giveaway! ayurveda online course with yoga u online

giveaway! ayurveda online course with yoga u online

Have you been wanting to explore the basics of ayurveda (a traditional Indian healing system considered to be the “sister science of yoga”) and its many health benefits, but are overwhelmed by all the options? The good people at Yoga U Online (a beloved IAYB sponsor) understand that there’s a lot to figure out. Lucky for us, they’ve created a five-part online course to introduce the basics.

IAYB and Yoga U Online have teamed up to give away three copies of their upcoming course, Paths to Healing: An Introduction to Ayurveda. In five sessions between October 11 and November 2, Prudence Farrow Burns covers the basics of ayurveda and how it can be applied to your life. The online course will provide an introduction to the profound principles and practical knowledge of how to use the principles of ayurveda to promote good health through understanding your individual body type. It also covers the principles of proper diet, exercise programs, and personalized daily and seasonal routines that offer the most benefits for your unique body type as well as preexisting preventative and treatment modalities.

You will also gain hands-on experience in pulse diagnosis, oil massage, as well as recommendations for specific foods, spices, and daily and seasonal routines to address the unique imbalances of your dosha type (constitution). Since Prudence Farrow Burns is also a Sanskrit specialist, attention will be paid throughout the course to the original Sanskrit textual sources. And Burns is Mia Farrow’s sister and the inspiration for The Beatle’s song, “Dear Prudence.” Whoa!

TO ENTER: all you have to is answer the following question in the comments section below: How could understanding ayurveda benefit your life?

Leaver your comment before 7pm, Wednesday, October 9. Three names will be chosen at random and contacted by email.

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  1. I would like to become more healthy–particularly with my eating habits.

  2. The benefits may be endless.:) i would love to learn more. I try to live a holistic lifestyle to support myself and family with the most natural ways of living. I also love to spread knowledge to others whom incquire including, friends, coworkers and yoga students. When something positive works well in my life i love to share knowledge. This life is about spreading love and energy in the most natural form threw asana, pranayama, and diet. Giving others in my path alternatives to mainstream western social norms in the medical fields. Big pharmaceutical companies wont fool me. I believe in preventative medecine. Yogis have known the way for over 5000 years, help teach me more about these ancient traditional ways of living the best life you can.i would love to learn more and spread my teachings. Namaste.

  3. I’ve just begun the journey of learning about this practice and would love the opportunity to soak in more.

  4. Understandig Ayurveda even more will give me support to heal my own system. And I long for sharing more of Ayurvedas wisdom with my students.
    To keep me, my loved ones, the ones I dont know and Mother Earth healthy and alive.

    Stay connected with my truth

    Namaste maria

  5. I became curious about Ayurveda after reading Ben Leaf’s Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi. All my life, I’ve struggled with chronic fatigue and other ailments (my husband likes to joke that I’m not a survivor). Reading Misadventures made me wonder if there was a natural way to cure what ails me. Maybe this could be the primer I need?

  6. I have recently started learning more about Ayurveda and my dosha (Vata) and I feel hopeful that following an Ayurvedic diet and self-care regimen can help me find healing in lifelong, unexplained digestive disorders. I’ve already started applying some of the principles and my relationship with food is beginning to change. It doesn’t feel like the enemy anymore.

  7. Understanding ayurveda would benefit my life in multiple ways, as well as those of friends and family members. From eating mindfully and in a healthy way, to acknowledging how we produce, transform and prepare our food, to cherishing food as a source of energy and of healing, ayurveda can bring light on the deficiencies and excesses in our diets and offer solutions to bring back the body and mind in balance.

  8. My exposure to ayurveda has been rather piecemeal, and it’s all intrigued me. I am very into the holistic approach to the WHOLE self (mind, body, spirit), and this is what ayurveda seems to be. I’m also about to start serving as a doula, and so the more body-knowledge I have to transfer, the better.

    (Nice to see you at practice this morning!)

  9. So far, my study of ayurveda has been self-directed and not as focused as I’d like. A course like this would be a great opportunity to learn from a knowledgeable practitioner and possibly lay the groundwork to one day incorporate ayurveda into my yoga teaching.

  10. This course would benefit me IMMENSELY! I am a new yoga teacher, a mother of two and loyal friend in the quest of knowledge to share with students, friends and family. I want to learn how to have better health, have better tools to heal myself and others naturally and prolonging my life and the lives of all others around me. I would love to be able to incorporate the knowledge I would gain from the course into my yoga classes and offer Aryuvedic services to others on a sliding scale, donations or free, based on income and need. More people need to be aware of the benefits of Aryuveda. Many people cannot afford to try it so I would love to use this course to learn and provide my knowledge to all those who need it but cannot afford it. If selected to win this amazing prize, please rest assured knowing that I will put it to a great use!

  11. Because I’m a yoga instructor and massage therapist ready to learn and soak up everything that I can, which would help me a lot personally and in my work and ayurveda is A REAL DEAL.

