cat yoga with feline experts: the best cat + yoga video ever


Jeffrey Bussolini conducting research at the Center for Feline Studies.

One of the internet’s greatest gifts is cat videos. I could spend hours watching cat videos and marveling at what amazing creatures cats are. So can millions of other people, which is why there is such a crazy amount of cat videos on YouTube. Cat yoga videos are pretty great, too. decided to study why cats on the internet are so addictive for a recent episode of My Life Online. The video is called “Cat Yoga with Feline Experts,” but really it’s about feline experts, cats on the internet and the concept of cute, although cat yoga does play a strong role.

Jeffrey Bussolini, owner of the Center for Feline Studies, explains his research work which includes “systematically looking at yoga with cats” and creating an “intersubject communicative experience” with them. As well, Vice writer Amy Kellner, creator of The Cute Show, tells us why there’s so much cute on the internet.

Cat Yoga with Feline Experts” is more than just a cat yoga video – it’s a charming cultural picture of the internet’s obsession with cats and an appreciation of all things cute. Especially cats.

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  1. Cats are great to have around… they can even teach us Yoga! 🙂

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