bikram yoga gets the ‘brokelandia’ treatment: funny or not?

Who knew there was anything left to satirize about yoga culture? Well, the folks at Brokelandia (as the name suggests, the Brooklyn version of Portlandia and a side project of thrifty/neighbourhood-self-conscious website, Brokelyn) found something.

What do you think: on mark or five years behind? [via Thought Catalog]

  1. Okay, that was good. Had me laughing just a little bit too much.


  2. i loved the cat section 😉
    not familiar with the bikram practice.
    this video is too much but so exaggerated it’s funny 😉

    little story : a friend of mine had a vaguely similar experience (minus the exaggeration). she got sick in bikram but was not allowed to leave. she tried to stay but got really sick so she had to leave in the end. i have to say i find it very extreme.