giveaway! creating abundance workshop

giveaway! creating abundance workshop

It’s almost sort of feeling like spring in Montreal, so let’s celebrate with a giveaway!

Beloved IAYB sponsor Jewels of Saraswati does much more than design beautiful handmade malas – she also co-creates delightful online courses with holistic therapist, Jen Mele. They’ve offered a spot in their upcoming workshop, Creating Abundance, to one lucky IAYB reader!

This exclusive online workshop begins on April 14th and includes 7 sessions of jam-packed abundance techniques and practices. With an investment of just a few minutes per day, you will enjoy the experience of an at-home retreat, meant to nurture and expand your spirit in a safe and supportive community.

TO ENTER: answer the following question before 12pm EST, Sunday April 13 ~ What is the first step towards true abundance? Leave your response in the comments section below. Please note that all email addresses will be added to IAYB and Jewels of Saraswati mailing lists. If you’d prefer to not be added, simply write OPT OUT at the end of your response. One name will be drawn at random and notified by email.

I had the pleasure of participating in the first round of the Creating Abundance workshop, and it really does deliver on its promises. It was so transformative and intense that I actually couldn’t finish it. I was conveniently disrupted by a weekend trip, and then just had a hard time jumping back onto the course (even though I could access the recordings for 30 days after the course). That’s the excuse, but the reality is that I wasn’t quite ready to fully welcome abundance into my life. This workshop is meant to ignite transformation in your life and break through self-created barriers – if you’re ready for it.


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  1. This sounds amazing! And one of my words for this year was abundance…

    The first step toward creating true abundance? Trust. Trust that you are on the path that is meant for you, trust that you have what you need.

  2. Would love the opportunity to participate!

  3. The first step to abundance is gratitude. I want to learn how me and my family can celebrate abundance.

  4. The first step towards abundance is accepting that you deserve abundance in your life. I struggle with this so much!

  5. Acknowledgement and gratitude

  6. The first step is comnecting with your spirit. When I am in tune with my inner most self, I become aware of all the love surrounding me!

  7. I’m working on not focusing on what I don’t have, on not thinking about the negative. Instead, I tune into what I have, and what I will have.

  8. Gratitude, selflessness and devotion.

  9. First step towards abundance? Realizing with gratitude ,all the amazing abundance that’s already in your life.

  10. My first step is realizing that I need to take time to figure out what is and how to take steps toward abundance.

  11. The first step towards true abundance is taking the time to be present and see that abundance is all around us every day. Practicing gratitude I think would be key. I would love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. What is the first step towards true abundance? In a culture whose constructed paradigm is Scarcity, the first step towards true abundance is to witness abundance as the true reality.

    Thank you, Roseanne & Jen. Peace.

  13. The first step towards abundance is believing you can create that which you desire in life!

  14. I think the first step towards creating abundance is becoming centered and letting go of what one no longer wants in their life. Creating space to allow abundance to flow into ones life 🙂

  15. The first step towards abundance is contentment with what you already have.

  16. To me, the first step to abundance is to stop and wait for it, feel it. Look for it. Abundance is already around you. Surrounding you in nature, holding you like a blanket. Just look for it. It’s there. For me, the first step is to slow down and allow the universe to do its thing. I love that abundance is not something you have to “do”; it’s more of a “be”…

  17. I believe the first step to creating abundance is knowing, at a soul level it’s possible for you and your divine right. If you open your heart to welcome it graciously, the heavy lifting is done!

  18. I have been working on cresting abundance for awhile now! Think the first step for me nowis asking for guidance.

  19. The first step toward abundance is believing in yourself.

  20. The first step for me is being thankful for what I have NOW. In every moment, we are so rich. We just have to open to it!! Jai!

  21. About a year ago I quit my job to fulfill my passion of teaching yoga fulltime and it has been amazing. Recently my husband was laid off from his job leaving me as the primary provider for our family of four. What I have realized that although we may be lacking finanaclly, we have the abundance of our health. And with the support from family and friends we are surviving. Everything we need comes to us exactly when we need it.

  22. I think the very first step is trusting that there will be plenty for us and we don’t need to hoard. Being generous with your love, your possessions and your time opens the channel.

  23. At a giant fork in the road of life, I need to discover these cultivation skills within me! HARI om!

  24. True abundance comes with learning to truly love, trust and believe in yourself 😉

  25. The first step towards Abundance for me is: BELIEF. I must believe, trust and focus on the intention of Gratitude. That I am deserving of, entitled of, and I totally believe Abundance is out there for me.

    I would be so honored and happy to be able to participate in this workshop. I am unable financially to do so but would be forever grateful and respect your gracious gift.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Be Well.

  26. Abundance comes when you are able to welcome it into your life. By welcoming gratitude each day for what already is, by welcoming space to allow what is to come, and by welcoming the fact that the universe wants abundance for you & it’s in your divine nature 🙂

  27. The first step towards abundance is NO EXPECTATIONS. As soon as you have no expectations, you welcome everything that comes your way as a gift of life and you never experiment disappointment. :o) OPT OUT

  28. I think there are many first steps in abundance but one good way to start is by defining what the word means to you. Thank you to everyone involved for offering this opportunity. Namaste.

  29. The first step for true abundance comes from reminding yourself gently to be here now in gratitude and generously be present to others around you. 🙂

  30. The first step to true abundance is creating space to allow the abundance in! Own it & claim it! xo

  31. The first step to true abundance is clarity: clarity of what you already have (combined with gratitude) and clarity of what you want to attract.



  32. First step? Grace. Accept with grace, gratitude and humility.

  33. thanks for commenting, everyone! the random winner has been chosen and notified.