compressing time & space with yoga


What happens if you take an hour-long yoga practice and speed it up twelve times?

Designer, publisher and yogi Jake Laub found out by experimenting with a video time lapse. He compressed Aarona Pichinson’s 60 minute practice into a mere five minutes. These are his observations:

1. Her body moves like a wave. We talk about this a lot in yoga, but you see it clearly here.
2. Her breathing is so much more noticeable at high speed – everything from the pumping of the belly to the slight expansion of the shoulder girdle with each breath.
3. When she holds a pose for more than a few breaths everything just seems to stop and return to normal for a moment… before moving furiously on.

What jumps out at you?

  1. that is crazy – beautiful crazy.

  2. yep- definitely the breathing. it’s the one constant in all the postures. also- it’s fabulous to obviously see breathing from the diaphragm and not upper chest.
    however, since we match our breathing patterns to our conversation partner, and to some extent whom we’re watching, I was left feeling a bit out of breath watching this lol.

    and… it was interesting to note all her hyper extension- especially in downdog. it’s much less noticeable in real time, but we often ‘sink in’ extra low into down dog.

  3. the pauses… those brief moments when she became totally still… and then emerged with continued strength and focus – so beautiful and REAL