give yoga: support the acorn fund this holiday season

Stuff, stuff, stuff! Do we really need more stuff? Do we need to give more stuff?

This holiday season, give the gift of yoga by supporting the Acorn Fund. The Toronto-based fund offers annual grants to local organizations who help share yoga with those who would otherwise be unable to access the practice. It was formed with the intention of stimulating the Toronto yoga community’s interest in sharing resources for philanthropic concerns.

The Acorn Fund, which is coordinated by the good people at Yoga Community Toronto, also “places priority on supporting projects that seek to demystify, legitimize, and naturalize yogic practice and thought in the public sphere.” This includes community health, rehabilitation, employment and transition services, and public education, among other services. Past recipients of Acorn Fund grants include the New Leaf Yoga Foundation and the Centre of Gravity Peacemakers.

Donate to the Acorn Fund here.

And do you want to give the gift that keeps giving? Consider using the Acorn Fund as a model for engaged yoga philanthropy in your own community!

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  1. Such a good idea, we really don’t need more stuff that’s just collecting dust on the shelves. The project you mention sounds great, and here’s another one I’ve just come across:

    It’s a nonprofit organisation teaching yoga to stressed out inner city kids in NY. 🙂