chopra yoga center opens, makes vancouver new epicentre for industrialized yoga

The exterior of the new Chopra Yoga Center in downtown Vancouver.

Not content with simply writing books, making iPhone apps, creating video games, tweeting like a madman, and teaming up with Tara Stiles for yoga DVDs, Deepak Chopra has unveiled his latest project for yoga world domination: the Chopra Yoga Center, which opens today in Vancouver, BC.

The 8,000 square foot facility makes Vancouver the first location in what appears to be a new chain of yoga centres set for North America. With 75 classes per week (including a whole rang of yoga styles, pilates, meditation, barre and “Cho Fit,” whatever that is), the centre also boasts “two yoga rooms, upscale motif, luxurious amenities and an infrared sauna to die for.”

“We’re excited to bring Chopra Yoga to Vancouver, a city that is emerging as a world class center for yoga,” said Deepak Chopra in the official press release. “In our beautiful new studios, both beginners and advanced yogis will have an opportunity to explore the deepest principles of yoga and conscious living.” In an appropriately upscale setting, of course.

Vancouver is better known as the birthplace of lululemon (whose recently resigned founder, Chip Wilson, also apparently owns one of the most expensive homes in the city). It has also been named the third worst-dressed city in the world because of Vancouverites penchant for yoga pants.

  1. Yoga’s ending up just like rock n’ roll, which was great until Rush, Bachmann-Turner Overdrive, and the Barenaked Ladies got their beer-swillin’, hockey lovin’ hands on it. You Canadians just ruin everything…

    • haha, umm… blame canada! but i think you americans did more damage to rock n’ roll and yoga than us.

    • I think you should stick to yoga cause you don’t seem to know much about music but you do excel at cynicism 😉

  2. where’s Fiddy?

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