food, maintaining a strong body and cultivating creativity.

  9. I reserve mental energy for real, open-hearted conversation with the people who matter to me. Even when things get crazy-mad, I’m super protective of my cooking time (both because I feel best when I eat well, and because cooking makes me feel happy and calm), my sleep, and making it to yoga. I lose myself in good fiction even when there’s a long list of things I really shouldn’t neglect.

  10. I show myself love when I fold my clothes, do my dishes, clean up my apartment, make my bed, cook my food, make tea, go to bed early, move my body, sit still, have a bath, read something just because I’m curious. For a long time I did not take very good care of myself, but I am doing better now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  11. I take myself on long trips to the distant lands of my dreams; indulge in the best dark chocolate I can get my hands on; take long, hot, steamy bubble baths; gaze at the moon and wear the gown of the morning sun.

  12. Everyday, I find time to eat well, rest, and treat myself! Yummy yoga, chocolate, meditation, run, all counts for love and care to me 🙂

  13. I’ve discovered self-acceptance leads to self-love. I use yoga poses to notice where energy is stuck in my body (or mind), where it’s moving….within the poses I practice sincerity, accepting what is. As I open to change and increased energy, it helps me off the mat to notice throughout my day if I’m aligned, relaxed, and breathing spaciously. When I feel like I have harmony from within, which is certainly a practice for me, I can easier harmonize with the energy around me and the world I’m a part of. Some days this is easier than others. Staying strong, healthy, and free of judgment, helps me to deal with the natural ebbs and flows of ease in human being. Along with laughing, hot baths on winter days, cool waters on hot days, the love of family, friends, nourishing food, enjoying music, dance, and feeling in touch with my sensuality, this lingerie could fit in great with my practice of feeling self-love and care! If nothing else, this has been fun to write and now I know of a new cute company <3

  14. Yoga has become my passion this past year. We live far from the city and I developed my practice as a way to cope with feeling lonely and it has definitely become my form of self-care 🙂

  15. I’m still working on expressing love & care for myself, but one thing I’ve been doing lately is giving myself a bedtime on work nights, so I don’t just aimlessly fritter away time online & then short myself on sleep all week. I feel better when I’ve slept more, go figure! I also give myself the gift of waking up in time to sneak in a little bit of yoga in the morning before work. & I buy myself fancy tea, because it tastes so much better than the free stuff I can get in the office & it’s a little grounding ritual on its own to smell it, make it, & drink it.

  16. I express love and care for myself by making time every day to confront fear and embrace truth.
    In my home practice I come to my yoga mat naked, light candles, put on my favorite mantras.
    I dance and sing and delight in the moments to bare my skin, sweat and love my body as it is.
    I reflect on all that I have to be grateful for and allow my body to move as it wants to move and listen within to know when a posture is complete.
    This expression of self love and acceptance fuels infinite Light in my life. Naked yoga forever!

  17. Swimming is my time of quietness, energy release and peace. I like to come to the local wellness center early in the morning when there are few people there. Usually after several energetic laps I dry myself and walk over to the nearby cafe and enjoy some breakfast with my daily devotional book there. I noticed that I am much more peaceful and happy for the rest of the day when I do that.

  18. Eating well and exercising express my self care!

  19. Most recently I’ve expressed care for myself by getting rid of my cellphone! Has saved me an unbelievable amount of stress, and allows me to use social media more mindfully.

  20. I express care for myself by making me-time a priority. Sometimes it’s only 5 minutes of solitude, but every minute helps. Also, I make it a rule to not check emails on the weekends so my complete time and attention can be focused on my family, which makes us all feel good. OPT OUT Please

  21. I pamper myself and eat right

  22. I drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.

  23. I express love and care for myself by working on focusing on me and doing what makes me happy. As a new mom to a 6 month old daughter its very easy to get caught up in the family and doing everything for your little one. However, if mom is not happy no one is happy. So every morning i wake up an hour earlier then usual and take my yoga class prior to the start of the daily grind of being a mom. On weekends I have dad watch my daughter while i go on a 4 mile run. Doesn’t seem like much but these things make me happy and being able to maintain my health is of most importantance.

  24. I express love for myself by taking care of my needs, feeding my body healthier food.

  25. In my mind I’m saying kind and friendly things to myself, stuff I’d say to a friend or someone I like.

  26. Lots of Meditation and raw chocolate!

  27. I express love for myself by allowing pleasure: I don’t have to be all business, all work always! it’s great to allow time for fun!

  28. I express love and care for myself through working on my self- compassion each day. I do this through loving kindness meditation. I also show Love and care by trying to eat healthy food, being more active, and practicing yoga! And hot baths 🙂

  29. I express love & care by giving myself time for REST. For a long time, I didn’t allow myself to take a daily break. Now, I retire early and typically wake well-rested. It’s been life changing.

  30. I express love and care for myself by trying to find balance mentally, physically and emotionally. I do this via a regular yoga practice, the occasional spa day where I allow myself to be pampered, and indulgent treats that feed the soul: teas, gourmet chocolates, lovingly made cookies, and lush red wine.

  31. I express love and care for myself by setting aside time each morning for a mindful activity. sometimes it is a walk, sometimes it is a yoga practice, sometimes it is just a cup of tea and some meditation. And on the days that I can’t seem to make the time for it, I express love for myself by not beating myself up for missing it.

  32. I express love and care for myself by practicing walking meditation in the woods every morning with my dogs, preparing healthy meals, cultivating relationships with loved ones, daily practice of Yoga and focusing on the positive in my life to learn, grow and prosper.
    I would love to wear MIEL for my workouts or when I teach class! Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing 🙂

  33. I practice self love & care by making my own massage oil with essential oils &
    de-stressing & moisturizing my skin with daily self massage:)

  34. I try to remember what is really nourishing (going outside, eating well, breathing), instead of always giving in to what I want in the moment. Although that is important sometimes too. A large supply of dark chocolate is helpful.

  35. I express love for myself by cutting myself some slack. I try hard to take care of myself everyday, but I don’t beat myself up over sometimes missing a yoga practice or eating something bad for me, etc.

  36. My yoga practice is a major source of self-love! I also try and surround myself with little reminders of beauty, eat food that nourishes me (and that I love), do a little psychic cleansing in the shower every night, and tell my family as often as I can how much I love them.

  37. There is nothing like a “lights and sirens” 9-1-1 girlfriend call, where they listen, hear, and emote. Also, we cannot dismiss the value of a pedicure and a new lipstick color to wear! 34c, medium bottoms, yes, that’s me! Lets meet, and go to the beach for a walk n squalk! Big Love! Rock your Namaste!

  38. I express love and care for myself by making sure to know when to indulge with yummy dark chocolate or when I wake to stretch into my morning practice of yoga. Even if the practice causes me to be a few minutes late because I know I move through my day more lovingly. 🙂 Hope everyone had a great Valentines Weekend! <3

  39. Homemade Rose Saffron Chai before tucking in with a pre-dawn meditation on the Divine Mother … in me and as me. Om.

  40. thanks for entering, everyone! the giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.

  41. When I feel like giving up because I have been pushed to my limits I breathe, dig deeper and no matter the outcome hold myself in acceptance… like when the deadline for a contest passes but I reply anyways because I know deep in my root Chakra that red underwear I can hop to handstand in is exactly what I need.

    • if i hadn’t already picked a winner, you would be the winner for this awesome comment.