free yoga on the streets of portland (video)

free yoga on the streets of portland (video)

With the price of yoga classes and studio memberships, you’d think it would be easy to give away free yoga. Alas, that isn’t the case, as Portland-based health activist and comedian Daniel Flynn discovers in this charming sketch comedy video.

Flynn is also the director of Street Yoga, so he has an idea of the healing power of both yoga and laughter, as well as the importance of resiliency and mindfulness. As he writes on his blog:

I work for a non-profit that teaches yoga to challenged youth, and I teach yoga in a lockdown facility for teen boys dealing with addiction issues. These kids are experiencing very challenging lives but they love to connect through laughter, they crave it. Being myself in the moment, bringing a sense of play helps me connect with them. It also helps them to experiment and play in the challenging poses that yoga offers in a non-judgmental way. If we can laugh we can endure.

When we lighten up and laugh, at ourselves and at the wonders of the human condition, we become free. Inhibitions and insecurities fade, emotions find a voice and release.

Watch the video and allow yourself a little giggle!

  1. Haha, this Daniel Flynn guy came up with a great idea, I love people’s reactions in the video!
    In my circle of acquaintances, guys are not at all into yoga, they even consider it to be a girl kind of thing, so it’s really good to see a guy that’s into yoga. I’ll make sure to follow his blog, he seems like a cool guy.
    Thank you for sharing this, Daniel really came up with a great way to promote health care and yoga!

    • Thanks for the supportive comment Sandra. Anyway to get the word out to the people about the benefits of long deep breathing!

  2. Could I have only teleported myself to your street corner Daniel, I’d have taken minimally 20 back to back classes. Keep promoting the passion.

  3. Hey..great video…I would have sooooo participated for some free street Yoga with you. Are you on Facebook? Found “Street Yoga” on Facebook and was Portland but didn’t look like you in profile picture unless you are dark haired female now:)

  4. Hi Daniel, What is it with guy’s that think yoga is for girls? Are we not the same species anymore? Yoga is tough, especially Iyengar yoga. In my world, guy’s only seem to do yoga to get a competitive edge in their ‘other sport’. They miss the whole point of doing yoga, and therefore all the advantages it has to offer. The world would be a healthier, happier place if everyone practiced yoga. Keep up the good work Daniel, spread the word!