donate! help kickstart a documentary project about balinese yogi healers

Daniel McGuire, a filmmaker and yogi in Boston, MA, is working on a fascinating documentary about traditional Balinese healers, and he needs your help! The film requires $15,000 to finish up, and Daniel has launched a Kickstarter campaign to rouse up the funds.

A little more about Balian: Traditional Healers of Bali:

The film charts events in the lives of three Balinese healers, with an emphasis on a controversial healer named Mangku Pogog, who is a combination of a country doctor, Yogi, and shaman. It is a unique story, with moments of comedy and tragedy, but it doesn’t fall into a simple genre category – or at least any you might see on basic cable. [via Kickstarter]

Be sure to check out the video clip of the project, in which you’ll see Mangku Pogg’s healing tricks (including licking people) and his badass Eka Pada Sirsasana pose, done while smoking  a cigarette. In his video introduction, Daniel contextualizes the film and shares some of the background. The film looks like it will be an interesting insight into a world that many Westerners (as well as many Balinese) know little about. It also examines how Western style capitalism and consumptive habits are impacting traditional Balinese healers and spiritual culture.

Sure times are tough and financial markets are collapsing, but I chipped in $15 because I think this is a worthy project and would love to see it on the silver screen. I encourage you to contribute, too!


  1. Thanks for the support!