found yoga: strike a pose


This Child's Pose ain't for children...

I used to be fascinated by a magazine called Found, which collects and documents the random things (notes, love letters, cards, to-do lists) that people find in their every days lives. Montréal blogger, Stefan, has employed a similar concept on his blog, Strike a Pose: Yoga Meets Fashion. With a sharp eye for both fashion and yoga, he’s managed to regularly find “images from recent fashion spreads that happen to capture yoga poses.” What I find so charming about his blog is that he documents happenstance occurrences of yoga asanas, accidental yoga, unintentional yoga. Found yoga.

In what unlikely places have you found yoga? Or where has yoga found you…?


A model plays dead in a Supine Twist

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  1. This is a really incredible blog…thanks for sharing it!!

  2. I was surprised at how much commonality there is between my ten minute pre-tennis stretching routine and Yoga. They enhance each other because they have the same objective but go about it from different angles.

    Bob Weisenberg

  3. Here’s a bit of yoga in a strange place…a film of U2’s The Edge in a couple of poses. I have feeling yoga wasn’t really created in Wales though…

    • hilarious! thanks, amy ~ a perfect example of “found yoga.” i love the blackberry “welsh” yoga…

      • I got a chuckle out of that one too, and the “strict regimen of exercise every 4 to 8 weeks.” I like the dry humour!

  4. Shortly after first getting into yoga, and hating the moment a teacher told me to get into downward facing dog, I was spending Christmas with the family, and watching my three year old niece playing Twister. With no apparent effort whatsoever, she happened to be in a perfect downward facing dog…though, unlike the model doing child’s pose up there, she wasn’t wearing high heels…