embarrassing public display of yoga on NYC subway (via gawker.com)

“Yoga morons” on a New York City subway train get on gawker.com‘s nerves! “Isn’t their little public performance so joie de vivre and spontaneous and FUN? NO, it is not. It is dumb and obnoxious. We would rather sit on a train car full of shoe lickers than have to endure one of these.”

Oooh, sharp. But kind of true. I have to admit that I felt a little embarrassed watching this acroyoga demonstration, with accompanying giggles and homeless jokes.

How would you respond to seeing this on a crowded subway car? And what is the most embarrassing public display of yoga that you’ve seen?

Gawker.com: Yoga Morons Pose All Over NYC Subway Car, Make Homeless ‘Joke’

  1. Showing off what awesome yogis they are, generally making a nuisance of themselves in a crowded subway car, and capping it off by making fun of those less fortunate than themselves…guess maybe that’s what yoga is to them…

    • good assessment, YfC! one of the dangers of the meaning of yoga being whatever we want it to mean is that sometimes it means… this.

      • It’s true that in the most profound sense, Yoga is about everything, but in the personal sense it’s not about just any old thing that happens to be convenient and ego-inflating for us as individuals.

  2. i guess between being mugged, and mugging the yogis, i’d take the latter 😉

  3. I think it is both embarrassing and annoying, and the homeless “joke” shows a complete lack of sensitivity.

  4. What an eyeroller! Makes me sad, and like you, embarrassed for all of us who have committed to the Yogic path. Showing off isn’t what Yoga is about. And blocking people’s entrance and exit to and from the subway is not only annoying but possibly hazardous. But the homeless “joke” was most disturbing. The heart of Yoga is wisdom and compassion, not acrobatics. I know, I know, they were just having fun, but fun at others’ expense is not what Yoga is about.

  5. you can have fun and show/spread the yogic love without being idiotic. this video is not exemplary, imo.

  6. gross. and annoying. there’s a part of me that also wants to bash them for the ‘performance’ of yoga but then again, aren’t we always kinda performing our yoga whenever it’s done publicly? but the whole “will do yoga for change” is really strange and when it’s topped with a terribly insensitive joke, it’s just really not cool…

  7. I’m just distracted by the uberyogi lying on the subway floor. I wish Gawker would do some real journalism and find out how many diseases he caught.

  8. Clear the streets of the homeless and send them to Matt Giordano and Chelsey Korus workshops and classes. That should take care of the homeless problem and hopefully the yoga problem.

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