crowdfunding community: support donation-based yoga in vancouver

crowdfunding community: support donation-based yoga in vancouver


Back in the old days, if you wanted to start a community project, you had to get a bank loan or a second job or have a trust fund. But it’s 2013 and things are different now.

Community Yoga Vancouver, a crew of enterprising and community-loving yogis, is crowdfunding the cash to open an accessible, by-donation yoga space. As they describe the project on their Indiegogo page:

Community Yoga Vancouver is creating a brand new way to run a yoga studio. We are not a for-profit business, but we are also not a charity model. We’ve eliminated the owners and the massive overhead of most studios to cut our costs and make the primary financial exchange of our project be between students and teachers. At our studio no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

Our schedule will be different from most studios. While it will provide regular flow, vinyasa, hatha, yin and restorative classes it will also provide safer-space classes for people who don’t usually feel comfortable in yoga studios. These classes will include several queer classes, classes for people with fat bodies, ESL classes and classes for people of colour. We are always looking for more teachers to join our collective and expand our schedule.

They hope to raise $7,500 in their campaign, which will go towards paying the damage deposit, the first few month’s rent and insurance; making the space fully accessible; purchasing a sound system; and decorating the space. They aim to open the studio by November 2013.

There are lots of great perks for donors, including zines, class passes and workshops. Supporting Community Yoga Vancouver is supporting community yoga everywhere. It’s supporting creativity, collaboration and new models of yoga business. Let’s hope that Community Yoga Vancouver inspires similar projects in cities all over North America.

Check out Community Yoga Vancouver’s good work in this sweet video:

  1. Will they be opening up a branch here in New York City any time soon?

    Sounds like it could beat the pants off Yoga to the People, hands-down … 🙂

  2. BeachYoga, in Long Beach, NY, is a community-based yoga class that has been a fixture on the summer beach for the past 7 years. We meet by the water at Lindell Blvd from 8-9am every Sunday, beginning when the weather cooperates late spring until the chill of autumn forces us indoors in sept. or oct. The class is open to all: all genders, ages, experience-levels, colors, etc. There is no fee involved; if people wish to make a donation a sand-bucket is left out for that purpose. Any and all monies collected are given to a local charity at the end of each season.

    Long Beach is easily accessible from NYC…a 40 minute LIRR ride, or by taking the A to Far Rockaway, then the Q33 bus to Long Beach.

    The website will be going live soon, as will a plea for crowd-funding to take BeachYoga indoors during the off season. Yoga Palms studio (830 W. Beech St, Long Beach) is donating space to us now. However, like many businesses here, she is struggling to keep her own head above the still rising tides of the effects of Sandy. BeachYoga and Yoga Palms Long Beach are working hand in hand to bring yoga to all, especially those of us who do not have the ‘perfect’ yoga body, have health issues, are of age, etc.

    Feel free to contact me! Pamela…