boston heals: yogahope teachers respond to trauma in their city

Boston-Marathon-bombings-tips-calming-kids_full_600In the wake of last week’s Boston Marathon bombing and manhunt is a city in need of healing.

yogaHOPE, a Boston-based nonprofit organization dedicated to offering yoga as a source of healing from traumatic events, is responding to the need.

“So many of you have reached out to me with sadness, anger and confusion, inability to sleep, plagued by nightmares and spontaneous crying fits,” yogaHOPE founder Suzanne Jones wrote in an April 23 newsletter. “These are the symptoms of traumatic stress. It is important that you understand that you have been traumatized. I personally am finding it difficult to walk through the streets of Cambridge without vigilantly looking around for unattended backpacks and wondering if a bomb might go off AT any moment.”

yogaHOPE’s signature TIMBo (Trauma Informed Mind Body) program is providing relief for countless residents of Boston. Certified TIMBo facilitators have mobilized to offer free yoga classes throughout the  city. In the coming weeks, yogaHOPE will also provide free trauma sensitive training to Boston-area yoga instructors.

Yoga is just one of many ways that Bostonians are coping with the trauma of recent events. “There is so much we know about post-traumatic stress these days, and there are so many instances in our world that are traumatic,” psychologist Joyce Maguire Pavao told the Huffington Post. “If we acknowledge them and find the best way to address them, we can save people from having residual, difficult problems. Horrible images are ingrained in people’s minds, and there will be memories and triggers. But you can manage them better if you have assistance, if you have someone to talk to.”

If you’re in the Boston area and in need of trauma-sensitive yoga, or if you’re a yoga studio willing to donate your space for classes/trainings, email

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