giveaway! jewels of saraswati chakra necklace

giveaway! jewels of saraswati chakra necklace

Wouldn’t you love to be able to speak your truth with confidence and authenticity? While this is a skill that could take an entire lifetime to perfect, sometimes an external reminder can help us stick with the practice.

IAYB sponsor Jewels of Saraswati designs beautiful jewelry based on the chakra system to keep us balanced and evolving. We’re excited to offer one gorgeous Throat/Vishuddha Chakra necklace to a lucky IAYB reader.

The necklace is inspired by the Sanskrit symbol for the throat chakra. Designed by the creative force behind Jewels of Saraswati, the pendant is made from eco-friendly recycled sterling silver and comes with a sterling silver cable chain. The whole thing is packaged in a wooden box perfect for gifting (although if you win this giveaway, you’re going to want to keep it for yourself and put something else in the box).

HOW TO ENTER ~ simply answer the following skill-testing question in the comments section below: How do you speak your truth?

Comment before 5pm EST on Friday, January 24. One name will be drawn at random and the winner will be contacted by email. Please note that the email addresses of all entrants will be added to the IAYB and Jewels of Saraswati mailing lists, and they’ll a 15% off coupon for JoS products. If you’d rather not be added to the lists, write OPT OUT at the end of your comment.


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  1. That is gorgeous and I am “opting in” for the emails!

  2. What a beautiful, meaningful necklace!

  3. This is beautiful! I call my business Turquoise & Lime Yoga representing the throat (blue) and heart (green) chakras. I chose these colours because as a yoga teacher I feel it’s my responsibility to communicate clearly and truthfully and to share yoga with compassion and understanding. At home, I feel it’s also my responsibility to give my children clear, gentle and kind messages… about everything. Breathe, think, speak.

  4. Very pretty!

  5. “Speak what you mean, without BEING mean.”

  6. This necklace would serve as a beautiful reminder to speak one’s truth.

  7. I speak my truth whether in moments of happiness with a smile and lingering stare or in times of doubt by letting the tears for fears come out.

  8. I try to get closer to my authentic self, with everything I say and do. I try to get to know my “patterns” and break them if necessary.

  9. The way I see to best speak the truth is to let the words travel upwards from the heart…and also, down from the third eye/intuition center.

  10. I speak my truth always because I have learned I am being true to myself and that’s the only way. When I haven’t in the past, I have gotten physically sick. I speak my truth and find that people appreciate genuine, honest, down-to-earth people and you will be surrounded by the same.

  11. Speaking your truth – my new year’s resolution! For me this means letting go of trying to control how others see me – even of how I see myself – and to just BE ME. I’m starting to experience the magic of what that looks like, slowly, slowly. It’s harder than I thought it would be!
    I love your work, by the way. It’s beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your gifts! <3

  12. Speak from the heart with peace. Love!

  13. My goal is to speak my truth to Myself always, and to share it with others in the way and when it may be needed. I find the answers to when it is needed to share with others when I listen in to myself. I love the idea of wearing the pendant near the throat chakra, enhancing ease and grace with speaking my truth.

  14. I speak my Truth by listening first, taking a breath, and feeling the answer. Then my words come.

  15. from the heart 🙂

  16. By breathing deeply and speaking from my heart.

  17. Through actions and good works.

  18. I speak my truth by speaking from my heart and intuition. I let my words flow freely without worrying about how what I say will come across. It is my hope that by speaking and expessing my truth, others will be empowered to speak theirs. The way to the light is through the dark and it is in these places that the truth lives. Love and light beautiful souls!

  19. I speak my truth by sharing reiki with my students and my friends/clients. I’m grateful to finally realize my path.

  20. I speak my truth by listening to others and making space for them to listen to me.

  21. How do I speak my truth? Very carefully. 🙂 There are many people in my life that are not interested in MY truth. I try to be gentle yet honest. Some days I do better than others at achieving this.

  22. I call it as I see it. I am kind, I can also be stern and to the point. There are times when my speech talks around the issue. My truth also depends on my feelings inside. Over all, I try to be kind and honest. 🙂

  23. So lovely!

  24. I have learned to speak the truth but also be concern of how others feel about it. Not having a filter some times comes out the wrong way and can hurt other’s feelings. I have also learned to process the situation and wait before I reply. I love the line!!!!

  25. I speak my truth by being fearlessly authentic!

  26. The truth always comes out. So you might as well speak it! 🙂

  27. I spent so many years speaking words that people in my life wanted to hear. It wasn’t until now in my 40’s that I have learned to speak my truth. To be honest of what I feel and think. I speak from a place of love.

