baby swinging yoga rises again: new lena fokina video

Way back in early 2011, videos of Lena Fokina, a Russian PE teacher and proponent of a style of “baby yoga” which involves picking up babies and swinging them around recklessly, shocked the world and were banned from YouTube for their “shocking and disgusting content.”

But, she’s back! Apparently, the folks at Barcroft Media resurrected Fokina because they realized that yoga controversies are all the rage these days. The latest video catches Fokina tossing babies around on the Egyptian shoreline and sits down for a little chat with her, in which she states, “If I have critics over the Internet, I will not read it. I don’t have time.”

According to, the critics say, “Tossing your baby lightly in the air to make her giggle is one thing, they say; risking brain damage and “shaken baby syndrome” by swinging them around like a bag of potatoes is another. And of course, let’s not even think about what might happen if the parent should happen to lose their grip.”

Yes, let’s not think about it! I also don’t want to think about how this could be considered “yoga” in any way.

  1. So why is it good for the baby? There is no information about that. And if it is so good for the baby’s why are they all crying so much?
    Love to see someone throw her around like that?

  2. Holy cow. I just showed this to my sister who is a new mom and she almost had an aneurism. Can’t say I blame her, either. I couldn’t make it through half the video! Poor babies 🙁

  3. Unbelievable! What do you think is going through the child’s mind? Fear & anxiety can’t be good for any child.

  4. for someone who sees children with traumatic brain injury as part of my job, this is frustrating to say the least.
    TBI in infants is no joke.

    And… the number one cause of brain injury in children under 5yrs in Canada is- being thrown around/against something.

  5. Aren’t there child abuse laws against stuff like this????

  6. That’s ridiculous. Crazy lady. Crazy parents. Poor babies.

    On a side note I met my husband in Dahab where the video was filmed 20 years ago so a few happy memories for me but like Hayley I could only watch half of it…. too upsetting:(

    • Wow, that’s outrageous! I can’t think how that is yoga for babies in any way at all. Poor babies. Hasn’t she heard of shaken baby syndrome! In one video the baby she was tossing around was crying the whole time. How can this be healthy?!!! Someone should tell these people that a fundamental yoga principle is Ahimsa…..non-violence.

  7. Hi and thanks for the article. I think what would even this article out is interviewing the parents and children who have practiced this method. I know several parents in the Montreal area, who did these exercises gently and progressively with their children and the developmental growth in the children was incredible. Also what is not being shown in the videos is that the routine is developed slowly over several months. Another thing, the routine is customize to the child’s needs.

  8. Developed and progressed slowly over time my ass! What about the that was clearly less than a month old being whipped around. This women is banking off stupid new parents and getting away with abuse she should be incarcerated!