colin stetson talks yoga, music & discipline

Festival International de Jazz de MontréalA couple of weeks ago, I pulled a quote from an interview with saxophonist Colin Stetson and posted it on IAYB. Shortly afterwards, his publicist emailed me and offered to set up an interview so I could hear more about his “yoga regime.” I agreed, since I’m always interested when yoga shows up in unlikely places. Best known as a bass saxophonist, Stetson uses a circular breathing technique that allows a continuous tone. Pranayama helps keep his lung capacity in top form, and his asana practice prepares his body for the physical rigors of holding a massive instrument.

Stetson took a break from his drive between Montreal and a cabin in Vermont to talk to me about how his yoga and meditation practice has developed, the ways that yoga helps him access his creativity, and how discipline doesn’t always have to be a struggle. Listen to our conversation below – then go listen to Stetson’s mesmerizing and unsettling music. Actually, listen to the music first, then the interview. Or just skip the interview entirely and listen to his music. Better yet, go see him live at one his upcoming tour dates.

  1. Thanks for posting this! I did go to see him last week and it was AMAZING!