get your legs up the wall!


Did you know it’s “Legs Up the Wall Week”? Really! It’s Feb 4-10, so we’re more than halfway through (but better late than never, right?). Legs Up the Wall Week is the brainchild of David Good, a super enthusiastic yoga teacher based in Toronto. He’s starting a movement to encourage more rest and relaxation, and less striving and burnout. Join the movement by following #legsupthewall on Twitter or tagging pics of yourself in this delicious pose on Instagram.  

In this fast-paced world, everyone is working longer and harder to get a leg up. This is spilling over into our yoga practice as well. But what if taking a break is exactly what you need to live a full, rich life?

My goal this 2013 is to share this radical idea. To create gaps to have more room to be creative, daydream and be open. To take the time to recover and heal yourself so you don’t burn out, and instead shine more often. How do you do this?

Put your legs up the wall!

It’s practically revolutionary to stop and take a break. Here’s how you do it: sit with your hips against the wall and roll onto your back, taking your legs up the wall. Your seat should be pressing as close to the wall as you can. Spend 5 to 30 minutes here.

What’s going on in this pose?
– Your femur bones are dropping into your hip sockets, relaxing your psoas, the muscles that help you walk and support your lower back.
– Blood is draining out of your tired feet and legs.
– Your nervous system is getting a signal to slow down and release stress.

The list of benefits is as long as your yoga mat.
– Before bed, it soothes insomnia.
– After exercise, this pose releases of sore legs and stretches the hamstrings.
– Helps with digestion, circulation and thyroid regulation.
– Great for mild sore lower back.

Get a leg up.

Do it with your friends, loved ones. Families can get their legs up the wall. Life is not about the destination, its all about the ride. Slow down and don’t miss a thing.

Note: avoid this pose if you have glaucoma. If your toes get tingly, bend your knees, bring your feet together and slide them closer to your pelvis.

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  1. I need to do this pose today!

  2. It also helps to lower the heartrate and drains excess lymphatic fluid from the legs!! I get ironically excited over this pose! 🙂 Thank you for the article.

  3. It is also nice to walk the feet down the wall from this position to come into a squat at the wall – a great stretch for the low back and then you can walk the feet to each side while in the squat for a little twist, return to center and back up the wall! Lots of other variations as well…

  4. Hey! I really love your blog!! You have such a captivating style of writing 🙂 I can’t wait to come back and read some more

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