feature conversation: frank jude boccio ~ part 2

Welcome to part two of my conversation with Frank Jude Boccio – the dharma teacher who is so punk rock, he doesn’t even need to call himself punk rock! In the second half of our chat, Frank Jude graciously answered my pesky questions about some of my pet interests, including personal branding and making a living. This is stuff I’m trying to figure out for myself, so I find it fascinating and refreshing that Frank Jude is able to get his work out to the world without feeling the need to trademark his ideas or even have a functional website.

What does it mean to be independent and yet connected? How does personal branding contradict the “radical identity politics” of buddhadharma? How does trademarking and branding foster a “cult of personality” among some yoga and dharma teachers? Do business models and corporate structures takes away the intimacy of practice? And what about the environmental impact of the travel schedules of high profile teachers?

All this and more, in the second half of this feature conversation! And if you haven’t already, be sure to watch part one of the conversation with Frank Jude Boccio.

  1. for being the “lighter” half of two 15 min interview segments, this one had the “heavier” impact on me, but amazingly, in a very light touch sort of way 😉

    tons of neat stuff to hear talked about in this,

    “how do you remain independent yet connected…”

    “being a punk buddhist is still just another identity…”

    “branded..i would be caged by that…”

    “intellectual property is true to a degree…”

    “the practice of intimacy, for me, that’s what it’s about…i’m happy…”

    some of the above has helped me in my own interior questionings about the direction(s) i’m heading; it’s helped me correct a slight veering i was beginning to feel as being “off kilter” but hadn’t identified as such

    my favorite segment though, was a joining of an anecdote by frank re his young daughter, and his own fears – “fear based choices..when i stopped doing that my life opened up…”

    so glad i saved this til i could actually pay attention for the 15 minutes 😉

    thank you much!

  2. Great conversation. I certainly find Frank’s disinterest in “branding” to be a huge breath of fresh air. These are great issues to discuss, and learning from those who have negotiated them successfully is incredibly valuable.

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