giveaway! heart chakra pendant from jewels of saraswati

giveaway! heart chakra pendant from jewels of saraswati

IAYB is excited to welcome new sponsor, Jewels of Saraswati! I’ve been secretly crushing on their handmade yoga-inspired jewelry for a while now, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

To celebrate the start of this beautiful collaboration, we have a special giveaway for beloved IAYB readers. We have ONE eco-friendly Anahata (heart chakra) pendant, made-to-order from recycled sterling silver.

The heart chakra is the root of many aspects of love: Universal love, self-love, even romantic love.  Anahata is the very center of the chakra system and translates as “unstruck” or “unhurt.” This can be a wonderful gift to foster love for the self, to celebrate the anniversary of lovers or to inspire compassion for the world around us.

To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question: How do you express love for yourself or others?

Leave a comment below before 5pm EST Friday, August 30. One name will be drawn and notified by email.

Please note that all the email addresses of all entries will be added to the IAYB weekly mailing list. If you’d prefer to not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.

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  1. The necklace is beautiful. I express love for myself and others by trying to practice forgiveness. And with lots of hugs and kisses and cookies.

  2. By always seeking to forgive those who I felt have hurt me and forgiving myself for being hurt by them: By giving to others, I give to myself.

  3. i show love by being present and leaving distracting phones, emails, laundry…..

  4. ouu gorgeous! I LOVE that it is recycled silver. 🙂

    I express love to myself through prioritizing time for my yoga practice and love for others through being mindful to express my gratitude and appreciation in words and gestures while striving to not take friendship and love for granted.

  5. I like to serve people.
    Help them (when they want it).
    Give my time to them (when they need it).

    I love myself enough to make time for the things that I enjoy that serve me, like yoga.

  6. I express love for myself and others by allowing everyone to be just as he or she is…our true, simple, raw, harsh, vulnerable, sweet, bitter , lovely, sweet, flawed selves. It helps to remind yourself of the wisdom passed on by Amy Weintraub: “Every time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.”

  7. I express love for myself and others by opening my heart and letting the light radiate in all directions…

  8. From the moment you launched this pendant, I have been in love with it. As a Reiki Master, I feel connected to the Heart Chakra every day. Pick me ! Please ? XO

  9. I show love to others with compassion and kindness.

  10. Simply loving….

  11. To express Love to myself – I “retreat” – This past month – I have taken off from my yoga teaching – and spent the month – staying at home – taking long detox baths, long walks, lots of meditation, being by myself “reflecting” on my life – I am a caregiver for my 84 year old mother – helping my Dad – giving back the Love they have given to me over the years – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Deepak/Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge has been a huge help to me this past month regarding Love and relationships. We ALL are expressions of LOVE.

  12. I express love by making time – for myself and for others.

  13. I show others love by speaking to them truthfully- whether that is a compliment or genuine conversation or advice. I show myself love by communicating my truth with those I care for and by eating healthy foods and working for a better future for myself and my family.

  14. Love for myself- doing yoga, spending time with my pup. Love for others- helping, teaching, whatever else I can!! <3

  15. I express love to others and myself by being present, open and trying not to pass judgment

  16. I express love by being as authentic as I can, warts and all. By allowing myself to be exactly who I am I allow the people I love and those who come into my life, to do the same.

  17. I express my love through service – teaching yoga, giving time, offering a listening ear.

  18. I express love for others by teaching yoga with an open heart and an open mind.
    I express love for others by creating a safe place for all to be who they really are, boundless and free. I express love for others by treating them and myself with mercy and care.

  19. What a beautiful necklace! I express love by being present with my family and friends. I cook myself and my family healthy, yummy food. I practice yoga and try to live a life full of gratitude. I teach yoga to kids, ages 2-8, and teach them love of themselves and others. 🙂

  20. I express love to myself by making time to meditate and quiet the mind. When it comes to others I express love with actions, I show up to their events, support their causes, give them compliments ect. Just this past weekend I made my saturday all about others, I went to support a friend’s fund raiser for her son who has Sarcoma (bone cancer) later I went to another friend’s first book signing for her book “Myles of life within me” which is a book she wrote about her journey dealing with the loss of a child. It felt amazing just to be present because I know that me showing up and donating some of my time and money meant so much more to them.

  21. This piece is beautiful. I think it would bring out the essence of its wearer. I’d like that to be me–sometimes my essence needs a little help. 😉

    • Ah, and how do I express my love for others? I give them my time and my attention. I try as best as I can to listen without judgement and to offer opinion only when it is asked for. I try to be there, to BE THERE, present and with an open heart.

  22. I have a secret crush on this line too! I express love for myself and others by trying to see myself in others…the good and the not-so-wonderful. When we recognize that we are all just little sections of a whole, it is so much easier to treat others, and especially ourselves, with compassion and love. In my head, I call this the “tangerene effect!”

