dharma desk: supportive & sustainable sitting (sponsor spotlight)

Dharma Desk creator Carla Wainwright in action.

How much time do you spend hunched over your computer? How often do you find yourself at the end of the day with an aching back, tight neck, hunched shoulders, sore wrists?

Like many of us who work at desks all day, yoga teacher and homeopath Carla Wainwright wanted to find an ergonomic and comfortable solution. She teamed up with her woodworker husband and designed the Dharma Desk, an adjustable and portable desk that promotes good posture and a more flexible body.

If you’re not quite ready to make the leap to a stand-up desk, sitting cross-legged on the floor is the next best thing. By sitting on a prop (like a cushion or blanket), tight hips and lower backs are encouraged to release and open. This posture also strengthens the lumbar region, reducing back pain and discomfort.

The low-to-the-ground Dharma Desk is especially designed for comfortable cross-legged sitting. Not only is the Dharma Desk good for our physical bodies – it’s 100% Canadian-made and completely sustainable. The desks are produced in northern British Columbia (Prince George, to be exact) with locally harvested FSC-certified Baltic birch plywood, which is known for its strength, hardness and resistance to damage.

Another thing that sets the Dharma Desk apart from mass-produced office furniture is the attention to detail: each desk comes with little cloth bags to hold the extra parts and a local-made carrying strap (the desk can be dismantled and easily carried around). It’s available with one of three designs – Buddha, tree or lotus – hand-etched into the top and sides.

The word dharma is literally defined as “that which upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe.” With the Dharma Desk, you can support and maintain the regulatory order of your own body. Just be sure to take breaks to stand up, stretch and breathe throughout the day.

Note: Dharma Desk is an IAYB sponsor and client.