  28. Such a beautiful necklace! My goal this year is to speak my truth as often as possible. I hope to do this by standing up for myself more and being honest about how I feel and what I need from others.

  29. Beautiful! I speak my truth by asking myself what I am trying to achieve in a situation. It gives me time to pause and sometimes helps me change my approach to ensure I am being honest with myself and others.
    ~ Rachel

  30. I speak my truth by trying to ask myself what are my intentions. If I am trying to change another person and his/her reaction, then I know that is not my truth. I also repeat the words “abundance” and “Love” in my mind frequently…especially if I get frustrated and seem to be losing my inner peace. Ultimately, I speak my truth in my behaviors toward others.

  31. I speak my truth by leading a weekly meditation group in my community. I joyfully get to share what I have learned over the past several years through meditation practice. I use my truth to assist others to discover theirs. 🙂

  32. I speak my truth by LIVING it, BEING it, SHARING it. I live the most authentic life I possibly can. I strive to be honest, real and sincere with everyone I cross paths with. I practice what I preach as much as I can and when I fail at it, I am honest with myself without judging and punishing myself, only promising myself to do better next time. I speak my truth by and through my children and my family by being a good example so they can, in turn, be people of their word, who honor themselves and others.

  33. New year. Lots of new change. I speak the truth by keeping my senses open to possibilities.

  34. I speak my truth with love in my heart. I speak my truth on my mat and in meditation. I speak my truth through my thoughts and prayers. I speak my truth with a hug and a smile.

  35. I speak my truth by choosing to be positive and sharing that with each person I come in contact with. I choose to use kind words, smile and show others I care. I speak my truth by being authentic to myself and those around me by being honest, open minded and willing to let go of things that don’t really matter. As we all know the only constant in life is change and the only thing we really have any control over is our reaction to the situations and things in our lives. Every morning I rise, I am grateful and I do my best to use each day to love, learn and grow.

  36. I speak my truth by owning how I feel about things and speaking it aloud if it’s appropriate and won’t hurt anyone unduly!

  37. I speak my truth by knowing that in order to be my most authentic self, I must embrace and accept all the ways I feel. I strive to be full of compassion, to be a caring, thoughtful and positive person, and I practice these by means of meditation, yoga, and by spreading kind words and thoughts to those around me. Namaste. (OPT OUT)

  38. I speak my truth by trying to be my authentic self at all times. It manifests outwardly in words and actions

  39. Wow, this necklace is beautiful, as are the comments! I agree, speaking your truth is something that can take a lifetime to refine – I am certainly a work in progress! I just read an article today titled “Honesty Without Compassion is Cruelty.” That idea feeds into my feelings about speaking from one’s heart. I think the anahata (heart) chakra informs the Vishuddha chakra – they work together to inform an honest and compassionate expression. It’s a vulnerable position to take but so worthwhile and essential for meaningful connections. I also think it is interesting that it takes the self-will of the 5th chakra in order to express the refined feelings of the 4th – it takes a conscious decision to do that. And, just thinking out loud here, I see how energy from the other direction – the 6th chakra (thirdeye) informs the situation too – well, it is a chakra system!
    Thanks for the the inspiration!

  40. I love the meaning of the throat charka. I speak my truth because I’ve see too many people sugar coat everything. I crave honesty in all my relationships. I hope truth is reflected there.

  41. I speak my truth with Ahimsa in mind at all times…sometimes scary but always real…

  42. I speak the truth with every yoga class I teach. Giving space for me & others to speak and be who we are.

  43. I speak my truth by living authentically.

  44. Going inside, watching, observing my thoughts, my actions, my intentions. This helps me determine what is truly necessary to speak or say and what doesn’t really need to be spoken. Our words are so very important, they go on forever. I know this to be true because of the little things my children remember that I say, the funny things, the stern things, the loving things, the totally wrong things too. When I look at them I see me (and my husband of course:). But a Mother’s words stick like no others. If its true, if are words do truly make such an impact on another’s life than I want mine to be from the heart, always, from the root, always, from those two places the beautiful blue energy of the throat will flow. xoxo

  45. I pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and say the words that resonate from my heart. (OPT OUT)

  46. I speak my truth by not trying to be someone else,just myself!

  47. thank you for your awesome entries, everyone! the winner has been drawn and notified. stay tuned for the next IAYB giveaway!