  12. I’m very interested in learning how ayurveda could help me with my seasonal allergies and living in a way that is more in tune with what my body needs.

  13. Ayurveda is something I’ve become increasingly interested in, with not really an idea of where to start 🙂 I think the first way it could really help me is understanding my Dosha type because that seems to be one of the fundamental understandings for this.

  14. Being an all out pitta I am courious about all aspects of yoga and Ayurveda.
    I took a workshop with the dean of Ayurveda at kirpula she came to a local studio. I would like to advance my studies alas no studio in my area will be hosting any Ayurveda workshops.

  15. I need this course because not understanding my dosha is the pitta.

  16. My journey with Ayurveda is just beginning, and so far I am fascinated. AS a skeptical yogi who questions everything, I was initially wary of what seemd like an airy fairy approach to health. Turns out, Ayurvedic suggestions have been the only thing to help me with my chronic heartburn so far, and this has prompted me to want to learn more about this approach to health. So far it seems like a beautifully poetic way to consider preventative health and wellness.

    This course looks fantastic, I would love love love a chance to undertake it.

  17. Currently, I’m working on moving my wellness interests from theory to practice. I’ve learned a bit about Ayurveda in the past, but would love to learn more and put it into practice.

  18. As a member of a vibrant and recovering community, as a teacher of gentle and restorative yoga, as a student and soon to be master gardener, the knowledge and application of ayurvedic principals could enable me to grow and teach others to grow our own food; to amend our flooded and sewage damaged soil for growing edible foods; to learn and teach others to eat seasonable foods that will sustain not only our bodies, but provide for others. Gardening and ayurvedic-based living can create a huge impact on climate change, leaving a precious gift for future generations. Namaste

  19. Love to deepen my knowledge and later been able to share this knowledge insight to the yoga students . like to add an extra layer to my practice of yoga in ant out the mat !

    it will benefit me , my family and the others!!!

  20. Understanding ayurveda would help bring more balance to my life! 🙂

  21. Learning about ayurveda would help me in my quest to heal the autoimmunity issues I’ve been dealing with. I would love to understand how to balance out the doshas.

  22. I use Ayurveda at a very basic level in my classes, I’d love to bring more to help my students utilize it to find balance, ease and comfort.


  23. Not sure if I’m eligible but I’d love to win this. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to learn more about Aryuvedic medicine and just had a terrific consult with Matthew Remski to help me get started; this would be a great way to continue exploring. As a lifelong yoga devotee, Aryuveda seems like a natural fit for boosting my preventative health practices.

  24. I would love to learn more about ayurveda not only to better understand my own imbalances but also to learn how to adapt my yoga practice according to them. I would also like to apply the ayurvedic principles in the way that I teach yoga. Winter is coming and I would love to teach a vata-balancing workshop with what I would learn in the ayurveda online course!

  25. Understanding Ayurveda has already enriched my life. Whether it’s using the appropriate herbs and spices in my cooking based on the the season and my dosha, or incorporating oils and massage into my skincare, my basic knowledge of Ayurveda has shown me that my kitchen and medicine cabinet are one and the same! I am inspired to learn what I can – and share it with those around me – as I find an endless source of wisdom in this fascinating science.

  26. I think learning Ayurveda about would augment my yoga practice in ways I can’t even articulate (yet)…not knowing what you don’t know is the coolest part of learning! I have been curious about this field for a long tie, and this blog post/giveaway feels timely and relevant to my current work and future interests.

  27. Learning about ayurveda would help me to find health and balance, which always seems out of reach for me. I have long felt attracted to ayurveda, without knowing where to begin or how to learn about it. I want to turn my health around and show others that it can be done and that there is a way of balance and peace which can be attained.

  28. As I begin to wrap up my first yoga teacher training course I find myself becoming more and more curious about Ayurveda. I have casually explored Ayurveda over the last 3 years and throughout my YTT I have begun to implement Ayurvedic routines and practices to my daily living. Even with the little knowledge I have and the small amount I incorporate I notice shifts and changes in my mind, body and even relationships. I have most recently found myself exploring more formal training of Ayurvedic sciences to accompany my yoga practice. This Introduction to Ayurveda would be a prefect start and I would be very grateful to receive such a generous gift of knowledge. And a little Sanskrit focus is good for everyone!!
    Having a better understanding of the seasons, different tastes, and even times of day and how they affect my dosha would only help to bring me closer to the home that is my mind and body. As well, this introduction would better prepare me for times when my constitution is out of balance and needs a little more attention and connection.

  29. I think Ayurveda is a great way to help your body/mind fall into its natural cycle.

  30. Ayurveda will help me move more deeply with the rythms of life!!!

  31. ayurveda can benefit my life by teaching me to better care for my body.

  32. thank you for entering, everybody! the contest is now closed and the winners have been notified. thanks!