dr. bali on therapeutic yoga: an exclusive interview

I had the pleasure of talking with legendary Montreal yoga teacher, Dr. Bali, about yoga. In our conversation, he defined the growing field of therapeutic yoga as a way of understanding the technology of our body, which has the capacity to tap into our innate wisdom and healing potential. His belief, proven through decades of teaching and practice, is that the constant inner dialogue of our own minds keeps interfering with our body’s healing process. Dr. Bali also believes that yoga helps us deal with the root cause of illness: our own thoughts and emotions, which are constantly being transmitted into our bodies. As he says, yoga is a method of taming the mind and directing our attention.

Dr. Bali is the co-chair of MISTY (Montreal International Symposium of Therapeutic Yoga), which will be taking place in Montreal on October 29 & 30, 2011. The symposium aims to showcase the leaders in the therapeutic yoga field and explore creative ways of strengthening its support of traditional medicine.

At 87 years, Dr. Bali is still active, inquisitive and working hard as an advocate for yoga as a healing practice. He is the director of Yoga Bliss, a Montreal-based research and training center that he founded in 1969. He has also introduced yoga in educational centres and school boards as part of the curriculum, and he’s facilitated the integration of yoga in hospitals, corporations and community centers. Dr. Bali is well known for using yoga as a complimentary form of therapy in treating psychosomatic disorders.

  1. Very interesting. It is amazing how much our thoughts and emotions and control our health and bodies.

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