giveaway! eco-friendly yoga clothing from soul flower

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Are you tired of yoga wear that is see-through, overpriced and unethical?

IAYB sponsor Soul Flower is the answer to your yoga wear woes! And I have some great gear to give away to three lucky IAYB readers. The Namaste Yoga Pants are 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled plastic, and coloured with low-impact dyes. The Painted Elephant Tank Top is completely organic and also made with low-impact dyes. And the Walkin’ on Sunshine Hoody is a cotton/recycled plastic blend and made with fair labour practices.

HOW TO ENTER: comment below, telling us why you care about where  your yoga apparel comes from & how it’s made.* Contest closes at 5pm EST on Friday, April 12 and three names will be drawn at random. (Each person will choose one of the three items.)

soulflower_squareSoul Flower is a Minnesota-based online boutique with transparent eco practices (not transparent pants!) – in addition to selling eco-friendly, fair trade products, they also offset their climate footprint, have a certified green office and donate money to environmental organizations. Check out their online catalogue for their whole product line.

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  1. As a yoga practitioner and a kids yoga teacher, I do my best to practice ahimsa. The fact that Soul Flower apparel supports this practice by making eco-friendly clothing is a huge plus for me. The fact that the brand makes great, comfortable clothing that not only looks good but also does good, is amazing.

    Thank you Roseanne and Soul Flower for offering this contest to us and for spreading the news about this brand.

    Namaste. Judie

  2. how lovely, would so much love to win on of these and wear them in austria and show my yoga friends how beautiful it is.

    xxx a.

  3. It’s important to me to know where and how my yoga clothing is made because as part of my yoga I try to practice ahimsa. Non-violence is not only canonical pacifism but being non-violent in my thoughts, my words, and my everyday actions. Purchasing organic food and clothes is a way to be respectful to our earth, our bodies, and to sustain practices that will not harm the environment or the people of the world.

  4. Why I care about where my yoga clothes come from and how they are made: Don’t want to flash my bits in down dog;)

  5. I like to know where my clothing comes from and that it was made in an ethical way. It is a true challenge to find affordable clothing that meet this criteria. What a treasure to discover Soul Flower. Thanks IAYB!

  6. As a yoga teacher, yoga student and yoga mom, the messages I share are to live thoughtfully and sustainably. I am merely borrowing space on this Earth for the time that I am here, so it seems only appropriate that even clothing choices leave as little impact as possible.

    BTW, loved the “non-transparent pants” comment! These items are just lovely!

  7. Writing this response brings to mind the yamas – ahimsa and brahmacharya in particular. An attitude of non-violence and non-excess are important in all aspects of my life. These both manifest themselves in my life and in my home, but nowhere quite like they do with my yoga practice – including clothing.

    I try my best to save the little that I have as a graduate student and make investments in my yoga clothes, buying good quality, eco-friendly clothing in smaller numbers to help bring the yamas to light. I’m glad to discover another company that truly aligns with my principles!

  8. We have been so broke this year that my yoga clothes have come from clothing exchanges. Recycled is ethical, right? I would love to know that the comfy clothes I wear are coming from a good place with the people who make them treated well.

  9. My yoga practice goes beyong my mat and the physical benefits I gain. I take yoga off my mat with my everyday actions: whether it is by eating foods that respect my body and those who grew it or by chosing to boycott clothing companies that engage in the exploitation of others. My yoga practice is a tool for healing, but more importantly a political and social act and this is why I support clothing which empowers and supports people and the environment we live in.

  10. I am trying to be more aware of my purchases and how I impact others, in all I do.

  11. With anything I consume I want to make sure it is being produced in an ethical, environmentally sustainable way. My yoga gear is no exception. I love to know that while I am working on my inner bliss I can be confident that my apparel didn’t contribute to suffering for any other beings.

  12. I always like the places like this (organic, fairtrade, etc.) and have checked that sort of retailer out a lot but sadly I rarely find they offer Men’s clothing in my size. Women’s stuff seems to be the big part of the market – so us men who’d support it are often left out in the cold.

    I guess we just need to encourage more men to buy them so they’d expand the range of men’s clothing and sizes. 😉

  13. I think that yoga (like everything else) can be a social and political act. Its important to me that all parts of my practice (including what I wear) reflect my values of social and environmental justice.

  14. I care about where my yoga clothing comes from because I care about my body, mind, and soul–and the world I leave behind. I believe in reducing our negative impact on the world and supporting a diet and lifestyle rooted in natural sources: organic and local. Sustainable clothing sources and diet are very important to me! When I practice yoga, I definitely sweat so what my clothing is made of is important. I don’t want any fluorescent dyes leaching or soaking into my skin! These clothes look wonderful!

  15. I would like to know where and how all of my clothes are made. I’d like to know that noone had to suffer for the clothes that i wear. it’s also important for me to know that my clothes aren’t dyed with harmful things especially since i work out and sweat in them. These clothes look amazing!

  16. i’ve always been a huge supporter of anything organic! I think that doing yoga is one of the purest forms of exercise. you don’t need much to practice it and i want my clothing to reflect that.

  17. I care about where my apparel comes from as well as how it is made because I am a human rights activist who is extremely passionate about ending slavery, world-wide. Many materials are farmed by people who are enslaved, and are often times children. Not only is this a human rights issue, but it is an environmental issue as well. As a vegan who only eats organic, non-gmo and fair trade foods, it is important to me to know that I am leaving the planet in better condition than I found it!

