fidel castro on yoga & the expanding universe

Fidel Castro in a tracksuit, espousing words of wisdom about yoga.

The yoga revolution has now been endorsed by an actual revolutionary.

Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, published a cryptic ode to yoga in his front-page editorial in the island’s state-run Granma newspaper. He wrote:

“The Yogas do things with the human body that escape our imagination. They are there, before our eyes, through images that arrive instantaneously from enormous distances, through ‘Voyage to the Unknown.'” [via Chicago Tribune]

His poetic waxing was followed by a recommendation to watch a Cuban yoga program.

Castro has been publishing regular “Reflections” in Cuban newspapers since 2006, when he stepped down from power due to a mystery illness. His previous pontifications have filled whole pages, but lately the editorials have become “short enough to tweet, and sometimes as vague and mysterious as a fortune cookie,” reports the Associated Press.

While he normally comments on global politics and world leaders, his recent succinct musings have indicated a more esoteric direction as he reflects on farming and the expanding universe. Not only the content but the length of his articles have baffled everyone who follows Cuban current events.

“They either mean nothing at all or are like reading tea leaves,” said Ted Henken, a Cuba expert and professor of Latin American studies at Baruch College in New York said. “It’s like that crazy uncle who says inscrutable things, either full of hidden meaning or full of something else.”

No word on whether Castro actually practices or studies yoga. For more Tweetable Castro, check out this random quote generator.

  1. Fidel was also very close to former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau, they became very good friends when they discovered they had the same Jesuit priest as their respective elementary school teacher. Trudeau practiced yoga for many, many years as well.

    • i knew that castro was friends with trudeau – but i didn’t know that trudeau did yoga! very cool!

  2. It is kind of amusing and it is a sufficiently out there quote to be fun. I wonder how his infamous cigar smoking would fit in a yoga lifestyle? 😉

    • i was wondering about that, too! i’m really wondering if castro practices yoga… i wouldn’t be surprised if he started doing it after his health problems started…

  3. tell em fidel! hasta siempre comadante