girls in yoga pants: fetishizing the yoga butt

It's a girl in yoga pants! (image via

In the esteemed tradition of nude yoga girls and Playboy Yoga, we now have Girls In Yoga Pants ~ a photoblog dedicated to, you guessed it, women wearing yoga pants. Most of the photos provide us with posterior views of yoga pants, thus celebrating the desirable yoga butt.

Either gleaned off the internet or submitted by readers (and girls ~ there are a lot of mirror-butt-self-portraits, as seen above), the photos fall into several categories: Big Booty, Amateur, Celebrities, Hall of Fame, In Public and Actual Yoga. According to their Facebook fan page (which has over 6000 fans), the website “was created to show appreciation for the world’s greatest trend.” Their About page claims:

Why look at just girls, when you can look at girls in yoga pants? That’s the idea behind this always funny, always sexy website. Get your backside fix, feast your eyes on the web’s best posteriors, and pay homage to the derriere. Because it beats working. Now go look at what their momma’s gave them.

Well, at least they’re wearing pants. To save y’all the hassle of looking at Girls In Yoga Pants (and if you do venture there, I urge you not to read the comments), I have curated some of the best the website has to offer, in true GIYP style, “after the jump.” Let me know what you think ~ sexist, funny, predictable, inevitable, or yawn?

40 year old butt in yoga pants (image via

From the Actual Yoga category (image via

Post-gym Katy Perry in "optical illusion" yoga pants (image via

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  1. this sucks.

    women submitting photos looking for… validation? commenters writing nasty and mean things. horrible equation and really makes me sad.

  2. Sometimes I look in the mirror and say damn! I like my butt! It’s a great feeling, but I don’t feel like this is the same thing, somehow.

  3. If it’s all voluntary, whatever, I can ignore it easily enough. But I know one of the teachers whose video is up – at least by one degree of separation, she teaches at a studio I used to teach at – and I can’t believe that she consented to being ogled at and commented on in this way. So if the site is lifting some women’s serious, beautiful practices off the web and putting it out to be leered at – which appears to be the case – obviously I have a huge problem with that.

  4. agree with emma…..

  5. I do not think they are all looking for validation. Anyone who has proceeded very far in yoga has let go of such ties to ego. Celebrating the feminine form, however, I can definitely get behind- I like it 🙂

  6. Urgh.
    It’s so funny, I get INSANE amounts of (usually inappropriate, always unsolicited) attention for my butt. I used to find it creepily flattering. Then I was just bemused.
    Now, most often, I feel a little…underestimated. Like, is that all people really see of me? My behind in yoga pants?
    And it’s not just from men. Women, complete strangers, come up to me and REMARK ON MY ASS.
    I was whingeing about it to a friend the other day and she said two very wise things:
    One: I am wasting energy fighting it. I may as well be as gracious as I can manage.
    Two: If it gets people practicing yoga, it’s all good…

    Great post!

  7. Wow. Just wow. This is sad…

  8. I couldn’t help but laugh. Although, I’d probably not laugh if my butt ended up on there 😉

  9. I’d like to comment, but this renders me speechless…

  10. Wait, why should my ‘momma’ get the credit for my yoga butt?? 😉 Although she did get me into yoga so I guess she can take a little bit of credit!

  11. Well, those of us who practice yoga recognize the many benefits to this wonderful practice: inner peace, self awareness, an ability to quiet the mind and challenge and respect the body. I guess an added benefit is the Yoga Butt. Often one must pay 100 buckaroos at Lululemon for the best yoga butt!
    I don’t find this offensive that there is the website dedicated to the yoga butt, but man it sure is silly! Seems to kind of miss the whole, um, point!!!
    Every time I wear yoga pants, my husband makes some comment about the yoga butt, without fail!

  12. If they are submitting their own photos and want them on the web, then good for them.

  13. A little off topic, I know, but I don’t understand why women who don’t enjoy being ogled at wear yoga pants in public. Comfort or privacy, you pick, don’t complain. I know it sounds insensitive… but I don’t wear my bathrobe and pajama pants in public because I don’t want to be labeled as a creep.
    What about men? Any man seen wearing comfy yoga pants would be completely ostracised by both sexes.

  14. I’m a guy who loves girls in yoga pants. Please ladies, keep wearing them.

    I think the reason a fetish has developed around them is because their popularity is a relatively new phenomenon, just like how some guys obsessed over mini skirts when they first came out.

    I’m hoping yoga pants eventually surpass jeans and all other forms of pants in popularity amongst women.

  15. Really, why is it a “yoga pant”? These stretchy fiber pants have been around for a long time, way before yoga took a turn in the 21st Century and became re-popularized and shed under some sort of new light. Lets just call them what they are: stretchy pants. Nothing has changed, our moms were wearing them to Jazzercise in the 80s and 90s. They just become branded as YOGA pants.

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