Mar 23, 2014

sponsor spotlight: kara-leah grant of the yoga lunchbox

40 Days of yoga is a straight forward & practical guide to maintaining a home-based yoga practice. Author Kara-Leah Grant talks about her project & why she wrote it.

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Mar 19, 2014

no photoshop: seane corn on the cover of sweat equity

Seane Corn turns up on the cover of fitness magazine Sweat Equity without being photoshopped, possibly making her the first un-retouched covergirl ever.

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Mar 18, 2014

giveaway! the traveller by daniel baylis

Win a copy of The Traveller by Daniel Baylis, a global adventure of volunteerism, imperfection & self-discovery. Also, a bit of yoga!

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Mar 16, 2014

the cat who had enough yoga videos

The internet loves cats, yoga & haters, so it’s no surprise that this little video has gone viral. Milo may be expressing a collective frustration.

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Mar 14, 2014

5 things to love about the burlington yoga conference

Burlington, Vermont holds one of the sweetest & most charming yoga conferences in the world. Here are 5 reasons to love it.

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Mar 7, 2014

we are not each other’s targets: SAAPYA speaks out

The founder of SAAPYA responds to recent criticism & takes the opportunity to express & refine the organization’s platform. Guest post by Roopa Singh.

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Mar 6, 2014

teach yoga for round bodies: a special YTT opportunity

Now’s the time to get certified as a Yoga for Round Bodies teacher! YRB is seeking to train teachers across Canada for a special project.

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Mar 4, 2014

gotta make a living: michael stone on money & work

What kind of financial advice does the Buddha offer? How do we talk about money, work & spiritual practice? Michael Stone digs into this during a recent talk in Toronto.

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Feb 28, 2014

IAYB sponsor spotlight: TOMgirl apparel

Entrepreneurial mama Amanda Lehto, founder of TOMgirl Apparel, has designed the perfect push-up sports bra that will take you from the yoga studio to the nightclub.

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Feb 27, 2014

free yoga on the streets of portland (video)

You’d think it would be easy to give away free yoga. Health activist & comedian Daniel Flynn discovers that isn’t always the case in this charming sketch.

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