giveaway: jewels of saraswati bracelet or e-course

giveaway: jewels of saraswati bracelet or e-course

We are long overdue for a giveaway! IAYB is excited to collaborate with beloved sponsor, Jewels of Saraswati, for an early autumn lovefest.

As we all know, JoS makes the most beautiful malas and yoga-inspired jewelry. Her custom-designed jewelry “is intended to energize, uplift and inspire you on your personal journey.” Plus, her pieces are pretty!

What you may not know, however, is that JoS also offers wonderful online instructional journeys on how to get the most out of your mala.

We have up for grabs: one Oracle Wrap Bracelet (valued at $39) for one lucky IAYB reader, and a bonus prize of an online Mala Workshop (valued at $29)!

ENTER one of three ways by 8pm EST on Friday, October 10, 2014:

1) Leave a comment below** and tell us if you have ever used a mala as part of your yoga practice.
2) Send out a Tweet, tagging @itsallyoga_baby and @saraswatijewels
3) Like the IAYB posts on Facebook ( and or Instagram

TWO names will be drawn at random from the mentioned platforms and notified.

**Please note that email addresses of commenters will be added to the IAYB and Jewels of Saraswati mailing lists. If you’d rather not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.


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  1. Beautiful piece!

  2. I have a beautiful Equilibrium Mala with a jasper guru stone, that I wear to my yoga classes. However I do not practice with it. It sits beside my mat while I practice and for meditation I have it on. It’s a very dear piece to me and sits in my alter when it’s not on. Right now is sitting on my window cell, and it has been sitting there since last night to absorb all the beautiful and powerful energies of the Full moon and the lunar eclipse.

  3. I’ve never used a mala because I don’t have one! Would love the workshop

  4. malas are such a lovely component of my movement as medicine practice! love to integrate them, but I always end up gifting them away so I have none at present 🙂

  5. I use Mala beads in my meditation practice.

    Both of mine are from Jewels of Saraswati and I couldn’t be happier with them!

  6. I have not yet used a mala as part of my yoga practice. However, I really want to try to begin using one, especially since I’ve returned to my Christian spiritual practice and embarked on a 200-hour yoga teacher training. I love how prayer/meditation beads are a a tradition across so many cultures.

  7. I’ve never used a mala because I don’t have one!

  8. I don’t use mala beads but have often thought about starting. I regularly drool over JOS items. :

  9. I have experimented with malas for meditation practice but often use mine as “worry beads” (instead of a worry stone) to keep my hands busy.

  10. I haven’t used malas before, but would love to try.

  11. I learned about Mala use in my yoga training but I do not have one to use. Would love one!

  12. I have used beads in meditation, but never a mala as part of my yoga practice. Would love to give it a whirl. Thanks IAYB! 🙂

  13. I just received a beautiful mala made by JOS and am about to use it to start a meditation practice!

  14. I would love to learn more about malas!

  15. This is a very beautiful and unique piece.

  16. I have a collection of malas – of various stones and seeds that hold different energies. I like to rotate through them while meditating. The simplest one is sandalwood – given to me by my guru and feels the most powerful and comforting.

  17. I have never used mala as part of my yoga but I have considered it!