arcade fire’s sarah neufeld on yoga & music: feature conversation

Okay, so you might have heard of this band called Arcade Fire. They’ve toured the world, their albums have received critical acclaim and commercial success, and they beat out Lady Gaga for the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year. Sarah Neufeld, who plays violin in the band, happens to lead a double life: rock star by night, yoga teacher/practitioner by day.

We had a lovely conversation about why she started practicing yoga, how the practice kept her grounded during Arcade Fire’s ascension and while on tour with Bell Orchestre, and what she thinks about “yoga music.” When in Montreal, Sarah practices and teaches at Moksha Yoga, but she’s currently in the middle of an exciting new project: opening the first Moksha Yoga studio in New York City. Her partner in crime, Britton Darby, jumped in the conversation to talk about the Moksha Yoga approach and the challenges of opening a hot yoga studio in Manhattan. Moksha Yoga NYC is set to open in January.

Sarah and Britt talked to me from Brooklyn, New York. Check out Sarah’s blog, Awkward Pose, where she writes about yoga and touring.

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  1. Oh Sarah, you are adorable!

  2. Nice work Roseanne! Love the story of her practicing on the loading dock outside their tour venues.

  3. Nice to hear something fresh.

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