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  18. That’s the only earth we have, I want to keep it a wonderful place for my children and the future generations in general. I’m really against the arrogance that most people who don’t take steps to help the environment show and I do my best to go the extra mile for doing my part and theirs because it’s important we do it. It’s not just about my yoga clothes, I buy vintage and second hand a lot to try to reduce as much as possible the amount of things produced for me. It just comes as natural to expect clothes to wear doing something that makes me feel good about myself comes from sources that agree with my conscience.

  19. Quality yoga clothing made with eco-friendly materials is really important because I want to be comfortable, physically and mentally, while practicing yoga. Knowing that the clothes I am wearing when I am most self-aware makes me feel good and more connected to the universe.

  20. Eco-friendly clothing aligns with the path of yoga…whether it’s yoga clothing or real world clothing.

  21. More and more I have been trying to buy things that are locally made. It makes sense and makes me feel bettee about spending the money. And love that you’re a Minnesota based company. That’s where I’m from originally. 🙂

  22. I care about my yoga apparel and most clothes because of how many hands and homes they touch – a lot of interdependency to get items to me and I want those people to have decent qualities of life. I currently get a lot of yoga gear from be present with their sustainability and fair wage practices, I am curious about Soul Flower now.

  23. I think it is important that the clothing we purchase is made with ethics in mind. It is important for the clothing not to be outsourced from another country, made by people who get paid far less than they should just so we can buy the clothing for a cheaper price. If clothing is something that is purchased new, and not used, it is best that the fabric is recycled and made from organic plants. It is wasteful and inefficient to create clothing out of new materials, and it is harmful to other countries economies, and ours as well, to outsource jobs. If possible, it is good to support local companies. These factors are most beneficial for the environment and stimulate the economy in a positive way. Everything you do has an impact on the world and it is your choice to create a positive or negative impact.

  24. I want to buy clothing that is well made and also produced ethically. I think it is also good to buy somewhat locally if possible. I also love the idea of having comfortable clothing that looks good… Without being see through! 😉

  25. What good is enlightenment when you’re cloaked in oppression?

  26. Why I care about where my yoga clothes come from and how they are made: because ethical purchases are important to me in any area of my life, but even more so when it comes to yoga clothing. I will definitely look up Soul Flower. Thank you for this opportunity.

  27. I care about how my yoga clothes because I want to support ethical practices~ this applies to all aspects of consuming. Thank you for the beautiful giveaway 🙂

  28. I care where it’s made because no one needs to suffer or be exploited just so I can have a cute top.

  29. Cute stuff! Personally, I’m kind of tired of being a sheep and just doing what the masses are doing. I checked out One Tooth at the yoga conference in Toronto. How refreshing to find an independent company and well-made yoga gear OTHER than Lulu-you-know-who.

  30. The more you practice yoga the more you develop an awareness. Eventually it only seems natural to want to live in a way that is kind to the environment and the other creatures that share the planet with you. Including my yoga gear in my kind lifestyle is exactly what I want to do too!

  31. I care because people should not have to suffer for me.

  32. I care, simply because I’m an ethical person.

  33. I care because all people should be treated well.

  34. Being a yogi translates to all areas of life, not just practicing asanas. I care about the environment and how the people who make my clothing are treated.

  35. Somebody’s got to start caring about this world and what happens to it…I figured I would start with me 🙂

  36. yay!!
    I want to make sure my yoga practice reflects my core values of environmentalism (oh.. and the whole concept of ahimsa).
    Yoga clothing is such a billion dollar industry and has so much waste, I feel that by changing our buying habits (ie not lulu) we could make a difference.

  37. I won’t lie- I’ve got my fair share of lululemon clothing in my drawer- that I’m becoming more and more disenchanted with. Quality if going downhill, and it makes me question the environment they’re created in. I’ve been seeking out a new yoga clothing brand and looks like this fits the bill! I love the idea of lessening my impact on the planet.

  38. Excellent response on Facebook, Patti! I’ll do the same – but I’d love to win a gorgeous piece to help show off local eco-friendly wear. A great conversation starter to help others think about where their clothing comes from; we can all help each other make stronger choices!!!

  39. Oh, and I should add – most of my clothing is second-time-around. I’m a grad student and so second-hand clothing fits my budget, and keeps it out of a landfill – something that’s really important to me. But how nice it would be to have a piece of clothing that wasn’t pre-loved for a change; not that I mind, but how decadent to slip into something fresh that still upholds my values!

  40. Where my yoga apparel comes from is important because I want to know that while I’m getting in touch with my body and relaxing my mind, I don’t have to think about how the very clothes I’m wearing may have been created with questionable practices. I want that peace of mind when I need it the most.

  41. I care about where my yoga clothes (and all my clothes) are made for a few reasons, not the least of which is that I work in an industry related to the garment industry (screen printing). I know too much not to care, if that makes sense. I want garments that are made by workers who get a fair wage in a safe workplace, fabric from farmers that have a say in their work, and synthetics from factories that don’t destroy Earth. It is really hard to be an ethical clothing consumer!

  42. I care about how my yoga clothes are made because when I practice I am trying to liberate myself~ what good are clothes made in sweat shops when I am trying to be free?

  43. what goes on is what comes off; how we inhabit is what forms our habits

  44. The idea of wearing Eco-friendly yoga wear is completely in harmony with the idea behind yoga. I am a vegetarian and an environmentalist. I don’t wear leather, suede, etc. because I believe that it causes too much wear on the Earth. I would love to win this Eco- friendly yoga wear because it fits with my philosophy of being gentle on the Earth.

  45. Love the new line from Soul Flower and their eco practices. I’m definitely going to give them a try! I also found another boutique site that carries some eco-friendly yoga clothing at decent prices as well –

    They have a pretty good selection of pants!