diversity in yoga: chelsea jackson & dianne bondy conversation

Dianne Bondy & Chelsea Jackson.

Dianne Bondy & Chelsea Jackson.

In this excellent Skype interview, two of the biggest cheerleaders for increased diversity in the yoga community, Dianne Bondy and Chelsea Jackson, talk about the many complex issues surrounding the subject. Bondy, a yoga teacher based in Windsor, Ontario, invited Jackson, yoga teacher and founder of Chelsea Loves Yoga, to be on her latest podcast guest.

This dynamic exchange covers some of the issues surrounding diversity across cultures, communities, genders, races, and more. As Jackson commented on her Facebook page, “It is not always a comfortable conversation, but I think yogis are the best ones to start them!”


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  1. Love these two & Roseanne many thanks to you again for being bold enough to champion for diversity on your site!

  2. I really enjoyed this conversation. A lot of nice insights brought up by Chelsea. Definitely worth watching. Thanks 🙂

  3. Always an important conversation. Thanks for sharing the interview! And thanks Dianne and Chelsea!