  23. I express love for myself by trying to go easy on myself, letting go of self-judgment and criticism, and trying to be my best self…I express love for others by giving them my open-hearted attention and responding to them with compassion and empathy.

  24. Today, I express love for myself with long pauses, a walk in the woods with my furry companion, jack. Daily sacred seconds to see what my heart wants to express itself as today, and how I honor this part of myself in the greatest form.

  25. One day when I was being hard on myself, my dear friend said to me, “Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.” This was great food for thought; I do struggle with self-love. I nodded; I will try. I am always working to balance the heart chakra! And I love Saraswati’s beautiful work… How could you not???

  26. By listening, really, not judging, smiling, forgiving, encouraging…sometimes it’s harder to do it for myself.

    Gorgeous pendant!

  27. I’ve read a mantra that says that “every human interaction I experience is either love or a call for love,” so I try to always reciprocate the love others show and hear past hurtful things people sometimes say to find out what they need. For myself, I try to accept the past as past and seek opportunities to better the world with what I have and what I’ve learned, instead of lingering on things I cannot change or things that bring nothing positive to my life.

    Kudos to Lauren for bringing me to your site! Giveaways are cool, but more often than not I get more than enough from visiting a new place on the ‘net that aligns with my interests and values. Namaste!

  28. I express love for myself by giving myself guilt-free “me time”!

  29. Beautiful necklace! 🙂 I express love for myself by beig consitent with my yoga and meditation practice. So I am more present and actually choose how I react to all different situations/ lessons that happen throughout the day. I express my love to others through humor and giving compliments that bring a smile to their face.

  30. Oh how I love this Anahata pendant! I love all of JOS’s work but I especially love her new Anahata collection. How do I express love for myself.. my Bapuji once said “The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgement”. I feel I am truly expressing love for myself when I am fully able to practice this.. it’s not easy but I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth and increase in self-love through this practice. Namastè and thank you, kajal

  31. At “work” I express love by teaching yoga, engaging with my students and tucking them in at savasana so they feel safe and cozy. At home – usually by making up a delicious from-scratch meal. 🙂

  32. There’s only one way to express love in today’s unforgiving, crazy, insane world…forgiveness for myself and others. I’ve learned that just this year. Life is so much better when we can forgive ourselves for the things we think we did, or should have done and did not…said or did not say. And, the same goes for those we love. Namaste, y’all!

  33. That necklace is absolutely beautiful. I express love for others by working in a field where love is not usually expressed but by trying to reach out to everyone through humane actions and gestures. Sometimes that is simply saying, “I understand.” Sometimes it is standing up in court making an argument for my client when no one else seems to be listening. It just depends on the day, but I do my best to connect with everyone I can.

  34. I express love to myself by not denyimg myself what is good for me like my yoga and meditation practice. Also for accepting my imperfections. I find it easier to do that for others.

  35. Beautiful. I believe the best way to practice love is acceptance and not judging. Self and others. I find it easy to do for others, but not so easy to do for self!

  36. I express love to others by being there for them, thru their happiness and/or thru their sadness whatever the reason may be.

  37. I love myself by honoring the woman I am and in that ability to love myself I am able to give love in ways that I never thought was possible. I am grateful for all the love that God has given to me.

  38. I express love for others by loving myself. Spending time with my favorite crystals through meditation and sharing crystal healing with whomever allows me through words, healing sessions and creating craft peices incorporation loving vibrations. And most of all, I spread love by being the best I can be and being an example of love.

  39. I express love to myself by treating myself to a pedicure 🙂 And, by being grateful and present to all that comes my way…

  40. It is easier for me to express to others how much I love and appreciate them. I love to cuddle with my little one (even though soon he will be too big to cuddle with). It seems so much easier to tell my husband or son how much I love them or to even tell a friend how much they mean to me. It makes me happy to do little things that make others happy. But telling myself how much I love me, that’s trickier. Expressing love for myself is still a work in progress. It is a journey I am on with myself and the destination will be beautiful.

  41. By always spreading good karma in even both the good times and the bad, inspiring others to find the beauty in life and by being one with nature and being a friend to all.

  42. I express love for others by being grateful for their presence and acknowledging that each moment is a gift and a lesson. I express love for myself by practicing forgiveness and practicing the things I love.
    I’ve been a fan of JofS for a while 🙂 Love the Anahata line.

  43. I express my love for myself and for others by trying to always act with a sense of gratitude for the “something” out there that is greater than us all, leading us all on our own life’s journey…wherever that may be. <3

  44. gorgeous! I express love for myself and others by letting things go… i’m always telling everyone (sometimes it’s harder for myself!) “no worries”. I don’t believe in dwelling in the past… live and love in the moment!

  45. thanks for commenting, everyone! the giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified. stay tuned for the next IAYB giveaway!