democratizing wellness: bhaskar goswami on daana

‘Daana’ is a sanskrit word meaning ‘generosity.’ It’s also the foundation for a new way of accessing yoga and wellness practices.

Bhaskar Goswami is the co-founder of daana, a project which provides by-donation wellness activities in spaces that are offered by people in their own communities. In this interview, he tells us about daana’s vision and the crowdfunding campaign to take this project to a global level.

In short, daana is the uber of yoga and wellness. The non-profit organization will operate through a website and app where people can find classes held in donated public and private spaces (homes, community centres, schools) in their neighbourhood.

Currently, daana is a pilot project in Montreal that has been running 22 weekly classes for the past six months and communicating information in old school ways (e.g., paper flyers!). The plan is to build an app and spread the word through technology to expand to other locations around the world.

Learn more about the daana project and contribute.

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