david bowie children’s book: space oddity (awesome)

Just what the world has been needing: an illustrated children’s book of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity“! Andrew Kolb was genius enough to realize that the narrative arc of the David Bowie space rock classic translated nicely into a children’s story. Sure, it’s a sad story, but so are many children’s stories! It’s a prophetic lesson about the thrills and dangers of space travel. Or, if you prefer, a fitting metaphor for the human ability to expand beyond our limitations and reach other states of consciousness.

Not only did Andrew Kolb put the time and effort into creating this book, but he’s made it available as a free download (PDF 13.3 MB)!

  1. Hmmmm…I’ve always seen the song as less about the dangers of space travel than someone so profoundly alienated that, having arrived in outer space, he intentionally cuts off contact with the rest of humanity, and is left to luxuriate in aloneness, free at last…which, admittedly, might owe something to the fact that I was a profoundly alienated teenager, myself, when I first heard it. Then, profound alienation is a pretty major preoccupation of Bowie’s early years, and what made me love him so much–he made weirdness cool–the message I got from him, essentially “if the other kids don’t like you because you’re too weird, it’s because you’re just too fucking cool for lameasses like them to understand you” (and, as it turned out, he was right…).

    • that’s a good interpretation of the song, YfC. you have clearly given this more thought than i have!